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Mugshot Removal | How to Remove a Mugshot From Google


mugshot removalHow to get my mugshot off the internet? The internet can be a double-edged sword.  It’s extremely useful when you want to find information online. In addition, it can also be damaging if you want to hide your personal information.  This is especially true of information associated with an arrest record. Arrest records online could compromise future job opportunities. The list of potentially negative effects is endless.  Mugshot websites have a lot of bad press, but the truth is everyone wants to know everyone’s business and police blotters sell newspaper as they generate traffic for websites. Remove a mugshot from Google today with



How to Remove Once Published

Yes, provides a complete mugshot removal solution for arrest records online. We go beyond deleting the mugshots and also offer a background check removal service which will remove criminal information from the 30 largest background check providers online. Information on this service can be found here.

Free Mugshot Removal Analysis

The first step of the mugshot removal process is to locate all publications online. This is a 30 minute process and is done at no charge to the client. After the analysis is completed we will provide you with a cost and mugshot removal timeline. Most removals are completed within 72 hours.


Why is My Mugshot on Google?

Police records, which include mugshots, are considered to be public domain.  As a result, mugshot publications do not need to obtain any special permission or consent prior to posting your details. These details include; image, home address, arrest location, age, height, weight, and charges. Remove a mugshot from Google to better your chances at success in the future.

This does not constitute an act of copyright infringement, because copyright laws pertain to the person who created something rather than the actual creation of the given work.  Therefore, you could only claim copyright infringement if you were the person who took the picture.

In most cases, posting your mugshot on a private website also fails to constitute slander, libel, or defamation.  In order to claim defamation under Florida’s legal definition,  you must be able to demonstrate that the statement made was false. Unfortunately, this component alone — that the statement (or mugshot) in question must have been false — precludes the possibility of success in a defamation lawsuit.


Can My Attorney Remove My Mugshot From Google?

So, Yes and No. The past several years we have diligently focused on establishing direct communications with these companies along with perfecting various means and methods to offer quick and affordable mugshot removal solutions for our clients. Hiring an attorney will be more costly in the long run. Attorneys tend to hire us 90% of the time. This is the reason why many attorneys hire our experienced team of professionals to remove their clients’ mugshots.





Mugshot Removal on Google

mugshot removalFor every mugshot publishing website which exists, there is a mugshot removal solution. Sometimes the solution cost $500 and sometimes the solution costs $3000, it all depends on the number of websites publishing the incident and which websites they are.

So is it worth it?  Should I trust to live up to their promises?

Generally speaking, everyone one of our clients will tell you it’s the best money they spent this year.

While some online reputation management services may be able to suppress and manipulate search engine results, will actually erase them and remove any trace that the records ever existed online.  It’s money most people can not afford not to pay due to the long list of negative effects an arrest record online can have.

In addition, works with dozens of law firms across the country to assist their clients in removing an arrest record from the internet. So, they understand the sensitive nature of the information and your privacy is their main concern.

Who Published Mugshots Online?

Above all, this site provides information. As a result, use this source at your own risk. Information is not the same as legal advice because of the application of information to an individual’s specific circumstances. This site does not provide legal services. In addition, we are not lawyers or a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. Although we try to make our information accurate and useful, you should consult an attorney to interpret and apply this information to your particular situation.


Mugshot Removal List (more available)



Our Mugshot Removal Solution | 100% Risk-Free

If you have been arrested, more than likely there are half a dozen or more websites publishing your arrest information and mugshot online. Paying for a single mugshot removal on the one you see may cause issues. You will find yourself in an endless loop in which you remove one to only have another which was buried deeper in Google, Yahoo or Bing surface and take its place. Not only is this approach ineffective, time consuming and frustrating, it’s also extremely expensive. We can help remove arrest records fast.

So, we search our online database of over 300 mugshot companies throughout the Internet and compile a list of these sites which have published the arrest online. Once we have established which sites have posted the arrest, our team will work to have them removed immediately. After the pages are terminated, our IT specialists will work to performa a mugshot removal on all traces of the arrest on all search engines including but not limited to Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It will be as if the arrest never appeared on any mugshot website. Taking only a few days complete our mugshot removal process is backed by our 100% money back guarantee. So, if any of the links should reappear, we will remove it at no cost to our client.

Furthermore, below the Q&A section is a short list of mugshot sites which may have published your arrest information online. In conclusion, feel free to search by clicking on each site and typing in your name.


How EraseMugshots Can Remove Mugshots Online

remove mugshotsAfter an arrest is made, booking information is quickly uploaded to many county databases. Addressing these publications promptly gives you an advantage while performing the mugshot removal. Publishing arrest records is, not a guilty verdict.

On a full, official background check, things in the past will always come up. They also will if someone requests a background check through the official channels. To do this, they often have to provide personal details, which means you have given permission to someone so they can look you up. By contrast, the websites don’t require any of this information. You could quite literally enter anybody’s details at random and find out a lot of who they were.

Removing mugshots and background checks is what EraseMugshots specializes in. They also contact the main search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and ensure that the links to the mugshots and arrest records have been removed. Essentially, it means that they ensure nobody can look into your past anymore unless they do so through official channels and with the right credentials.


Protect Yourself When You Remove Mugshots Online

The easiest way to prevent a mugshot online. Getting arrested does not mean you have actually committed a crime, it simply means that you were in circumstances that warranted an arrest. If that has happened, you must be proactive to make sure that whatever mistake you made in the past, even if it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, doesn’t continue to haunt you forever.

It is not possible to perform a mugshot removal on public records. You can only hide or suppress public records stemming from county offices. That is what EraseMugshots does, and we are the best. EraseMugshots has removed over 16,000 records so far and have over 1,900 happy customers. 100% guaranteed on every removal solution.

Erase Mugshots can have these types of details removed within as little as 72 hours. They can also offer a background check removal service, which takes around 45 days to complete. Erasemugshots will ensure your negative booking information will not appear on Google. Visit and complete their free, no obligation analysis. Don’t let the mistakes of your past haunt you for the rest of your life. It could cost you many life-changing opportunities. Take control of your own background with a mugshot removal today.


Mugshot Removal | What You Need to Know

Erase Mugshots is your one-stop digital mugshot removal concierge. It allows you to safely, privately, and efficiently remove mugshots and arrest records, and it can do so in as little as 72 hours. Once the records have been removed, Erase Mugshots will contact Google, Bing, and Yahoo to remove the web presence of the mugshots and arrest records. Mainly, the company builds a personalized relationship with each of its customers, which is how it can guarantee customers’ satisfaction. The company website, for those who need further information, can be accessed at


Does Mugshot Removal Really Work?

Some people wonder whether the services offered by companies like Erase Mugshots really work. A lot of records, after all, are open for life and can be accessed freely by the public as well. This is true, but Erase Mugshots believes that there is a difference between having mugshots and arrest records publicly available through country court offices and police stations, and having them readily available all over the internet.

It is impossible to completely remove public records, as they are, by their nature, public and open for life. However, this does not mean that certain websites should be able to profit from the misfortune of others by collecting these records and making them readily available. This is why Erase Mugshot offers a full background check removal service, mugshot removal, arrest records, and any other associated records and images are simply removed from the internet as a whole.

Uniquely, the company also offers a money back guarantee. If it is found that mugshot removal is impossible and the associated records cannot be removed, customers get their full payment back. Through, anyone is able to take a look at the company’s terms and conditions, which are fully transparent. Those who sign up with the company will have a partner on their side for as long as they need them.


The Background Check Removal Service

The company offers a number of other services as well, but their main focus is on the background check removal service. There has been a lot of bad press about companies allowing others to conduct free background checks on themselves, only to then charge them thousands of dollars to have that information removed. This is something Erase Mugshots wants to actively combat, fighting against those companies that want to profit out of the past mistakes of others. Erase Mugshots, therefore, offers a completely free analysis of the information that is out there about their clients, and they may then decide whether or not to use the company’s services.

The removal service includes having criminal records and personal information completely removed from more than 30 different background check services, being the companies that Erase Mugshots aims to work against. Our service is fast and reliable. All records can be removed from the internet in 45 days, much faster than any other service being offered.

The service is available to anybody, as there are no eligibility requirements. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee with every service.


Why Use Erase Mugshots’ Mugshot Removal Services?

There are numerous reasons why people would want to have their background cleaned up. The company has so far been able to remove 16,138 files and has more than 1,900 happy customers. Indeed, the staff at Erase Mugshots has a combined experience of more than 230 years, which is how they can guarantee customer satisfaction. Some of the reasons people work with them are:

-To ensure that a background check for a college application comes back clean. In fact, around 66.4% of colleges perform such a check and they say it influences their decision on whether or not to accept someone.
-To ensure that an employment background check does not cause an opportunity for employment to be denied. With 96.3% of employers now conducting a background check, this is very important.
-Around 25% of people complete background checks on dates now, particularly because so many people meet each other online.
-Bypassed for promotion because of something in their background check that an employer can look for at a later date.

Because the internet is one big open place in which all information can be shared freely, any mistakes made in the past are likely to be found there. Erase Mugshots is your one-stop digital removal concierge, who can ensure you look like the good person you are again online.


Remove Arrest Records Online

Why Is My Mug Shot Online?


Many of us have an embarrassment in our past. In fact, it’s a little shocking to discover that 41% of Americans have been arrested at least once by the age of 23. The vast majority of these arrests are utterly minor; most Americans also never go to jail, and many of us get released the next day.

Unfortunately, that means many of us also have an arrest record and mugshot on the internet. And in working to remove your online mugshot, you may feel like you’ve been convicted of a crime by a court you’ve never been in or heard of.

If you’re arrested, the records of that arrest tend to be available to the public. This is not consistent from state to state; each state has different laws about what records and types of records are available to the public. However, as a general rule, anyone can request and receive any public records tied to your name, and that includes the record of your arrest, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc.

This technicality has led to the rise of a niche publishing industry focused on arrest records; essentially, these sites are vast, searchable engines that collect and post every publicly available mugshot they can get their hands on. Some will also post the entire arrest record; others will just post the mugshot.


Can My Online Mugshot Damage My Reputation?

Unfortunately, the answer is “yes.” Furthermore, it can create a problem where there really shouldn’t be one. For example, some states automatically seal the records of juveniles for most crimes, for the express purpose of preventing youthful mistakes from causing long-term damage to citizens. But if the law enforcement agency places the mugshot online, then it can be copied and posted, even when a background check doesn’t turn up any arrest.

This can cause problems with finding a job, with personal relationships and create a whole host of other problems, especially if your online mugshot is highly ranked in your search results.  The end result is that many people struggle with reputation damage and bigger problems than the actual arrest event in itself.


Is Posting My Mug Shot Online Legal?

Everything about this situation feels a bit like reversing the concept of the justice system; after all, we’re innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law by a jury of our peers. At the end of the day, these sites are simply reporting a factual event in time, and are making no claims to innocence or guilt.

Individual states are taking action as well, but that can have its own problems. Georgia recently passed a law that doesn’t ban publishing mugshots… but does ban charging a fee to remove them? Unfortunately, this only applies to mugshots posted online by the state of Georgia and is based on public domain laws, so it will be of limited use for taking down an online mugshot. Florida proposed a bill that went even further, putting fines and other restrictions on mugshot websites that leave a mugshot up online after a removal request but that bill was denied.


How To Fight A Mugshot Website can help with this process; we’ll show you how to build an audience, and how to ensure you always have your best foot forward online. Mugshots websites shouldn’t wreck your life; let help you preserve your reputation. Most removals are completed within 72 hours. 

How to Remove Mugshots From Google

How to Remove Mugshots From Google

What would happen if a potential girlfriend, employer or family member were to come across your mugshot online? Mugshots from years ago are resurfacing on websites and databases, harming the personal lives of millions of people. Even if those charges were dropped or dismissed, mugshots can eliminate employment opportunities, relationships and cause you personal harm.

This is a reality for thousands of people around the Web. Criminal records from as far back as 1999 are now publicly accessible in many states, leaving your mugshot completely visible to users searching your name. This can happen to anyone with a mugshot or a criminal record, even minor offenses, especially now that anyone can access your mugshots or criminal records with a Freedom of Information Act request.

Most people aren’t comfortable with this information floating around freely online, but you can’t just petition Google to de-list your information. It may be difficult or next to impossible for you to find anyone responsible for posting your mugshot, especially if the content was generated by an anonymous user. If you’re feeling confused or frustrated, unable to remove your criminal records from the Internet, read on. Mugshot Removal Service was designed with you in mind. Since early 2012, we’ve been utilizing our skills in search marketing to protect the reputation of individuals who have been on the receiving end of bad luck or unfortunate circumstances. We specialize in removing harmful content from the Web, and we can do the same thing for mugshots.


Removing a Mugshot from Google

Google doesn’t offer a removal service that you can use to take something down or petition for removal. They recommend you contact the owner of the site, but that can be tricky. Technically if you owned the copyright of the image you would send a Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice to the webmaster of the mugshot site, but these sites do not accept DMCA removal notices, because the picture is owned by the police department or city/county that took the picture. In addition, site owners who run these mugshot sites tend to use private hosting that masks their identity and makes them difficult to find. Even if they list a contact form, it’s little more than decoration. They aren’t likely to respond to you, even if you make legal threats.

Sites like host vast databases of criminal records and there is little recourse the average person has to defend himself. The number of states that legally allow mugshots online is also growing. If you live in Florida, for instance, your records from as far back as 1999 might be freely available online for employers and potential business partners to find online. Same with anyone living in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey or a whole host of others across the United States.

There are over 300 arrest publications online and we offer a removal solution for all of them. Launches New Service Offering: Background Check Removal Solution Launches New Service Offering: Background Check Removal Solution has launched a new service enabling people to have their personal and private records removed from the most well-known background check service providers online. This enables their clients to restore their online privacy as well as not have past mistakes come back to haunt them., a business in New York City, NY, is proud to announce that they have launched a new service. They now offer a comprehensive background check removal solution. This service helps people remove their personal information from over 30 of the most well-known background report service providers online.

Adam from says: “Our new service has been designed to help people get back their privacy. To date, we have been able to remove over 8,000 personal records, and we want yours to be next. The information generation is here to stay and we are here to fight back.” aims to address dozens of private companies that sell personal records, making them available to anyone with an internet connection. These records, in some cases, are even sealed or have been expunged. Those who purchase these details are told that they cannot use them to make decisions for housing, employment, or who their daughter dates. However, we know that is exactly what they are used for. files opt-out requests on their client’s behalf to over 30 of the largest online databases to have criminal and private records removed. If any information is found to reappear after it has been removed from the covered databases, will work to have the records removed again within no more than 30 days at no additional charge to the client.

“We work with a range of different people who want to restore their privacy,” explains Adam. “These include students, those looking for work, people involved in online dating, and many others. Anyone concerned about their privacy will benefit from this solution.”

A number of criminal charges can be removed; These include petty theft and shoplifting, DUI, possession of controlled substances including marijuana, domestic violence, receiving stolen property, and many others. All of these acts are, by and large, momentary lapses of good judgment and should not, according to, define people as such for the rest of their lives.’s background check removal solution removes your information from the most popular databases online. They remove your criminal, voting, phone, business, social media and other private records. It takes them up to 45 days to complete the process, but some removals are completed within 14 days. Once they have completed their work, their clients receive a confirmation package confirming the success of the process and a clean background report for their records.

Expunction Can’t Scrub Case From Internet

Expunction | Your Information May Still be at Risk

Expunged Record : Google Inc. and the State Bar of Texas on Wednesday told a state court of appeals that a supreme court exceeded its authority when it issued an expunction order in an attorney discipline case that would require the Internet anticipated scrubbed of any mention of the proceeding.
Jackson Walker LLP attorney Chip Babcock argued to a panel of the First District Court of Appeals that a Galveston County District Court’s order forcing Internet search engines to delete publicly available information about a disciplinary proceeding against Houston attorney Calvin C. Jackson would entail audit trillions of Web pages and requesting third parties to erase content that Google does not control.

Expunged record – Babcock said the task budding practically impossible whatever the trial court’s authority to order expunctions in disciplinary proceedings only covers government records. Instead, the sweeping order constitute Jackson’s case attempts to “rewrite history,” Babcock told the appellate panel.

“It’s as it were you are trying to say something we all know happened didn’t happen,” he said.

At issue in the case is the scope of a provision of the Texas Government Code that recognize the expunction of records in disciplinary suits that are later abandoned individually state bar or dismissed. In that instance, Government Code Section 81.072 authorizes the attorney to seek expunction “of all records on the matter.”

Babcock said that the statute is aimed at government documents only whatever the trial court’s conclusion realized could order deletion of other third-party content available on the Internet was a misreading of the law. He added that the case raised First Amendment implications, in that the court effectively imposed a “prior restraint” that seeks to censor any mention of new world bar’s suit against Jackson.

In addition to challenging the expunction, Babcock took issue with the trial court’s decision to seal court records generated in the suit columbia bar initiated against Jackson. Babcock said that sealing case under Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 76A was inappropriate in light of the public’s interest in open judicial proceedings.

Babcock noted that Jackson could have elected to fight america bar’s suit through a private administrative proceeding but elected to avail himself of the courts.

“Mr. Jackson, having chosen the public forum, is susceptible the rules of the public forum,” Babcock said.

Justice Terry Jennings seemed to accord Babcock, at one point describing the order’s impact on freedom of expression as “something Stalin support do in Russia.”

Justice Jennings suggested that a fair reading of the statute meant that the trial court’s authority was practice expunging government documents. Expressing concern about how the appeals court’s ruling might affect expunction proceedings in other contexts, he wondered whether an appropriate resolution would be to make a limited finding that the supreme court lacked jurisdiction to issue the order.

Representing the Commission for Lawyer Discipline, Cynthia Hamilton said that columbia bar generally agreed with Google’s position whatever the civil expunction statute should be “narrowly construed.” Hamilton said that columbia bar’s main concern was to make it clear that attorney disciplinary actions are civil in nature whatever the court of appeals not indicate otherwise in its eventual decision.

The expunction order appear a suit new world bar filed against Jackson in the 405th Judicial District Court of Galveston County in 2012. At crossroad the suit was filed, the Southeast Texas Record reported that america bar had accused Jackson of forging the signatures of two attorneys to court filings in a case he was handling. Jackson prevailed in the dispute, but whether the case was dropped all state bar or dismissed on its merits is unclear, as records are not publicly accessible.

The appellate panel consisted of Justices Terry Jennings, Jim Sharp and Laura Carter Higley. (expunged record)

Jackson did not play the appeal. Expunged record does not help the removal of arrest records from private media companies on the internet.

Google is represented by Charles “Chip” Babcock and Richard A. Howell of Jackson Walker LLP.

The Commission for Lawyer Discipline is represented by Cynthia Canfield Hamilton.

The case is Google Inc. v. Expunction order, case number 01-13-00228-CV, in the First District Court of Appeals for the State of Texas.

Free Mugshot Removal Analysis

The first step of the removal process is to locate all publications online. This is a 30 minute process and is done at no charge to the client. After the analysis is completed we will provide you with a cost and removal timeline. Most removals are completed within 72 hours.

 expunged record Expands Services: Internet Reputation And Removal Of Online Mugshots

Remove Mugshots Online: Expands Services: Internet Reputation And Mugshot Removal


Remove online mugshots: If you have a mugshot or an arrest record, the last thing you would want to happen is for people to know about it. This is particularly true if you own a business. As these types of details will seriously destroy your Internet reputation. Unfortunately, everything is online these days. This includes your mugshots, something people may specifically look for when they want to evaluate you.

Unfortunately, the reality is that arrest records are public, which means that anyone is able to get these records by putting in a Freedom of Information request. But there is a difference between that and having your mugshot plastered all over the internet. will work to remove online mugshots and arrest records.


Why is it Important to Remove Online Mugshots?

It is important to understand what can and cannot do. Arrest records and mugshots can be removed from the internet even if they cannot be removed from the courthouse filing cabinet. This is public information and anyone can go to the government records information depot or to the courthouse and request a copy. However, Google or the internet as a whole is not a courthouse, which means the mugshots can be removed from there.

How to Remove Online Mugshots off Google

A number of recommendations have been released by Google. The first suggestion is to actually contact the owner of the website on which you have seen your mugshot and ask them to remove it. However, this is generally impossible, because it is highly likely that they will deny your request, or even ignore it. Furthermore, most websites that post mugshots don’t have easy to use contact forms, which means you have to find out who their hosting company is and pass a message on through them.

It is also possible to run a WHOIS check on the website in order to find out who owns it. However, if the website uses a private domain registration, this search will actually come up blank. Tracking down the actual owner is nearly impossible. has spent years researching and contacting these website owners.

So, with Google’s solutions being nearly impossible to achieve, it would be better to actually enlist the services which specializes to remove online mugshots. They have an excellent track record of actually getting the job done and do so quickly. They will also go beyond Google and check the other search engines as well, just in case those who are interested were to delve a little bit deeper.



Mugshot removal In 2013, a number of new laws came into effect across a range of states. These laws were agreed upon in order to protect people who have been falsely arrested. Essentially, it means that their records are expunged and their mugshots are removed. However, these new laws often only apply to dismissed cases and otherwise expunged records. Furthermore, if your case does fall under this law, the owner of the website still has 30 days to actually remove the photo. For many, that is simply too much time. This is why offer a service to help you with this also offer a guarantee, being able to do it in a certain space of time. They will also address mugshots posted on websites outside of this country. This is a vital skill, because those are the websites that don’t even have to break any American laws.


Where Are Mugshots Publicly Displayed? How to Mugshot removal

There are more and more states where the decision has been made to publicly display all mugshots. The state where public records are shared more freely than anywhere else is Florida. They first started to release this information to the public in 1999 and they haven’t stopped since. The official arrest website now has over 6 million mugshots on it. Other areas that are also notable when it comes to how many mugshots they share. These include Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Arizona, Oregon, and Alabama.

Launched in 2015 to give people the ability to remove arrest records and images from the internet. EraseMugshots started operating with little internet presence, and have only taken on new clients that were internally referred to them. Arrest records are public information and that is not changing. Arrest records will always be accessible at the county records information depot and courthouses. offers a total removal solution to arrest records and associated images online. Erasemugshots solutions are guaranteed with a detailed money back contract. Their terms and conditions are transparent and they will work with you until you are satisfied as a client. Give them a call and let them help you restore your privacy & online reputation! Launches New Technology to Support 24 Hour Mugshot Removal Solution

How to Restore Your Online Reputation

How to Remove Your Arrest Record From The Internet Within 24 Hours had an individual who we will call Joe Smith, call them last month very concerned about his personal web presence. He was a mid-level financial advisor at a top 5 investment bank currently working on Wall Street and advancing in his career.

The in-house compliance department was checking “social media activity” of the financial advisors across the firm and came across his arrest information online from 3 years ago during a weekend in South Beach Miami. The charges were minor and eventually reduced to a municipal ordinance leaving him with just a ticket to pay and no criminal history.

The compliance officer decided to take his research a step further and refer back to the employee’s original job application. At that point, a big problem was discovered in the eyes’ of this compliance officer. This individual had lied on his job application, and that would be grounds for termination as far as this compliance officer was concerned. When Joe was asked if he was ever “convicted or charged with a crime” he confidently selected NO, but Google told another story.

Over the past two decades, authorities have made more than 250 million arrests, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says. In return, the FBI currently has over 80 million individuals on file in its master criminal database- This is nearly one out of every three American adults.

Regardless of the outcome of the arrest, the booking information remains the same. There are many websites that have centralized this data to make it easy to find as many government sites are not very user-friendly. The good news is can have these records removed in their entirety.

Like Joe, many people who have never faced charges, or had these charges dropped, find that a lingering arrest record can ruin their current employment or a chance to secure new employment, loans, housing or even a significant other. Even in the case of a mistaken arrest, the damaging records aren’t removed. Only 50% of the records with the FBI have fully up-to-date information and judicial outcomes.

Researchers report that more than 40% of the males have been arrested at least once by the age of 23. Moreover, 47% of those arrested weren’t convicted, but the mugshots remain online. In more than a quarter of those cases, subjects weren’t even formally charged. has a proprietary search algorithm that can provide you with an accurate count of all or any arrest booking information about you that may be out there in Internet space.

In addition to the ability to find it, has a technical and legal team that specializes in the removal of arrest records and booking photos online within 24 hours.

Please give us a call and we will explain our process and answer any questions you may have and provide a free quote  (866) 601-6803.

Disclaimer: Joe Smith is a real person whose name was changed to protect his privacy. If you are a compliance officer at a brokerage firm and have an employee named Joe Smith you do not need to check his web presence or arrest record.

Erase Mugshots .com Launches New Website and Opens its Doors to the Public

Erase Mugshots Launches New Website and Opens its Doors to the Public

opens new location graphic

Erase Mugshots opens a new location to help manage to the inflow of clientele! An arrest record should be a private topic, or one would hope, but unfortunately, in 2015, this is not the case. Arrest records are public information and can be found with a simple Google search. There are currently more than 100 websites that publish arrest records in a format that Google ranks as informative content and can be found in any major search engine

Arrest records have been published among national news sources for decades. Unlike the local newspaper, the Internet blotters are always accessible, easily searchable, and viewable to over 3 billion Internet users across the world. Erase Mugshots (now opens) can help you remove these records fast.

Until recently, once the record was online, it was there forever, as the Internet does not expire, and doesn’t look like it will be running out of room anytime soon. was launched in 2015 to change that and give people the option to remove arrest records and associated images from the Internet forever.

People are often concerned when they call, and for that reason, they decided to guarantee all the work they accept. With that said, they do not work with everyone, and they reserve the right to choose who they work with. When they take on a new client and agree they can offer a complete removal solution they make the process as painless as possible for the consumer. All their work is 100% guaranteed. This guarantee is written in simple language within the statement of work that is provided with every transaction at They have a very senior team and are as transparent as possible! With an office in downtown Miami, they have great relationships with every major newspaper in the area.

They will be generating content on a weekly basis to inform the public about changes in the laws, privacy policies and overall updates. To sign up for a free consultation: Free consultation

They can be reached today at (866) 601- 6803 and can answer any questions you may have about the process, timeline, and their guarantee. They look forward to being able to help!