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January 6, 2016

How to Restore Your Online Reputation

How to Remove Your Arrest Record From The Internet Within 24 Hours had an individual who we will call Joe Smith, call them last month very concerned about his personal web presence. He was a mid-level financial advisor at a top 5 investment bank currently working on Wall Street and advancing in his career.

The in-house compliance department was checking “social media activity” of the financial advisors across the firm and came across his arrest information online from 3 years ago during a weekend in South Beach Miami. The charges were minor and eventually reduced to a municipal ordinance leaving him with just a ticket to pay and no criminal history.

The compliance officer decided to take his research a step further and refer back to the employee’s original job application. At that point, a big problem was discovered in the eyes’ of this compliance officer. This individual had lied on his job application, and that would be grounds for termination as far as this compliance officer was concerned. When Joe was asked if he was ever “convicted or charged with a crime” he confidently selected NO, but Google told another story.

Over the past two decades, authorities have made more than 250 million arrests, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says. In return, the FBI currently has over 80 million individuals on file in its master criminal database- This is nearly one out of every three American adults.

Regardless of the outcome of the arrest, the booking information remains the same. There are many websites that have centralized this data to make it easy to find as many government sites are not very user-friendly. The good news is can have these records removed in their entirety.

Like Joe, many people who have never faced charges, or had these charges dropped, find that a lingering arrest record can ruin their current employment or a chance to secure new employment, loans, housing or even a significant other. Even in the case of a mistaken arrest, the damaging records aren’t removed. Only 50% of the records with the FBI have fully up-to-date information and judicial outcomes.

Researchers report that more than 40% of the males have been arrested at least once by the age of 23. Moreover, 47% of those arrested weren’t convicted, but the mugshots remain online. In more than a quarter of those cases, subjects weren’t even formally charged. has a proprietary search algorithm that can provide you with an accurate count of all or any arrest booking information about you that may be out there in Internet space.

In addition to the ability to find it, has a technical and legal team that specializes in the removal of arrest records and booking photos online within 24 hours.

Please give us a call and we will explain our process and answer any questions you may have and provide a free quote  (866) 601-6803.

Disclaimer: Joe Smith is a real person whose name was changed to protect his privacy. If you are a compliance officer at a brokerage firm and have an employee named Joe Smith you do not need to check his web presence or arrest record.