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Looking for the Best Mugshots Removal Service Online?

EraseMugshots has 5+ years of proven success & 10,000+ satisfied clients.

Our team has perfected the way negative information is removed from some of the largest search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo

– See what websites have published your mugshot online.

– Receive a detailed plan & crisis response strategy to remove all arrest records from mugshot sites.

– Removal of criminal data from over 500+ websites.

– 24/7 monitoring and email alert notifications.

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Online Arrest, Mugshots, & Criminal Record Removal

Remove Your Mugshots From the Internet Today!

Performing a successful mugshot removal online in 2020 is becoming simpler than ever. 

As we start to see some of the most infamous websites such as Mugshots dot com undergo legal allegations, our team stops at nothing to ensure your mugshots are removed once and for all online.

There are hundreds of mugshot publication websites online that profit on off your misfortune, now is the time to take action and clean up your online search results and restore your internet reputation.

In recent years, more states such as California, Georgia, and Florida have passed mugshot laws barring the distribution of arrest reports for profit However most websites operate outside the borders of the United States leaving most individuals with little options and nowhere to turn.

Control Your Online Search Results

– Collect content about yourself, create a true profile of yourself online. 
– Formulate a short summary consisting of about 30 photos of yourself to use. *These photos should NOT exist elsewhere online.
– Optimize any existing content that you control. Make sure to match the information from the mugshot publication websites in your bio.
– Create an exact-match domain for yourself. (i.e.
– Create social profiles on as many platforms as possible, remember to upload your new photos to these websites.
– Make sure to stay updated on these profiles and engaged with other users.
– Tools such as Google Alerts track/monitor your name online & receive instant alerts if a new publication has mentioned your name.


Ultimate Guide On Removing Your Mugshot Mugshot Removal
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Removing Mugshots Online – FAQs

Why are mugshots online?

Mugshots and arrest records in the United States are considered public records. This means anyone is able to obtain and freely distribute public records in any manner they please (excluding slanderous/defamatory posts).

Unfortunately for individuals who get arrested, there are a plethora of mugshot publication websites that exist on the internet that profit off selling your arrest information and “mugshot removal fees”.

How much does a mugshot removal service cost?

Depending on the severity of the charges, where the arrest occurred, and prior legal offenses the average cost of mugshot removal services for a single arrest is $1,000+.

If you or someone you know is struggling to remove their mugshots on Google, Bing, or Yahoo please take advantage of our FREE MUGSHOTS REMOVAL ANALYSIS. Where your very own designated Mugshot Removal Specialist will email/call you with all of your options.

If I do nothing - will my mugshot disappear?

As nice as this would be, the sad truth is – no.

Unless you publish more content online or remove the page from the source (mugshot website), the mugshot photo will most likely not go away on its own. That is way we encourage anyone seeing their mugshot online to contact us today.

Call us directly at (866) 601-6803

Do I have to hack anything? What if I am not tech-savvy?

No, absolutely no computer knowledge is required – except for performing a simple Google search on your name.

After you/we locate your mugshots & arrest reports online we work to contact the webmasters of each mugshot site in efforts for safe and timely mugshot removal.