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February 18, 2021

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What Does a Mugshot Removal & Online Reputation Company Do?

More people than ever are using the Internet for work, school, and as a social venue. One side effect of this increasing reliance on search engines and social media is the rise of informative websites. These include mugshot websites for which you might want to hire the best mugshot removal service.


Understanding How Mugshot Websites Work

To find the best mugshot removal service, it’s helpful to understand what a mugshot website is and how they operate.


A mugshot website harvests criminal data from city, county, and state policing agencies. The data they harvest includes the mugshots of arrested individuals taken during the booking process. It may also include the full name, age, location of arrest, and other key data.


Generally, this data is featured on unique pages on the website. Some of the more sophisticated mugshot websites also include known aliases, tattoos, and other distinctive characteristics or details. These are identifying details most people don’t want connected with their arrest record.


Mugshot sites are able to gather this data due to a loophole in the Freedom of Information Act.


It gets worse…

Indexing arrested individuals’ information on websites is just the start of what these mugshot websites do. Because of how much information is placed on mugshot pages and how these profile pages are typically built, these websites often rank high in search results.


So, if a potential employer enters your name with key identifying details, then the mugshot website with your name and mugshot is likely to rank on the first or second page of search results. This doesn’t exactly show you in the best light.


Money over integrity

Even worse, these mugshot websites work to destroy your reputation for profit. Mugshot sites make their money in two key ways.


First, they secure ad revenues from ads they place on their websites.


Secondly, and more notoriously, many mugshot websites charge an excessive fee to remove your mugshots, arrest records, and other identifying information.


Don’t think that’s illegal? Well, it’s not.


This brings us to the first thing to look for when seeking the best mugshot removal service: experience.


Go for Experience 

The mugshot website industry is in constant flux. This is because it deals with changing regulations and laws, as well as evolving search engine algorithms. Additionally, this means they have to be on constant alert just to stay ahead.


The best mugshot removal service understands the importance of knowing what the mugshot industry knows, and they do it a step ahead. But the only way to know if you’re hiring the best mugshot removal service is hiring a removal service with experience.


An experienced online removal service has an extensive history working with mugshot websites and individuals from every state. They either have legal professionals on staff or on-call. This is because keeping up with changing regulations in each state requires significant legal knowledge and process expertise.


This is key. Because different states have different laws, the tactics for someone arrested in Georgia will differ from the tactics necessary for someone arrested in California. An experienced team will understand this and know how to proceed.


The best mugshot removal service company also knows when a project goes beyond their knowledge. They will advise you on when to take your own legal action, but they will also use every available avenue at their disposal.


Understanding what avenues are available requires experience. It requires going head-to-head with mugshot websites. And the only way to know if a mugshot website can do that is by looking at their record.


Don’t hire an online removal service before reading their testimonials or learning about their ability to deliver on their promises.


The Best Mugshot Removal Companies Deliver Results

When you hire any company, you want to know they can do a good job. This applies the same to a mugshot and online removal service, perhaps even more so. After all, it is your reputation you’re trying to salvage.


Naturally, you want and expect good results.


But as badly as you want those mugshots scrapped from the internet, you also don’t want false promises. The internet is in constant flux. What was possible last week may not be possible in the future. What one state once saw was legal may now be illegal.


The best mugshot removal company understands this. They will be direct about what they can do, what they have done, and the strategies they’ll use to restore your good name.


But what they won’t do is make promises they can’t keep. As they say, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid online removal services that promise big changes, fast.


Red Flags to Avoid When Looking for the Best Mugshot Removal Service

Being honest about results is just one of several things to look for when hiring an online removal service.


Other important red flags to look out for include:


Fast turnaround promises

Getting a mugshot removed can be done in a couple of months, but there is no guarantee. If the mugshot cannot be removed from all mugshot websites, then the best mugshot removal service will offer alternatives. This often includes the use of positive social media to bury the negative images, which will take more time.


Don’t offer tracking updates

Effective mugshot removal often takes time. But it shouldn’t be time spent with you uninformed. Avoid companies refusing to offer regular updates of their work.


Likewise, the best mugshot removal service should illustrate how they track their own progress and adapt strategies as needed.


Don’t offer direct contact information

Don’t you hate having to go through automated messaging systems in order to speak to a person? When dealing with something as personal as your reputation, you want to be able to keep in contact with those helping you out. To that end, ensure the company you’re hiring is set up with a human representative, someone available to answer your calls and questions.


If you are hiring a company for more than just mugshots, a representative should also be assigned to update you updated on progress and strategies.


You want quality over quantity

Some online reputation and mugshot removal companies emphasize how much they can do but not how well they can do it. Avoid them. Instead, choose a company that values quality content and service.


These are the trademarks of the best mugshot removal service.


Limited information about staff

The best online removal service companies are only the best because they hire the best. Check the credentials of the online removal service you’re looking to hire. Choose the one that has marketing, content, legal, and similarly related experience.


Work With the Best Mugshot Removal Service. Work With EraseMugshots.com

At EraseMugshots.com, we specialize in an array of online removal services. These include the removal of mugshots and booking information. We have an extensive history in this industry – an extensive, successful history.


Whether you have old mugshots to remove or you a business hit by bad reviews, our team is here for you.


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