Most Trusted Mugshot Removal Services was launched over 10 years ago to offer anyone and everyone relieving mugshot removal services

There are no eligibility requirements for mugshot removal, which means that everyone can have their past criminal history and online arrest records removed from the internet.

We understand how stressful it is to see your private information exposed online. But don’t worry, we will work with you! At Erase Mugshots, we are devoted to help you get rid of all jail mugshots, arrest records, and troublesome background checks online fast and cost-conveniently.

The online world isn’t fair, and once your reputation gets hit, the negative results can last for a lifetime. But we know the tools, tactics, and actions necessary to remove online arrest records, help you recover from a reputation hit, and monitor your online image.

Why Choose Us

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Premium Quality

We apply a proven process to all our services. Most removals are completed within 72 hs, meaning it only takes 3 days to get your online reputation back on track.

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Payment Plans

We work with you to design a monthly payment plan within your budget.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All projects are 100% money-back guaranteed, as detailed in our Statement of Work. Our Terms & Conditions are transparent and easy to understand.

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You Are Not Alone

Our services are personalized. Our representatives are on your side, striving to help you stop looking over your shoulder every time you are about to start a new project in your life.
We understand reaching out to a service like ours can create shame or discomfort, but you have nothing to worry about. You are in caring hands.

Give Yourself (And Those You Love) The Best Chance

Arrest records will always be accessible at the government records depot and local courthouses, but that doesn’t mean they have to be accessible through a basic Google search.

Give yourself the best chance when seeking a job, dating, or getting your life back on track with our mugshot removal services

Individuals with no arrest records or mugshots and positive online reputations do better. 

The benefits are higher trust, credibility, and more job opportunities. is a leading authority in complete mugshot removal services. 

Our services are personalized, and we offer various packages including (but not limited to) de-indexing and suppressing negative information online. 

We offer affordable monthly payments for our mugshot removal services, plus other options to fit your budget. Call us for a free removal analysis, and we’ll begin reviewing your case.

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We offer a total mugshot removal solution to erase your records from mugshot publications and search engine results once and for all.