How Can I Remove a Mobile Number From All Sites?

January 26, 2023

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Can you remove a mobile number from sites on the web? Learn how to remove your phone number once and for all to protect your online privacy. 

When you remove mobile number details online, you are protecting yourself from possible breaches of your personal info.

Hiding your contact info online starts when you remove your phone number from search results or contact services. You may not know it, but sometimes bad actors can access your phone numbers through a simple Google search.

While some businesses intentionally leave their iOS or Android phone numbers for customers to reach out to, some contact services sell your phone information on Google and other data to potentially bad actors.

Let’s look at how to remove phone number details.

How to Remove Phone Number Details Online

While there is no foolproof way to remove your primary and recovery phone number from Google, other Google services, and the internet, you can reduce the risk of your number being exposed.

Here are five steps to help remove your mobile number from Google or Google services.

1. Disconnect Your Number From Accounts

Many accounts, such as Google and Facebook, allow you to connect your phone number to your account to receive notifications or two-factor authentication codes. To disconnect your number from these accounts, go to the security settings page and remove the primary or recovery phone number associated with the account.

Although this is hard with services like your Gmail account, some people use an extra phone number when you select add recovery phone. You can do this by tap phone or tap personal info and “delete account.” Some sites still give you access to your account without needing to delete your phone sim card details.

2. Unsubscribe from Email and Text Marketing Lists

Email and text marketing companies often sell or rent their lists, so your phone number could be shared with third-party companies. To prevent your number from ending up on these lists, unsubscribe from any email or text marketing lists you are on.

You can retract your phone number, Gmail account contact info, or other personal info to avoid receiving unwanted messages in your Google account service.

3. Opt-Out of Publicly Available Databases

Your phone number may be included in publicly available databases. To opt out of these databases, visit the company’s website that maintains the database and follow the instructions to remove your number.

Some websites let you easily opt your phone number out when you tap phone or tap personal info to be removed from the site. Some sites let you see your cellphone number after searching through different services on their drop-down menu. These sites sometimes offer a remove number option where you have to input a verification code to have your phone details removed from its search results.

When you opt out of data broker sites and “people finder” sites, your personal details will disappear from search results in time.

4. Delete Your Social Media Accounts

If you have a social media account linked to your phone number, it is best to delete it to protect your number. If you do not want to delete the account, make sure your profile is private, and you are not sharing your phone number in any posts.

If you want to continue using the different social platforms, you can log in, and select add recovery phone to change your contact info when you verify your password. Once you enter the verification codes and password, you will get a note on your computer or phone screen that says you can effectively change your number.

Some sites also offer an option in their main menu to ultimately remove numbers from their search database without having to delete your account. Others will try to re-add phone details to their account.

5. Monitor Your Number

Even after taking the above steps, it is important to monitor your phone number to ensure it is not being used without your consent. If you notice any suspicious activity, reach your mobile provider immediately to report the issue.

Taking these steps can help protect your phone number from being exposed. However, it is important to remember that there is no foolproof way to remove your number from the internet completely. Therefore, it is essential that you continue to monitor your number and take steps to protect it from being used without your consent.

Benefits of Removing Your Number from Google or Other Sites

Here are some benefits of deleting your info from Google or other sites.

1. Security

Removing your phone number from your account is one of the best ways to secure your personal information. When you delete your phone number, you’re preventing potential hackers from accessing your personal account data which is like taking you out of dark mode. This removal practice also protects you from “doxing” attempts.

2. Privacy

When you delete your phone number, you help protect your account privacy on Google or other platforms. When your phone number is listed on a log on Google, it can be easy for your personal information to be accessed and used without your knowledge. Removing your phone number reduces the risk of your personal information being used without your consent.

3. Reduced Spam Calls

Removing your phone number on Google or other services can also help reduce the number of spam calls you receive. Removing your number from directories makes it more difficult for telemarketers and other spammers to reach you.

4. Reduced Phone Bill

Removing your phone number on Google or other Google services can also help reduce your phone bill. If your number is listed, it’s easy for telemarketers and other spammers to reach you, which can increase the number of minutes you’re using. By taking down your phone number, you can limit the number of calls you receive and help reduce your monthly phone bill.

5. Less Stress

Finally, removing your phone number on Google or other services can also help reduce stress. By taking down your number, you’re reducing the risk of your personal information being accessed and used without your consent. This can help give you peace of mind and reduce the stress associated with worrying about your personal information being exposed.

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