WHAT WE DO: Background Check Removal

We work on your behalf to remove your arrest records and other personal information from the top 30 background check service providers—greatly reducing the risk of them causing damage in your personal and professional life. Any person is eligible to work with us. We believe in Internet Privacy and we are here to help restore yours. Our service is a benefit to anyone who is concerned about their criminal record and other personal data showing up on a background check for employment, housing, or nosey neighbors. There are NO eligibility requirements, simply pick a solution and we’ll contact you to get the required documents and handle the rest.

How Does Our Service Work?

Private companies make money every year by giving access to your personal record to anyone with an internet connection; even if your record has been expunged or sealed this information is very easy to find. Their customers are told not to use the information for employment or housing decisions, but the information is always used to make decisions about who to hire, who to rent to, who to date, and much more.

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