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Apply To College Without Your Past Holding you Back

66.4% of colleges collect criminal background information on applicants and admit that it affects their decision.

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Improve Your Networking Skills

Whether you are job hunting, working on that next big sale or meeting a potential business partner make sure your name is positive online. Anyone with $10 and an internet connection can see your complete personal history.

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Start Online Dating Without Negative Information Online

1 in 4 people do a background check on someone they’re dating; don’t let past mistakes prevent you from having a relationship. Don’t miss a change to find your dream partner due to negative results on your background report.

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Get Hired Without Employers Seeing Your Criminal History

Remove past discretions on your background report with ease thanks to EraseMugshots. Employers use background checks as their #1 tool for screening applicants, and conduct random checks frequently—even after employment!

Our background removal solution will benefit anyone that is concerned about others finding personal & private information online about them. Our removal specialists will work to remove the following information from your background report from the top 45+ data aggregates online:

  • Contact Information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address and much more)
  • Information About Your Relatives (Parents, Children and Close Friends)
  • Links To Social Media
  • Criminal History (Regardless of the outcome)
  • List of  Sex Offenders in Your Area


The best part? There are NO eligibility requirements!

We believe everyone has the right to restore their privacy. We make it easy.


Background Check Removal

EraseMugshots works on your behalf to remove your background check, arrest records and other personal information from the top 45 data aggregate sites. Our removal solution greatly reduces the risk of your personal information damaging your professional life and career.

After completion of your background removal, the only place another individual can locate your records would be from the county offices or you directly. Take yourself off the grid and free life knowing your past is not holding you back.

Any person is eligible to work with us. Regardless of your criminal charges or outcome, we can remove your information. You may even qualify for an online expungement solution!

We believe in Internet Privacy and we are here to help restore yours.

Our background check removal service is a beneficial for anyone who is concerned about their criminal record and other personal data showing up on a background check. Increase your chances for gaining employment, buying a home, or to simply remove your personal information from stalkers.

There are NO eligibility requirements, simply pick a solution and we’ll contact you to get the required documents and handle the rest.


How Does Our Service Work?

Our removal team will scour the internet and locate your background report on various databases (over 45!). Next, we will submit the necessary documents and legal papers needed in order to remove your information. Following a successful removal, our team then notifies Google, Bing, and Yahoo so they can update their search results accordingly to reflect these changes.

Private companies make money every year by giving access to your personal record to anyone with an internet connection; even if your record has been expunged or sealed this information is very easy to find. Their customers are told not to use the information for employment or housing decisions, but the information is always used to make decisions about who to hire, who to rent to, who to date, and much more.

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