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January 3, 2022

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Is your phone number showing up on

If so, your privacy may be at serious risk. When personal details like names, phone numbers, addresses and more appear on sites like OK Caller, they’re also likely featured in search engines.

And when that happens, scammers, criminals and enemies can find that data and use it against you at any time.

Below, we take a closer look at, how to know if you’re on OKCaller and what you can do to remove your own phone number from the site.

What is OkCaller?

OK Caller is one of hundreds of online directories sharing your name and phone number on the web. A popular telephone safety directory, lists more than 800 million unique phone numbers across the site.

OKCaller’s main purpose is reverse phone lookup. This means that people use OK Caller to find your personal info based on nothing more than a telephone number. By entering a number into the site’s search bar, users can often learn your name, address and other details almost instantly.

What’s more: users can search numbers in the OKCaller database without needing to pay or sign up. This is because the online directory makes most of its money from unobtrusive advertising revenue.

While not exactly a free service, OKCaller offers reverse phone search reports for a relatively small fee. Typically, such results are available for just under one dollar.

As an online service, OKCaller makes it fairly easy for users to identify unknown callers and avoid scammers. The downside, however, is that while OkCaller operates as a real time directory assistance provider, it also advertises and sells personal data.

And the consequences of having your info displayed on the site can sometimes be extremely large.

What can you find on OkCaller?

Much like other people search sites, a simple phone number search on OkCaller can provide a variety of personal details, including your:

  • Full name
  • Current location
  • Personal photos (those available online)
  • Current & previous addresses
  • Phone carrier and type of phone line
  • And more

After the initial search, the OKCaller website will generally only list the name and address last associated with your phone number. Users can access more personal info for the small fee mentioned earlier.

How did my number end up on OkCaller?

If you find your phone number on OKCaller, chances are it was pulled from one or more public records sites across the web. Like any other online telephone number directory, OK Caller starts by crawling millions of publicly available records to identify and collect your info.

Once collected, OKCaller aggregates this data into individual listings. It then makes these listings searchable through the OKCaller search bar.

The technology used to collect and sell your personal data is by no means unique to OkCaller. Other sites employ this same process to scrape personal details and sell them across the web. However, OK Caller does go a step beyond collection to authenticate data and provide verifiable contact information to the user.

What makes OkCaller unique?

In addition to basic info collection, the OKCaller website allows online users to add, update and verify listings across the site. In theory, this helps the site increase transparency and provide the most up to date and accurate information to future users. But in practice, it’s unclear if this actually boosts the site’s credibility, or simply makes it easier to spread false info online.

Listing your phone number is one thing. But encouraging OKCaller users to attach info to that number may create a whole new set of problems.

In fact, other users may be exposing sensitive personal details that can put yourself and your family at risk.

How do I remove my number from OKCaller?

It’s hard to completely delete phone numbers from the OKCaller directory or a similar service. That said, OKCaller opt out allows you to remove any personal details attached to an OKCaller phone number listing.

If successful, your number will be listed as “private” or “unlisted,” which blocks users from finding your name, address or other info when searching your number.

OkCaller’s Opt Out Process

The step-by-step OKCaller opt out process offers a simple way to remove personal details affiliated with OKCaller telephone numbers.

You don’t need to create or manage any login accounts on OKCaller to opt out. To start the process, simply:

1. Visit the OK Caller website

Once on the homepage, locate the OKCaller search function under “Phone Number Query.”

2. Search your number

Enter your 10-digit number into Phone Number Query, no spaces or parentheses. Watch out for ads that may redirect you to another site.

3. Verify your info

Once verified, proceed to the next step. However, if no phone numbers or personal information appear when searching your number, you are not listed on OKCaller.

4. Scroll down to “Edit Your Listing”

The “Edit Your Listing” feature typically appears about halfway down the page.

5. Verify that you own the number

OKCaller allows you to authenticate ownership and handle listing customizations by text or phone PIN.

6. Enter your four-digit PIN

Once you choose to receive your PIN by phone call or text message, a new personal dashboard page will pop up. In your personal dashboard, enter your PIN in the prompt.

7. Change your Listing Caller ID status

After entering your PIN, change your caller number status in the “Enter New Listing Caller ID” prompt to “Unlisted,” Unknown,” or “Private.” This will opt out any address and personal info previously on display in the OKCaller address book.

8. Confirm that the opt out process has worked

While the OkCaller opt out is pretty reliable, it’s important to confirm that your details were removed from the site. Once complete, use the OKCaller service to re-search your phone number.

If “Private” is listed in the Web Caller ID section, the process was successful.

9. Repeat as necessary

Removing your personal info from OKCaller and your current phone number is an important first step. But the chances are good that it’s not the only number you’ve had in your lifetime – or the only number you currently use to communicate, do business, etc.

To ensure complete caller safety on OKCaller, search other numbers you use or have used in the past. Because the OKCaller database is so large, it’s likely other numbers you know or have used are somewhere on the website. Repeat the opt-out process for each one (that you own, of course) to maximize coverage.

Using the website’s simple directory to search all known phone numbers tied to your name is the best way to achieve total peace of mind. The sooner you remove all the information from the website and OKCaller database, the safer you’ll be in the long run.

More About OkCaller

As a service, makes it easy for people to identify calling parties and potentially find information on spammers, prankers, and more.

By storing so much info, The OKCaller database provides users a one-stop-shop not only for locating malicious callers, but for updating info that may one day help other users do the same.

And unlike many websites, OKCaller allows people to go beyond missed call lookup and mark specific phone numbers as “not safe.” While this could mean any number of things, this new system surely does provide some users a sense of security not often found through other data brokers.

Additionally, is one of the first online directories (if not the only one) that allows you to message a number directly through its platform.

Like it or not, this is yet another feature that sets OKCaller apart from other search engines across the web.

Still, these extra bells and whistles don’t change the fact that OKCaller collects personal info. And at the end of the day, this puts OKCaller in the same boat with other people search websites – companies that sell your sensitive personal data while putting your online privacy at constant risk.

I’ve opted out of the OK Caller online telephone number directory. What next?

Removing your own phone listing from the OKCaller system avoids having your info found across the site. Still, there are hundreds of similar websites out there also selling your info across the web.

What’s worse: new data brokers are popping up every day, adding to an already sizable threat to your privacy.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself and your info across the web. With the right personal information removal service, you can instantly identify and remove your personal data from hundreds of websites at once, achieving privacy and peace of mind faster than ever.

Need to remove personal info from the internet?

That’s our specialty.

From names and phone numbers to addresses, arrest records, background check info and more, our Information Removal Experts help you delete your personal data from and hundreds of sites fast.

Our proven removal system delivers results and puts you in control of your info for good.

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