Why a Person Might Want to Remove Online Information

January 26, 2021

Why a Person Might Want to Remove Online Information

Our team at Erase Mugshots specializes in helping people remove online information that puts them in a negative light, information that harms their reputation and could prevent them from future employment in their desired career, hamper their dating prospects, hinder their joining other organizations, and otherwise inhibit their social and professional prospects. All social and professional prospects. This is because it is all too common for a person to run to the internet in order to search out a person’s name and history even when it comes to something as innocuous as having one’s kids join an afternoon playgroup. Negative online information, especially negative criminal information, can and often will make a person into a sort of pariah in their community.

But while our job remains on the important task of removing negative online information where possible and burying it where not, this is not the only type of information that a person might want to be removed from the internet. Other reasons include a person worrying about stalking or an abusive ex may want to remove any identifying information about them while others may have been subject to financial fraud and want to eliminate the online information that made that possible.

Or for any other of a dozen reasons a person may want to remove information about them online and it is perfectly reasonable to want to do so. The Internet is a strange place that has yet to be around even a full generation and so it is understandable for people to want to remove information, any type of information, about themselves. What a person said at 15 in a random online sports forum can now get them “canceled” at age 25. Let’s take a look now at how you can get those forum comments, criminal records, and old news stories off the Internet:

Removing Online Information Starts With Social Media Accounts Associated With Undesired Information

If your goal in removing online information is to remove identifying information about you or erase old negative commentary made by a younger you, then start with searching out all social media accounts associated with your name, your known handles, and your email information. Depending upon how old you are, this may take some time but it is an important step that should not be avoided.

Start this step by making a list of every social media account you keep and kept, this includes current popular accounts like Facebook and Twitter as well as old accounts like MySpace and your favorite online forum. And yes, MySpace is still up and running and hosting old accounts (although it is now owned by a Russian company). Then, go through one by one, visiting each website, finding the account settings, and clicking for deactivation or account removal.

If you’re not sure you are still active anywhere, use Google to type in your preferred handle and words like “forum”. For example, you might have gone by DodgersFan18 and so searching for “dodgersfan18 + forum” or “dogersfan18 + blog” will result in any still indexed pages. Do the same with your full name and any variations of your real name.

Removing Your Real Name & Personal Information From News Sites

As you follow the above step and start finishing up on removing your online personas from the digital arena, you are likely to run into the two biggest hurdles: Removing identifying information from news sites and removing online crime-related information like mugshots and non-newspaper police bloggers. Here, let’s get talking about that first major hurdle, news sites.

News sites may print an article with your name for any number of reasons. There are certainly good reasons to be in the newspaper, including but not limited to being named for an award, participating in a volunteer project, or interviewed due to your expertise in a certain area. All of these are great reasons to be in the paper and on a news blog or website and, unless you are looking to permanently remove your online identity for safety reasons, are things to keep online and have highlighted.

However, for every good reason there is to have your name associated with an online newspaper, there is likewise a bad reason. You may have been arrested and charged with a crime, you may have been named as part of a scandal, or you may have been quoted in a controversial subject that you no longer wish to be associate with. Whatever the case, the good news is that there are ways to remove your name from being associated with these news websites.

The very first method is contacting the editor of the news site directly. For older articles or articles related to criminal matters for which you have been vindicated in, the editor may simply agree to remove your name altogether from old pieces or at least reduce the identifying information — ie a unique name may be shortened to an initial.

In cases in which the editor or other website gatekeeper refuses to take down or remove your name, you can choose to work with a legal team or professional removal service like Erase Mugshots. These teams have more experience and proven methods not to mention clout and better knowledge of the right methods to go through to get information removed. A legal team can also offer services like getting your criminal record expunged which will improve the chances of getting your name removed from news-related online sources. Likewise, showing that charges were dismissed can help in persuading news organizations to remove or limit identifying information.

In situations where it is not possible to remove your information from online sources, the next method is the burial method. This method centers around the idea that removing information online is a lot about removing negative information online. So long as your concerns are not true security ones, then you are likely looking to kill stories and results that pain you and your reputation in a bad light. Therefore, if you are unable to delete those stories from the Internet altogether, the next best thing is to counter those negative stories with so many good stories that the negative ones will be essentially buried down 10, 20, or more pages down whenever anyone searches your name on a search engine. This method is one that is best handled by online removal professionals like our team at Erase Mugshots.

Removing Your Online Information From Community “Safety” Groups and Businesses Like Mugshot Websites

There are news publications that follow a certain set of ethics when it comes to publishing and therefore unpublishing identifying information and then there are the wild west private publications. Publications like mugshots.com and golookup.com which will grab whatever information they can and sell it to online users. These publications are private businesses and operate on looser guidelines.

Some of these private websites and organizations will likewise remove your online information for a set fee, but you will have to do so for each and every website that is hosting your information. A professional team like ours at Erase Mugshots can expedite this process and make it more cost-efficient in the long-run by getting both to the source website that hosted your initial image and information and then getting all subsequent information deleted. As with removing online information from news sources, this strategy tends to be most effective when you can get an expungement of your record or otherwise prove dismissal of the listed charges, but it is not necessary.

When You’re at a Loss, Call in the Experts

Many online removal steps can be done alone. You can deactivate many social media accounts and clear out any bad quotes related to your online handles by using your existing online account information. However, for those who have been experienced being “canceled”, who have arrest information online, or who were otherwise reported about negatively and that negative information comes up whenever someone types their name, the best bet is to hire professionals.

Online reputation companies like ours at Erase Mugshots our experienced and highly effective at getting bad news removed and good news highlighted. We are effective at this due to our skill sets which include insights into how these websites operate, how users behave, and how to employ strategies like navigating operational hierarchies to get to the right person that will get information removed. Companies like ours were once negatively painted in the public sphere but due to the increasing importance of good online personas and the heightened risks of users dogpiling on controversial statements, our services have become increasingly invaluable. Best-selling author and journalist Jon Ronson was perhaps the first to really investigate these social tendencies and our industry’s approach to fighting them in his book, So You’ve Been Publically Shamed.

For more information about our services and how our team can help remove online information as well as improve your online reputation, call us at 866-626-9930 now.