How Do You Spell Expungement of Records?

Learn about expungement of records, also known as expunction, in our complete guide to records removal.  Criminal records can affect a person’s life in different ways. This reality is true regardless of whether such records pertain to an arrest or prior conviction.…


How Do I Remove My Name From a Police Blotter?

Getting your name off a police blotter can be challenging. Our guide will coach you through the steps needed to restore your good name.  If you or someone you know had a criminal offense that led you to be arrested or run…


How Do I Remove Public Records From Google?

If you’ve ever asked, “how do I remove public records from Google?” our guide will help you navigate the mugshot removal process.  Almost every internet user knows that you can find nearly anything under the sun on Google. The search engine covers…


Why Are Police Photos Called Mugshots?

Why are police photos called mugshots? Learn a bit of history in our guide to mugshots on the web.  If you or anyone you know has ever been arrested, odds are likely that you were required to take a mug shot, or…


Are Mugshots Ever Deleted from the Internet?

Are mugshots ever deleted from the web? Even if you were never charged for a crime, your mugshot could still be found online. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and removing your mugshot from the Internet.  Whether you’re applying for…


Can Google Remove Mugshots for Me?

Can Google remove mugshots for me from online searches? Will the company remove your mugshot if you request it? Learn everything you need to know about Google mugshot removal with our guide. It’s all about getting the right shot when it comes…


Everything You Need to Know About the MyFitnessPal Breach

Being a victim of a data breach could be extremely stressful and around 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts of Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal app experienced this misery in February 2018. Though the organization played down the data breach, there have been some undeniably large…


A Complete List of Hacks and Best Buy Leaks of Data

If you are a business that is having a department that works online and sells products and services online, there is always a possibility that you might be a target of any phishing attacks and data breaches. Do not be surprised when…


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