10 Myths About Employers Hiring Ex-Offenders

October 14, 2019

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Many employers refrain from hiring ex-offenders due to faulty information or what some might call myths that are not based on truth. For employers to make good hiring decisions in regards to ex-offenders they must understand a few essential facts.



Below are some common myths held by employers about hiring ex-offenders – as well as the truths behind them. NetReputation has firsthand experience with learning how various businesses (of all sizes) undergo their hiring process.


What bars an ex-convict from receiving ample opportunity when compared to another individual with a clean record. How can an individual with a troubled past regain control of their life? What tips, trick and myth busters should they be aware of while they embark on their journey for obtaining a new job or career.


10 Myths About Employers Hiring Ex-Offenders

Myth 1: Most companies don’t believe that ex-offenders will get the job done.

Truth 1: This is absolutely not true. Most ex-offenders, if supplied with the ideal opportunity and training, genuinely aspire to develop into a productive member of society.


Myth 2: Ex-offenders with learning disabilities, substance abuse, mental illness issues have no skills to offer employers?

Fact 2: Although, some ex-offenders do suffer from some of those barriers not all do. Ex-offenders are trainable and possess a lot of raw talent that only has to be cultivated. Just because an individual had a troubled past or an impairment does not imply they are incompetent by any means.


Myth 3: All of the ex-offenders are dangerous and violent.

Fact 3: Most ex-offenders are non-violent, 80% of inmates are incarcerated on drug-related, white-collar or driving-related offenses.


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Myth 4: Ex-offenders lack discipline and do not make great employees.

Fact 4: This couldn’t be further from the truth, just as individuals in the military develop a higher standard for routines and efficiency so do ex-offenders. These individuals are used to taking orders and carrying them out without delay or complaining. Most ex-offenders want to make a change and if given the chance, they want to capitalize on the opportunity as much as possible.


Myth 5: Ex-offenders lack good communication skills.

Fact 5: While this can be common from time to time. Intrapersonal skills are developed while spending time incarcerated (no matter the duration). Individuals must learn to adapt and thrive in a hostile community (jail/prison) they those skills can then translate into society and their professional careers.


Myth 6: All ex-offenders are dishonest and can not be trusted

Fact 6: Most charges that ex-offenders obtain have nothing to do with being disloyal, dishonest or shown any signs of being untrustworthy. Most of the time this is funneled into the notion of an individual not being able to make good choices. With that said, most individuals who are released from jail have been deemed to be in good social standings in the eyes of the law. If an individual has been in good standings for a prolonged period of time without any more infraction this shows a potential employer that this ex-offender has changed for the better.


Myth 7: Businesses think that ex-offenders don’t have any work ethics.

Fact 7: Ex-offenders have obtained job duties in prison and on ‘work release’ that required them to reach specific performance goals or face disciplinary action. This process builds a superior worth ethic and character.


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Myth 8: Ex-offenders aren’t able to respect authority at work.

Fact 8: Ex-offenders are conditioned in prison to accept jurisdiction or run the risk of delaying their release dates due to prison infractions involving maladaptive behavior. For this reason, and fear of job loss, most ex-offenders take extreme precautionary efforts while on the job.


Myth 9: Ex-offenders have illnesses that will lead them to miss work?

Fact 9: Prior to discharge, ex-offenders all undergo mental and physical health interviews with doctors and practitioners within their community by order correctional staff. Most of the time this is treated as a stipulation for their probation/parole, a job is a must-have. So, to do anything to compromise this would be foolish.


Myth 10: Ex-offenders lack education and have nothing to contribute.

Fact 10: Most prisons offer an assortment of vocational training classes for criminals. In this day and age, college is become a lesser “must-have” even by recent high-school graduates. Most employers who see that an individual is open to learning new concepts and ideas are all that matters.


In short, once employers know the truth about ex-offenders they’ll be able to re-frame their erroneous belief systems. By reviewing the truth about ex-offenders and actively utilizing their new belief system, employers are going to be in a better position. Therefore, they can make the most of this vast untapped labor pool and each of the federal hiring incentives that come alongside it.


Employers Hiring Ex-Offenders


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