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Mugshots Are Public Record?

Are All Mugshots Public Record? Are you wondering why all mugshots are public record? The simple fact of the matter is because our government shows great transparency when it comes to the criminal history of individuals.    In the past, you would like to physically visit a local county courthouse in order to obtain legal […]

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How to Remove Images From Google

Remove Images From Google in 2019 You’ve just found a negative photo of yourself or your business on the internet. What’s next? Do you know your options?    Thankfully in this article, we will reveal how to remove images from Google. In addition to also how to suppress unwanted images from search engines if you […]

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Remove Mugshots From The Internet

How to Remove Mugshots From The Internet Are you searching how to remove mugshots from the internet? Odds are most likely if you came across this article. However, don’t worry, here at EraseMugshots we have over 10+ years of experience when it comes to removing mugshots and arrest records online.    If you are currently […]

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Florida Mugshot Laws

Florida Mugshot Laws 2019 Florida mugshot laws were established back in 2017 that strived to petition the long-standing problem the mugshot industry that has developed as a result of this internet revolution. Floridians are aware of these websites that consolidate mugshots from the internet and dispense them without society. Benefiting from people is what these […]

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Busted Newspaper Removal in 2019

Busted Newspaper Removal Solutions For Deleting Mugshots Online Have you ever been arrested? If so, the odds are that your mugshot is published on the internet. There are over 400 mug shot websites on Google where other individuals can gain access to your entire criminal history in just a few clicks. So what can you […]

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