How Long Does It Take for Mugshots to Appear Online

How Long Does It Take for Mugshots to Appear Online?

On average, when an individual is arrested they can expect to see their mugshot appear online within roughly 1-3 days after the arrest.   Whether it is plastered on the first page of Google of 10 pages back. Most of the time it takes minutes for mugshots publication websites to scrape public record databases and […]

How Much Does Expungement Cost

How Much Does Expungement Cost

Expungement Costs Explained At this point, if you are reading this article either you or someone close to you has fallen into a pit of bad luck. It can be stressful and tiresome enough dealing with your probationary requirements alongside other requests from the court or Judge. Dealing with an expungement after you are complete […]

Springfield Mugshots

Springfield Mugshot Removals

Springfield Mugshot Removal Solution After falling into the unfortunate circumstance of being arrested there are several things you need to do before you can “forget about it”.    Most notable and apparent would be your mugshot(s) appearing on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Before working in the online reputation we never realized […]

How Do Arrest Warrants Work

How Do Arrest Warrants Work

How Do Arrest Warrants Work in 2020 Fundamentally, arrest warrants are issued when there’s been a crime that has been committed and there’s sufficient evidence to incriminate a defendant. The individual named in the warrant committed the offense. But, there’s also a merit of arrests issued when the individual in question failed to appear in […]

Will Google Remove Mugshots?

Will Google Remove Mugshots? What would happen if you were to contact Google to remove mugshots you’re seeing online? What would you need to provide them in order to be successful with removing mugshots from their search engine results pages? In short, Google will not remove mugshots just because you want them gone. From a […]

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