Arizona Mugshot Removal Law: Explained

May 26, 2020

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Want to learn more about Arizona mugshot removal law?

In this article, we cover House Bill 2191 and how you can remove your Arizona mugshots in 2020.

Arizona has a law protecting individuals from websites that post online mugshot photos. AZ HB 2191 went into effect on April 1, 2019 after Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed it into law.  

House Bill 2191 bans the use of criminal justice records for profit. HB 2191 also states that no one may distribute mugshots for financial gain. 

However, many of these mugshot sites aren’t based in Arizona. And to get around the law, many simply post the record without a photo.


The Arizona mugshot law defines any financial gain from the mugshot as money made from the “arrest or involvement in the criminal justice system” of an individual. This essentially makes the use of individual mugshots for commercial purposes (profit) is unlawful.

This law also states that anyone selling criminal records for money is a “Mugshot Website Operator” in the state of Arizona. 



in other words, the site operator may not use your criminal records or other info to solicit business for monetary gain. 

This includes fees or payments in exchange for removing a mugshot, booking photograph, or criminal justice record.

Any person with a criminal justice record posted online in violation of Arizona law, and who suffers a loss as a result, is entitled to take action against mugshot site operators. They are also entitled to recover damages in any court of competent jurisdiction. 


arizona mugshot removal law


In addition to damages, the website operator may have to pay fines. The fines include:

  • $100 per day during the first 30 days.
  • $200 per day during the next 30 days.
  • $500 per day each day after.

The bill does not apply to sites sharing news for news-related purposes. This includes media outlets like radio stations, TV stations, online news outlets, cable news providers, and radio stations.

If you know of a website violating Arizona law, contact the state attorney general’s office as soon as possible.

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Table of Contents

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