Erase Mugshots .com Launches New Website and Opens its Doors to the Public

January 3, 2016

Erase Mugshots Launches New Website and Opens its Doors to the Public

Erase Mugshots opens a new location to help manage the inflow of clientele! An arrest record should be a private topic, or one would hope, but unfortunately, in 2015, this is not the case. Arrest records are public information and can be found with a simple Google search. There are currently more than 100 websites that publish arrest records in a format that Google ranks as informative content and can be found in any major search engine

Arrest records have been published among national news sources for decades. Unlike the local newspaper, the Internet blotters are always accessible, easily searchable, and viewable to over 3 billion Internet users across the world. Erase Mugshots (now opens) can help you remove these records fast.

Until recently, once the record was online, it was there forever, as the Internet does not expire, and doesn’t look like it will be running out of room anytime soon. was launched in 2015 to change that and give people the option to remove arrest records and associated images from the Internet forever.

People are often concerned when they call, and for that reason, they decided to guarantee all the work they accept. With that said, they do not work with everyone, and they reserve the right to choose who they work with. When they take on a new client and agree they can offer a complete removal solution they make the process as painless as possible for the consumer. All their work is 100% guaranteed. This guarantee is written in simple language within the statement of work that is provided with every transaction at They have a very senior team and are as transparent as possible! With an office in downtown Miami, they have great relationships with every major newspaper in the area.

They will be generating content on a weekly basis to inform the public about changes in the laws, privacy policies and overall updates. To sign up for a free consultation: Free consultation

They can be reached today at (866) 601- 6803 and can answer any questions you may have about the process, timeline, and their guarantee. They look forward to being able to help!


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