How to Remove from BeenVerified

How to Remove from BeenVerified

Remove from BeenVerified and fast! BeenVerified provides an easy-to-use database for a quick and easy way to find individuals. You are able to search anyone, this means your boss, exes and event clients. Furthermore, BeenVerified allows you to remove your information from the “People Search” results. The data collected stems from social media websites, county records or customize websites.

To remove from BeenVerified you can simply locate that record and request an “opt-out”. After you request an opt-out, BeenVerified will send you an email confirmation that the record has been approved and will not return the record in future. Seeing as the “opt-out” period takes a few days, you can create what is called on OPT-OUT ACCOUNT. These accounts allow you to make sure that the information you requested to be removed is actually deleted.

Are you getting curious about what is on your background? Try searching for yourself here.


Overview of BeenVerified | What Does Background Check Show?

If you have not yet chosen to opt-out of BeenVerified there are a few functions that you may want to search first. Before you complete that removal yourself, try searching to see what information is held about you. Most of the time people will simply click “opt-out” without reviewing their record. Here’s how to remove from BeenVerified.

Once you have located a record reference either yourself or another individual you are now able to show personal information. BeenVerified discloses all sorts of personal and private information such as:

  • Full Name
  • Birthday/Age
  • Addresses (past and present)
  • Possible Relatives
  • Satellite Map of Home Property

It is important that you do an efficient job of searching for yourself. So if you have changed addresses recently there may be an entirely new listing about you. The average individual from our experience has anywhere from 1 to 3 different listings on BeenVerified. An easy way to ensure you find everything would be to create a Google Doc with the exact .pdf or URL from BeenVerified. This way you now have a readily available reference link and you can monitor your opt-out. Save this, check annually just to make sure nothing new has presented itself online.


More Notes on How to Remove from BeenVerified

In addition, if you are struggling to find the opt-out page. Here is a more in-depth list of instructions on how to remove from BeenVerified. We recommend you do this on a desktop computer, it may be confusing and hard to navigate on your mobile device or smartphone.


Remove from BeenVerified Steps:

First, click on this link:

Next, you will be asking to insert yours or the individuals first name, last name and the state they live in.


BeenVerified Search Bar


Before pressing “Search” you are giving a list of FAQs that BeenVerified typically gets asked. Read through these AND THEN press “Search”

You will be prompted by a window with the volume of people who match with the information you inputted.


BeenVerified Filter Options


After seeing this screen you are asked if you would like to give more information. Once you have narrowed down the results to your liking (or the best you could). Start scrolling down the list for you or that individual. You will be presented with a glimpse of each profile before you actually enter them. Said information will include, age, name, city/state of residence, related cities, and relatives. See here:

 BeenVerified Profile List



Next Steps. You Are So Close! Almost There.

After you have located the desired profile click the account or the arrow on the right side.

Once you select an account you are immediately told to “Submit Your Opt-Out Request”. Make sure the email you use it in the profile already. Making a request from an unrecognized email will result in a failed removal. By clicking the “Send Verification Email” button BeenVerified will send you an email so you can approve the removal.

BeenVerified makes it clear that they DO NOT and WILL NOT sell the email address that you provided to a third-party.

Click “Send Verification Email”.


Remove from BeenVerified


How Long Does it Take to Remove Yourself From BeenVerified?

After you have followed the steps above and have verified the email BeenVerified has sent. It is time to wait. BeenVerified only refreshes their database once every 24 hours. Regardless, the removal process for BeenVerified is simple, effective, and most importantly, guaranteed.

So, if you would like to check to see if your profile has reappeared, just check in periodically (monthly/annually) and search for yourself. Another great tip to ensure BeenVerified does not republish would be to set up Google Alerts with your name along with BeenVerified. This way, if anything new appears you will send an email notification almost immediately.


In conclusion, there are many other sites aside from BeenVerified that offer similar removal options. Some paid but most are free. Therefore, if you are interested in getting a complimentary copy of your background check, feel free to contact us here. If you are seeking a job and the matter is more urgent, call us directly at 844-461-3632.