Where Do I Find the Best Mugshot Removal Service?

February 18, 2021
Learn how to delete mugshots online with the best mugshot removal service out there.

Where can you find the best mugshot removal service? Our team shows you how to identify the right mugshot removal team fast. 

What Does a Mugshot Removal & Online Reputation Company Do?

More people than ever before are using the Internet for work, school, and as a social venue. One side effect of this increasing reliance on search engines and social media platforms is the rise of third-party reviews and informative websites. Websites that include mugshot hosting and websites for which you might want to hire the best mugshot removal service.


Understanding How Mugshot Websites Work

To understand how to find and hire the best mugshot removal service, it can be helpful to first understand what a mugshot website is and how they operate and make money.

A mugshot website is a website that harvests criminal data from city, county, and state policing agencies. The data they harvest includes the mugshots law enforcement officials take of an arrested individual during the booking process as well as the full name, age, location of arrest, and other key data about the arrested individual. All of this data is generally viewable on unique pages on the website, with some of the more sophisticated mugshot websites also including things like known aliases, tattoos, and other distinctive characteristics or details. Identifying details most people do not want to have up on a website that connects them with their arrest record. These mugshot websites are able to gather this data due to a loophole in the Freedom of Information Act.

However, indexing arrested individuals’ information on their websites is just the start of what these mugshot websites do. Because of how much information is placed on mugshot pages and because of how these profile pages are typically built (the arrested person’s name is typically used as the primary page title and in headlines and mugshot metadata), these websites often rank high on relevant search engine results. This means that if a potential employer enters your full name or your names with key identifying details, then the mugshot website with your name and mugshot is apt to rank on the first or second page of search engine results. Not exactly showing you in the best light.

Worst of all, these mugshot websites work to destroy your reputation for profit. The webmasters of mugshot websites make their money in two key ways. First, they secure ad revenues from the ads they place on their websites, similar to many other websites. Secondly, and more notoriously, many mugshot websites will charge an excessive fee to individuals in return for removing those individuals’ mugshots, arrest records, and other identifying information.

Don’t think that’s illegal? Well, it’s not. In some states and only thanks to new laws. This brings us to the first thing to look for when searching for the best mugshot removal service: Experience.


Go First for Experience 

The mugshot website industry is in constant flux as it deals with changing regulations and laws as well as evolving search engine algorithms. This means they have to constantly be alert in order to stay ahead. The best mugshot removal service understands how important it is to know all the relevant information those in the mugshot website industry knows, and they do it a step ahead. But the only way to know if you’re hiring the best mugshot removal service that knows this is by hiring a removal service with experience.

An online removal service with experience is an online removal service that has an extensive history working with mugshot websites and working with individuals from every state. They will either have legal professionals on staff or on-call as keeping up with the changing regulations in each state requires significant legal knowledge and understanding of legal processes. This is key because different states have different laws and so the tactics for a person arrested in Georgia will be different from the tactics necessary for a person arrested in California, and an experienced team will understand that and know how to proceed.

The best mugshot removal service companies will also know when a project goes beyond their knowledge and will advise you when to take on your own legal action, but they will also work to use every available avenue at their disposal.

But understanding what avenues are available requires experience. It requires going bat to bat with mugshot websites and the only way to know if a mugshot website can do that is by looking at their record. Don’t hire any online removal service before reading their testimonials and learning about their ability to deliver on their promises for yourself.


The Best Mugshot Removal Companies Offer Results But Don’t Guarantee Results

When you hire a company, any company, you want to know they can do a good job. The same certainly applies to a mugshot and online removal service, perhaps even more so. After all, it is your reputation you’re looking to salvage, it’s your mugshots and identity you want to be preserved. You naturally want, expect good results.

But as badly as you want those mugshots scrapped from the internet, you do not want to fall for false promises. The internet is in a constant state of flux. What was possible with Google last week may not be possible in the upcoming week. What one state once saw was legal may now find illegal.

The best mugshot removal company understands this and will be direct with you about what they can do, what they have done, and what strategies they will employ to return your good name. But what they won’t do is make big fat promises. As they say, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid any online removal service that promises big changes, fast.


Other Red Flags to Avoid When Looking for the Best Mugshot Removal Service to Hire

Being honest about results is just one of several important things to be on the lookout for when hiring an online removal service. Other important red flags to look out for include:

  • Fast turnaround promises. Getting a mugshot removed can be done in a couple of months, but there is no guarantee. If the mugshot cannot be removed from all the mugshot websites it is listed on, then the best mugshot removal service will offer alternatives, including the use of positive social media to bury the negative images, that will take more time.
  • Don’t offer tracking updates. Effective work in this industry takes time, but it shouldn’t be time that is spent with you uninformed. Avoid any company that refuses to offer regular updates o their work. Likewise, because things can change quickly in this industry, the best mugshot removal service should illustrate how they are tracking their own progress and adapting strategies as needed.
  • Don’t offer direct contact information. Don’t you hate having to go through automated messaging systems in order to get a person? When you’re dealing with something as personal as your reputation, you want to be able to keep in contact with the people you hire to help improve it online. So ensure that the company you’re hiring is set up to have a human representative available to answer your calls and questions. If you are hiring a company for more than just mugshots, then a representative should also be assigned to you to keep you updated on progress and strategies.
  • You want quality over quantity. Some online reputation and mugshot removal companies will emphasize how much they can do but not how well they can do it. Avoid them. Choose instead the companies that value quality. Quality content. Quality service. Those are the trademarks of the best mugshot removal service.
  • Limited information about staff. The best online removal service companies are the best because they hire the best. Check the credentials of the online removal service you’re looking to hire and choose the one that has marketing, content, legal, and similarly related experience.


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