How Much Does Intelius Cost?

March 23, 2023

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Our guide to the Intelius cost breakdown will help you determine if this is the right background check service for your needs. 

Reverse phone lookup or other background check services have risen in popularity. With its background check service, businesses like Intelius give you unlimited searches and other details under the fair credit reporting act and consumer reporting agency limitations.

If you’re curious to learn more about the price of Intelius, this article is for you. Background check services can range from a few dollars to a lot.

This is why unlimited searches are important. This Intelius review gives you an in-depth explanation of its reverse phone lookup, photo lookup, and other background check service features.

Let’s start by learning more about Intelius as a whole.

Intelius Review: What It Is and What It’s About

Intelius is an American company that provides people search, background check, and public record services. Founded in 2003, Intelius is one of the most comprehensive people search platforms in the world.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Intelius has collected data from more than 2 billion records to create the largest and most accurate searchable database of people-related information in the United States.

Intelius is an excellent resource for people interested in researching the past of themselves, their friends and family, and even their employers. It also provides helpful tools that can potentially help protect someone against potential identity theft by providing detailed and accurate background checks.

Using Intelius, you can find information on someone’s current address, phone number, and age. You can also look up detailed background checks on an individual, including criminal records and financial information. Intelius allows you to search via a person’s name, the city where they live, and even the type of information you want to find.

Intelius also claims to have access to over 850 million public records, including records, bankruptcy filings, addresses, phone numbers, and more. Intelius also provides helpful features like search alerts. For example, you can subscribe to Intelius’s search alert feature to be notified of when additional relevant search records have become available for a person you are researching.

The search alert feature comes in handy for employers conducting background checks on potential employees as well as for private individuals concerned about protecting their identity.

Intelius is an excellent tool for conducting detailed background checks and identity protection. With its huge database of records, Intelius can provide accurate information in a quick, organized, and secure manner.

Intelius Review: Prices for Each Service

Reverse phone lookup and other background check service features are among the few features that Intelius offers.

If you’re wondering why isn’t Intelius free, this is because it offers multiple searchers like a nationwide background check including age, date of birth, and other data from government records and phone directories. The Intelius cost covers background checking services and other data-centric search tools.

Intelius background check reviews involve looking past the regular search engine to compile accurate reports from multiple searches on the deep web.

There are negative Intelius reviews because there is no Intelius free trial for it to provide consumer reports. Intelius offers a wide range of data through its premium, and basic people search.

Learn more about the service’s pricing structure and how to get unlimited number results by searching for unknown phone numbers of potential contacts or even an online date.

Even by paying basic Intelius fees, you can get unlimited standard reports.

Is Intelius safe? Yes. The Intelius premier plus account settings let you get unlimited reports or a single search report to help you double-check records or screening employees with a more affordable 6 or 7-day trial without spending for the Intelius premier plus.

Here are the Intelius pricing options.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Costs $0.95, then $34.95 after your 6-day trial.

Your membership renews every 30 days unless you cancel them.

Member Benefits

  • Unlimited Phone Reports
  • Unlimited Person Reports
  • Unlimited Address Reports

Phone Reports May Include

  • Owner’s name
  • Photos
  • Owner’s address
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Address History
  • Related Persons
  • And More

People Search

Costs $24.86 per month or $21.13 for two months.

Member Benefits

  • Unlimited Person Reports
  • Unlimited Address Reports

Person Reports May Include

  • Email Addresses
  • Address History
  • Employment History
  • Educational History
  • Related Persons
  • Business Ownership
  • Assets
  • Criminal Records
  • Traffic Records
  • Court Records
  • And More

Address Lookup

Costs $0.95 for a 7-day trial, then $29.78 per month.

Member Benefits

  • Unlimited Address Reports
  • Unlimited Person Reports

Address Reports May Include

  • Residents
  • Neighbors
  • Location Details
  • Ownership History
  • Property Value
  • Evictions
  • Neighborhood Demographics
  • Nearby entertainment, restaurants, etc.
  • Crime Stats
  • Nearby Sex Offenders

What Details Can You Find When You Do A Background Check?

A background check is a common practice for many potential employers, landlords, and other organizations looking to gain information on an individual’s history, including their public records, phone number details, social media accounts, criminal record search data, age, date of birth, and former and current address.

Intelius offers checks that can reveal a comprehensive report through a broad range of details, from a person’s education history and employment history to any criminal records and even personal financial habits. The Intelius reviews show that you can do reverse address lookup or phone number searches and find accurate reports.

The better business bureau limits extensive database access and ensures your Intelius account doesn’t offer sensitive consumer credit data. If you want to limit what the Intelius homepage shows, you need to opt for your data to be removed manually.

Typically, the details collected in a background check will provide information about an individual’s former and current addresses, professional licenses held, past or present legal entanglements, motor vehicle records, drug testing records, and credit reports.

Educational public records can provide employers and landlords with a more detailed look, revealing the applicant’s college and university transcripts, areas of study, degrees, and any certifications they hold. Intelius reviews show that you can access employment public records, reverse address lookup, and other phone number details and people search data.

These can reveal an applicant’s employment history over a certain period of time, as well as their current or previous employers’ opinions on their performance and likelihood of future success. Employers may also access an applicant’s references and verify their identity as part of this process.

One of the most concerning bits of information a background check can uncover is a person’s criminal record. Criminal checks comb through various sources, from federal and state databases to police and records. By law, employers must obtain the applicant’s written permission before conducting a criminal background check.

Finally, checks often include a search for financial information such as bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and collection accounts past simple search engine platforms. This can reveal if an individual is having difficulty managing debt or if they are likely to make late payments on rent or any other financial obligations.

A background check from one of the leading background check service providers can provide potential landlords, employers, and other organizations a holistic view of an individual’s past and current status. Intelius reviews show you can do a reverse address lookup to learn more about potential employees.

While some of this information can be publicly accessible, it is important to remember that employers and other entities must adhere to certain privacy laws and respect the applicant’s right to know how their information is being collected and used.

Reasons Why People Do A Background Check

The internet has made doing checks easier than ever before. You can now find information about an individual or a company with a few clicks of your mouse. A background check is useful to employers, lenders, and other organizations to uncover a person’s history.

Here we look at five of the primary reasons people do a background check:

1. Pre-employment Screening

The primary reason companies do a people search check is to verify the identity and work history of potential employees. With the rise of identity theft and fraud becoming more prevalent, it is essential to ensure the person applying for a job is who they say they are. A background check is a cost-effective way to ensure the candidate has the qualifications they claim to have.

2. Criminal History

A background check can reveal the history and past offenses applicants commit. Most employers want to ensure their employees don’t have a criminal record which could lead to further trouble. Employers want to protect their company from potential liabilities, or harm employees may bring.

3. Education Verification

Applicants must prove they have the required education for the position in many industries. A background check can uncover if someone has falsified their educational qualifications or has omitted information.

4. Employment Reference Checks

Employers may choose to conduct reference checks on potential employees to ensure they are a suitable fit. It can also reveal any complaints or red flags that have been made against their previous employment.

5. Financial Viability

Some employers may also carry out a financial check of their potential employees. This can check their credit score, confirm past debt, uncover discrepancies in wages and other benefits, and other items related to their financial history.

Is Intelius Legit?

Intelius Premier is one of the most popular background check companies that allow people to search for information about other populations. It has gained traction with numerous people looking to learn more about the people around them, either for safety reasons or for conducting deeper checks on a person. Of course, the premier service is another Intelius cost to take into account.

The company has both brick and mortar presence with offices in multiple countries around the world and also an online platform for customers to carry out their search activities. Intelius has a dedicated team of professionals that work round the clock to provide customers with the best services and ensure their privacy and security.

Intelius Premier takes all the necessary steps to ensure its customers’ data is kept safe and secure. They have numerous security protocols, such as data encryption, two-factor authentication, and secure server infrastructure. Intelius conducts its searches with the help of its staff and also with a huge database of public records through criminal record search help.

They use data from sources such as court records, driver’s license records, birth records, and more. Intelius premier also uses multiple partnerships with other organizations, like direct marketing research and public access information. Intelius also uses data feeds from county, state, and federal government agencies to ensure that the details provided are accurate and updated.

You can contact their customer support to learn more about ‘Intelius reputable’ search systems. If you’re wondering, “is Intelius accurate?” the company keeps an up-to-date database of lost contact and location history, among other missing information, including unknown numbers or social media networks.

10 Ways To Protect Your Data

In this digital age, personal data is becoming more and more accessible, leaving all of us open to exploitation by malicious individuals and organizations. Having our information used without our consent is a major concern, as it can lead to direct financial losses, identity theft, and other more serious implications. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself from such a fate.

Here are the ten most important ways to protect yourself from using your information without consent:

1. Be aware of phishing scams.

Phishing scams are among the most common ways malicious individuals will attempt to obtain your personal information. Be sure to be aware of the types of scams out there, so you can be prepared if you ever encounter one.

2. Monitor your accounts.

Regularly checking your personal accounts (bank, credit cards, investment, etc.) will allow you to quickly identify any suspicious activity that may have taken place or any unauthorized transactions that have been made.

3. Limit the amount of personal information you share online.

You should only share information that is absolutely necessary, especially on social media platforms. Remember, any data you make public can easily be taken and used without your consent.

4. Install anti-malware software.

This software will go a long way in keeping your computers secure and protect you from malicious software that can steal your information.

5. Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

Using passwords that are difficult to guess and two-factor authentication, wherever possible, will help ensure that only you can access your personal accounts.

6. Use encryption.

Encrypting important documents and data will protect said documents from being easily accessed by unauthorized parties.

7. Shred your documents.

If you’re getting rid of sensitive documents, it’s best to shred them before disposing of them. This will ensure that the information can’t be easily retrieved. 8. Be mindful of online activities. Be careful not to click suspicious links, and be aware of what sites you visit and what information you input.

9. Invest in a secure paper shredder.

Buying a secure paper shredder (one that shreds paper into tiny pieces) is a great way to make sure that any documents that need to be disposed of won’t be of any use to an unauthorized person.

10. Always opt out of public directories.

If you can opt out of public directories, do it. This will ensure that your information isn’t available to anyone who comes across it. You can contact customer support to remove your online data from free reports or fine print.

Contact Erase Mugshots

In this day and age, it’s important to protect one’s records online from being abused or from falling into the wrong hands. This process can be challenging since it requires professional data removal from the deepest and darkest parts of the internet. If your personal details are on the web, careful monitoring for threats to your reputation is often required as well.

Learn more about how to remove negative content online by calling 866-601-6803 . If you need help protecting your privacy online, contact us now.



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