Criminal Records: What They Are And How They Affect Your Online Presence

October 13, 2021

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Life is not always everything we’d planned it to be. We sometimes find ourselves in the middle of troubling intersections, not knowing which choice is best for our future. We may act impulsively and commit inconsiderate acts, without regard to others’ sense of safety, privacy, or well-being.


In a nutshell, premeditated or not, this is how crimes and misdemeanors happen. This is how criminal records are born, and this is how life paths can end up being changed forever.


But what are criminal records after all, and what are the implications of having one appear online? Read this article to find out how having a criminal record may impact your life forever and what you can do to remove yours from the Internet.


What Are Criminal Records Anyway?

Before we can take a closer look at the ins and outs of criminal records, you should understand what constitutes a criminal record in the first place. 


A criminal record is the formal record of the offenses you’ve been convicted of after being found guilty or, as in some rarer cases, you’ve pleaded guilty yourself.


In the US, you’ll find that each state has its own law regarding criminal records and the length of time needed before they can be wiped off. In some states, your criminal history will be cleared after 7 years. In others, 3 more years will be needed for this. 


What Are The Implications Of Having a Criminal Record?

what are criminal records and do they appear in a background check

Criminal records can weigh heavily on the doer’s personal, social and professional life. This is because they tend to negatively alter the rest of one’s life or at least the years immediately following the conviction. 


If you have a criminal record, it doesn’t really matter if you were guilty or not, or how poorly intended you were when committing the act. All that matters is that having a history of your crimes visible online will affect other people’s perceptions of you.


Not only will a criminal record impact your ability to fit in the society as easily as you did before. But with criminal records available online to the general public, it means that the police, prosecutors, courts, landlords, and employers can all gain access to your criminal history. In fact, no person is exempt from this, and anyone can be routinely checked.


Looking for a new job? You might be required by your potential employer to provide them with a complete background check. Employers may either directly ask you this or proceed to perform a background check right off the bat.


Most companies will want to check a new employee’s criminal history record as a routine procedure before allowing them to join the company. This is a way of ensuring that the new hire will not bring unpleasant challenges in the work environment and threaten the safety of the other employees.


Where Can I Find Criminal Records For Free?

As we all know, the internet is massive. It delivers answers to most of our questions, and surprisingly or not, it also hosts most of our criminal records. Basically, if you’ve ever been arrested, anyone performing a criminal background check on you will see all your wrong deeds easily. 


Still, some arrest records can only be seen with the help of the local law enforcement agency that conducted the arrest. Or with the courthouse from the jurisdiction where it took place.


Background checks like this are not exactly free, but they are not expensive either. The additional fees required to unearth criminal records are:

  • Fees related to copying the information
  • Fees confirming that your check is certified and authorized. After all, this is a service that involves at least one or two institutions — law enforcement agencies to be exact — so a small fee to pay considering everything.


What Is The Best Site For Tracking Criminal Records?

Now that the industry has expanded — and with more ways to obtain anyone’s data — some websites provide both accurate information and good customer interaction:

1. Truthfinder has earned quite the reputation of returning trustworthy information among its users. Offering a wide variety of search options, it has a great mobile/web interface that includes very detailed reports. You will certainly find the criminal records you want on this site.

2. Instant Checkmate 

This platform boasts over 1.5 billion total searches and can offer you anything from state/county records to national court records. With Instant Checkmate, all you need is the person’s name, and you’re all set to find out tremendous information about them. The best part about it is that they’ll never know.

3. Intelius

The anonymous search offered by Intelius is both affordable and very effective. You can find out plenty of information about your person of choice, while also interacting with a user-friendly interface.


How About Removing Your Background Check?

There’s no way to go around it. Background checks are a pain to go through, especially if you know they’ll return results you would rather keep to yourself. Criminal records can put a damper on your life, and even ruin everything for you. If you let them, that is.


But have you ever thought about the possibility of removing your online arrest files?


At, we can help you restore your privacy by removing your mugshots and arrest records fast without hassle.


If you don’t act, your criminal record can be wiped clean, but only after at least 7 years. Or you can also put yourself through the painstaking process of attempting to get your record expunged.


By reaching out to us, you won’t need to wait or suffer while opportunities pass you by. After all, this is your chance to live your life to its fullest, regardless of what happened in the past.


If this sounds like something that could help improve your life, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will make this heavy criminal burden melt away.


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