How To Remove Florida Mugshots From The Internet

June 28, 2021

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What are Florida mugshots? And, how can these unwanted arrest records hurt you?


After you are booked, your information, including mugshots, charges, and fingerprints, is entered into a public database. While the process is similar in most Florida counties, mugshots are managed differently in each one. 


But no matter where you are, it’s important to know the mugshot removal process. 


Florida Mugshots 

For the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, all booking information — like mugshots is managed by the Criminal Justice Information Services Division.  


Every jail across the state collects mugshots. And with the Freedom of Information Act, nearly anyone can request that information for almost any reason. Believe it or not, lawmakers passed the FOIA to keep citizens informed on government actions. 


Unfortunately, it also allows anyone and everyone access to online mugshots, criminal records, and other sensitive information. 


All branches of government acknowledge that the Freedom of Information Act plays a vital role in democracy. 


To uphold that, Florida passed The Florida Sunshine Law, which helps guarantee the public’s right to access government agency information and data. 


This covers any form of public record, including papers, letters, videos, photos, and more. And with millions of documents in the system, the public has a feast of options to choose from. 


Florida Mugshots And The County Sheriff’s Office Reports

Florida’s overall crime rate is slightly higher than the national average. In fact, counties like Miami-Dade, Hillsborough, and Broward complete over 50,000 arrests each year.  


In 2017, the state of Florida alone made over 700,000 total arrests. More than 30,000 of these arrests were for violent crimes, including rape, aggravated assault, robbery, and murder.  


Police reports describe encounters with police and other law enforcement in great detail. Such information often has an outsized influence on court cases and helps judges make well-informed decisions. 


Are Mugshots Public Records In Florida?

Because arrest information in Florida is available to the public, it’s not surprising that on a fast search of your first or last name you might find your mugshot on a website such as


To this day, data aggregate sites crawl the web to collect mugshots so that they can charge a fee for removal.  


Whether you want a better job or a first date, your online reputation has an impact. And because so many recruiters look at your background online, your mugshots can prevent you from landing the jobs, education, and housing opportunities you deserve.  


Removing your negative online footprint helps reduce the damage while keeping your life running smoothly. 


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There’s No Free Florida Removal Mugshots Process

Although most mugshot websites like charge to remove your mugshot made in Florida, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  


First, get in contactt with each website posting your mugshot and submit a removal request. 


Second, be sure to remove your mugshot from each site fast. Remember! The longer your mugshot is online, the better chance it will spread.  


The Legal Way To Remove Florida Mugshots

If you qualify for expungement, the court will seal your case from public view. This means removing the case from your record as though the arrest never happened.  


Depending on your state laws, providing mugshot websites an order of expungement may force them to take down your mugshot. 


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Get Your Florida Mugshot Removed With Us!

If you’re having trouble removing online mugshots by yourself, it may be time for an online reputation company. 


The right firm will provide a proven removal process delivered by a team of experienced removal specialists


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