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July 4, 2021

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How To Remove Yourself From places itself as a crime-fighting tool for arrest record search that presents a valuable database of data concerning arrest reports to the public, such as criminal records. Nevertheless, several websites seem to be openly aligned more with amusements purposes and revenue from advertisements.


For instance, on, the removal process does not have an exact mugshot removal method. This remains constant even after the offender’s allegations and charges, including both criminal and civil charges, have been dropped or dismissed. 


90% of our clients’ charges were dropped, dismissed, sealed, and/or expunged. You have options, let us help. 


The only data provided on the website in regards to how to remove yourself from are located on the CONTACT page…it simply states: “Please direct all inquiries to, [email protected].” Not much to go off of. 



If you read through the fine print beneath’s contact information, you are also prompted by a disclaimer stating that the site owners are not responsible for inaccurate information published.  


Furthermore, continue to say that individuals published on their website are not necessarily convicted of any crimes. This is where most confusion stems from, as people viewing these mugshots automatically assume the worst.


Is Legitimate?

The webmasters also refuse to claim any responsibility for user posts, even though having arrest records or mugshot online can be detrimental to the overall success of an individual. So, by not posting the outcome, this leaves almost everyone having to explain what happened. For example, when they apply for a job, loan, or are even trying to date online.


Knowing how to access arrest records and remove yourself from begins by understanding how mugshot sites sell themselves. The good news is that you don’t need a federal government agency or any law enforcement agencies to find arrest records; you can do it yourself with an internet connection and a few minutes of your time. 


Many sites state they are performing a public service by “informing the public.” Therefore, this is a total crock. These website owners operate out of the comfort of their own homes, simply looking for additional streams of income. 


Unfortunately, it comes at the expense of many innocent individuals who may not have sufficient means of procuring those funds. 


Still, anyone who visits arrest will see it is intended for entertainment purposes. 


They even include hashtag categories for users to tag offenders.


mugshot of dog Opt-Out List Of Tags

  • Beat Up
  • Grills
  • Hotties
  • Transgender
  • Celebrity
  • Hair
  • Scary
  • Wino
  • Handicap
  • Hunks
  • Tatted-up
  • WTF 


The fact of the matter is simple. If was operating, as they claim and mean, to help society, wouldn’t you think those tags would be more informative? How does tagging an individual as “WTF” tell the people in the community anything? 


Better yet, how about the tag “Celebrity”? This is click-baiting users! 99% of the time, none of those tagged as a celebrity is indeed a celebrity. 


On top of this controversial way of classifying offenders, the footnote sections are comparable to the wild west. This is for the simple reason that the opinions, and generally crude and lewd behaviors, are left more often than positive remarks.


Users can view particular mugshot photos or an arrest record and make comments that are then highlighted on the homepage of These comments are typically inappropriate, harmful, and very graphic. 


When it comes to knowing how to remove yourself from mugshot sites, such as mugshots, first you should know what you are going up against.


woman with blouse pulled over head

How Large Is is the holding domain for a vast amount of county/state-specific websites located everywhere in the US. These sites capture, manage and publish unrestricted mugshots of uncountable individuals.


These subsidiary websites can be found by state. However, the website is only limited when it comes to publishing. Some states distribute mugshots and arrest reports more lightly than others. The mugshots accessible on have a great chance at ranking within the top spots on Google for that specific offender’s name. 


The thought process is that all of this data is available to any person. All they have to do is a little digging. 


In conclusion, websites such as, Alabama, arrest org Indiana, arrests org Kentucky, Utah, and so on, make mugshot and arrest photos instantly accessible amongst search results.


Yet, offenders that were never convicted, had their charges overturned, were pardoned by the judge, or completed their mandated sentencing, will still suffer. Getting arrested is one thing, but being punished further after you’ve resolved your matters with the courts is a whole other story. 


Nevertheless, certain mugshot publication domains such as or Florida continue to work with companies specializing in removal services. Essentially, this secondary company typically referred to as online reputation or public relations agencies will charge you to remove your mugshot. Mugshot removal efforts are different for everyone, there is no flat fee.


How Much Does It Cost To Remove Yourself From

Cost depends on the severity of the charges, if there was a conviction, whether the charges were dropped/dismissed/or expunged, and the date on which the incident occurred. Older crimes are easier to remove. 


The fee to remove yourself from and other mugshot sites like Indiana can range from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand, depending on how extensive your criminal record is. 


While there is a likelihood that this will solve your issue for a short while, sadly, this is not a recommended strategy to ensure long-term stability. Moreover, if you spend money to have your criminal details and mugshot photo removed, there’s a chance that another website will still have it. 


It is very important to keep in mind that just because you pay for one website does not mean ALL of your mugshots and arrest records search results will be removed online. When an individual is arrested (depending on the state) it can be typically found on public record databases or roughly 5-10 distinct websites, which may include Mississippi, Florida, and so on. 


Make sure you ask for guarantee policies from anyone you receive a proposal from. 


Here at EraseMugshots, we guarantee a successful mugshot removal, and if anything should reappear, you never have to spend another dime. You are covered by us. You will pay a one-time fee, we will remove your mugshots, and afterward, we part way while continuously monitoring your online name forever. Removal: Alternative Strategies

With decades of expertise serving our clients, our reputation specialists have improved our craft for how we strategically combat negative publications online (i.e. mugshots). It is always important to remain proactive online.


Never wait until something happens before you take action. Build your safety net and learn how to remove yourself from today with EraseMugshots. 


4 Methods To Remove Yourself From

1. Eliminate Google Issues Under Your Control

Start by tackling what is under your control and can be taken down. This is the first idea that you need to look at while working to develop a positive online presence for yourself if a mugshot removal is not possible. 


Next, do a full audit of yourself on all major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). Next, remove any posts that you control that may affect your reputation. These could be embarrassing photos or posts from college you still have on your social media profiles.


2. Publish Positive Information About Yourself

Next, you can shift your efforts towards publishing as much positive information about yourself as you can. Seeing as you are attempting to remove or suppress content, you will need to procure and publish mass amounts of content for a few months. 


Your personal reputation management efforts should be true and connected to your desired end goal. Focus on promoting yourself in a positive light and, over time, you will see things shift. Slowly but surely.


3. Create Your Own Website

After you have established a strong base of profiles, you can focus on creating a personalized website. You have to build emphatic content to protect your reputation from anything deemed “harmful.”


4. Constantly Monitor Your Online Reputation

While building decisive and appropriate information is an ongoing process, you must additionally monitor your online reputation by tracking changes within the search arrest records results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


In addition to observing the development and removal/suppression progress of your mugshot from, you have to be on the lookout for other negatives. So make sure you routinely monitor and check back in on your search results over time. States (Georgia Removal)

Also, make sure to consider the specific states that are available within’s database. 


This interface only features data from specific states that release mugshots online


Instead of arguing for the public’s right to information or invoking the freedom of information act, ensures that they can’t be charged with violating any of these rulings.


If you find your mugshot on a mugshot site you’re probably going to want to sign up for removal services ASAP.


Learn how to remove yourself from and other mugshot sites the right way. Approach your personal brand holistically and leverage profiles that you control to showcase your assets. 



How Do I Delete a Mugshot?

Regrettably, you cannot solely opt to remove yourself from In many states, mugshots and arrest reports are considered public records. Therefore, these are available on the web.


Nevertheless, you can always attempt to email the owner of directly ([email protected]). The odds are narrow in terms of running in your favor.


Here at EraseMugshots, we recommend that you concentrate your energy on creating a powerful personal brand online that encompasses your achievements while suppressing any negative images. 


How Can I Disable Comments On My Mugshot From

Regrettably, you can’t tamper with comments directly through the site. We suggest not engaging with other users in this discussion section. 


Alternatively, we recommend that you concentrate your efforts on social media management and information that you control. Stop wasting time working on winning a losing battle, start posting!


Why Is My Mugshot Showing Up On Multiple Sites?

Mugshot publication websites such as collect data from government databases that disclose such information as it is regarded as public record.  


Hence, even if you get to remove your mugshot, there will likely be other sites publishing your information.


We like to call this a whack-a-mole situation, which is why it is best to seek professional help. The last thing you want to be doing is chase your own tail around only to find another mugshot time and time again.


How Long Before My Mugshot Disappears?

Unfortunately, your criminal record and mugshots do not disappear on their own. 


Nonetheless, as you begin to grow your reputation online, you’ll realize that information that you control will start to rank on Google. When learning how to remove yourself from, remember, this is the goal! The more distant down in rankings, the less likely someone is to view it.


While the mugshot may not completely disappear, you will begin to see more positive and relevant information overtake it over time.


What States Does Cover? highlights data from states that follow open record laws. Below we’ve described the regions covered on sites by state

The Alabama database has improved significantly over the last few years. Extending the reach of arrestees from 5 to 18 different counties.

There are 4 independent divisions on the page (Cochise, Maricopa, Mohave, and lastly, Pinal).

Arkansas is one of the more unrestricted states on Arkansas’ subdomain comprises a total of 23 counties.

There are only 7 counties listed on the California page. This is due to an increase in state legislatures in the previous few years. California is cracking down on mugshot websites. Although they rarely post the image, they continue to post what the arrest was about (i.e., alleged charges).

Colorado may be one of the smallest databases on If you live in the state of Colorado, you can review the results online for yourself. However, the chances are slim to none that you will find what you’re looking for. 

*this does not mean these individuals are not located on other websites.

The Florida database broadcasts 52 counties which heavily boosts the likelihood of finding your Florida arrest records or mugshot online.

If you were arrested in Florida, there is a 99.9% chance your mugshot and/or Florida arrest record is on the internet. This also means that your mugshot has a great chance of being picked up by another website. If you were arrested in Florida, we highly advise you to take advantage of our FREE REMOVAL ANALYSIS to pinpoint what websites you are specifically located on.

Covering 37 different counties, Georgia’s records rank highly with the number of total mugshot publications per day across the nation.

There are just four counties located on Idaho’s page. Great news if you were ever arrested in Idaho. (Counties: Ada, Bingham, Canyon, and Elmore County).

Even though the Illinois page only lists a handful of counties, it ranks the highest in engagement. This is unfortunate for those listed here as their mugshots are more than likely to rank first on Google.

Indiana’s page includes 24 counties and has some moderately ongoing engagement within their listings. Just as in Illinois, if you were arrested in Indiana, there is a great chance your mugshot can be found with hardly any searching needed.

Only eight counties are included in the Iowa database with moderate activity from visitors.

The Kansas page is made up of 9 counties. However, Kansas publications have little to no engagement amongst posts.

There are a whopping 70 counties found on Kentucky’s database. Therefore, eEven though Kentucky reports a plethora of counties the level of engagement amongst these publications is generally minimal.

Amongst the 19 counties reports for Louisiana we see lower than average engagement. So if you are located on there is a chance your mugshot publication may not be found as easily.

Maine only reports mugshot publications for the county of Somerset. Extremely low publication and engagement levels throughout the entire state of Maine.

Allegany and St. Mary’s County. The only counties in Maryland that report regular arrest data.

Furthermore, Michigan lists a total of 7-counties. This includes a lower-than-average amount of user engagement and activity.

There are a total of 26 counties within Minnesota’s database that includes average amounts of activity and comments on their mugshot publications.

The Mississippi page has a total of 19 counties although there are very low activity and engagement.

23-counties listed Missouri. This state also sees higher levels of engagement.

Missoula and Ravalli. The only two counties listed in Montana.

Gage, Lincoln, and Sarpy are the only counties listed in Nebraska. In addition, these pages yield extremely low amounts of traffic and user engagement. has removed this Page. So if anything changes we will update this portion of this blog.

Essex, Ocean, Salem, and Sussex. The only reported counties in the state of New Jersey.

With above-average activity and comments across all listings, therefore, New Mexico offers 5 distinct counties of mugshot listings free to the public.

With 30 counties listed, North Carolina also experiences heightened levels of engagement.

36 counties are listed under the Ohio database with superb interactions with users across all of their listings.

With 11 different counties, Oklahoma experiences moderate levels of engagement amongst its users.

Oregon has 18-counties listed in total, with higher than average levels of engagement.

So, seeing as Pennsylvania also has laws about publications, there are only 7 counties listed for these states. All of which experience less than adequate levels of engagement.

Discover 22 divisions in South Carolina’s page. Whereas these publications receive high levels of interaction.

With 20 counties and lots of engagement, Tennessee is another state that you want to avoid being arrested in. Typically tourist locations tend to publish more mugshots than the average county.

Texas covers 51-countries in total. However, the activity level on each listing is actually much lower than what you’d expect.

You can find a total of 7 different counties listed on Utah’s page. However, there are low levels of engagement throughout all listings of mugshots.

Virginia database covers 13 total counties. So these listings have significantly above-average activity and engagement from the visitors. Visit VA today to find respective records.

Therefore, with extremely low levels of engagement amongst the 10 different counties listed. West Virginia rarely publishes mugshots online.

So, there are simply 6 different counties within Wisconsin’s listing. Engagement levels over the state database are somewhat higher than average.

Goshen, Sweetwater, as well as Teton County. So the only counties listed for the state of Wyoming. 


Want to learn how to remove yourself from for good? Start with your FREE REMOVAL ANALYSIS today!


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