Jail Booking Process Guide

July 1, 2020

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The Booking Process

“Booked and processed.” You hear it all the time on late-night legal dramas. But do you know what it actually means?

The police booking process is how officials collect and record information about suspects. That information is entered and saved in a government database where anyone can access it at any time.

A one-time problem right? Unfortunately, many don’t know the long-term consequences of being arrested and believe it is not as bad as it seems.

In this article, you will learn about what to expect when during processing and the potential long-term effects of an arrest.


Arrests & Jail Booking Process

According to the Fourth Amendment, police may only arrest you when there’s probable cause to believe you committed a crime.

Generally, probable cause requires more than mere suspicion. Yet, it does not require proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

The rule is based on specific facts that would lead a reasonable person to believe in the suspect’s guilt. This rule limits the power of the police to deprive people of freedom and liberty.

What Happens Before Going to Jail

After an arrest, a law enforcement officer will gather and report the identification of the suspect.

Before proceeding, the suspect typically undergoes a medical screening to address any medical or physical needs. This testing provides the nurses insight into any medical help they might need.

The officer then passes on the suspect’s info to the warrants department and performs a record check for prior warrants or charges.

Next, they check to see if the individual was born outside of the United States and make proper, well-informed decisions.



Are There Full Body Searches During the Jail Booking Process?

For safety’s sake, officers usually require suspects to remove all articles of clothing and submit to a full-body search.

And as with any search, there are strict rules that govern the process.

Laws vary by state, but generally, officers conduct strip searches in private.


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Strip searches are one of the most intrusive police procedures. If you feel your rights have been violated, you should request an attorney immediately.


Jail Booking Process & Storing Private Property

Depending on the department, the suspect may receive a uniform after surrendering their personal items.

Police typically process your property for safekeeping. Usually, they return it to you after your release.

If the police believe your property may be evidence in an ongoing case, they will likely hold it longer.


Collecting Personally Identifiable Information

Once the police submit the necessary documents, they will collect personal information about you and enter it into their database.

This usually includes things like mugshots, fingerprints, and DNA samples.

The database provides police officers a reliable resource to identify criminals.

Where Do You Go After the Jail Booking Process?

If you can’t afford bail or have trouble finding help; you have to remain in custody.

Arrestees stay until they resolve their case or they serve the ordered jail time.

This part is important. After all, you wouldn’t want a violent individual with the general population.

That is why there may be different levels of housing for each facility. Officials clean jail cells often, but in no way is it comfortable.

Long Term Effects of An Arrest

The booking process can be long and stressful. So can the long-term effects of an online mugshot. Not only is the experience overwhelming, but it doesn’t end once you’re free to go.

Because your arrest record is public information, anyone with a computer can access your mugshot. And mugshot sites crawl the internet daily for people’s mugshots and feature them on their platform.

And while you can make a mugshot removal request, you should expect to pay a fee. Sure, why not pay to remove your personal information?

What’s worse: the problem isn’t just a single website. Because your data is widely accessible, there may be hundreds of sites reposting your information.

But though it may seem hopeless, you have negative content removal options to repair and protect your reputation.


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