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How to Find Mugshots Online

July 25, 2018

How to Find Mugshots Online

What You Should Know First

In 2018, there are minimal laws set in place to protect those who were arrested. Typically we view these people as “criminals” or generally bad individuals. When it comes to the use of public information, many sites are protected under the FOIA. The Freedom of Information Act grants permission for anyone in the general public to republish records. This may seem crazy, anybody can go to the county offices and collect a copy of your criminal record. They can even post this information on Facebook or Instagram because, technically, this is factual information and not defamation or liable. Not every state allows arrest records to be easily accessed and that is why you may have noticed states like Pennsylvania or Oregon rarely publish mugshots online. There are many ways you can quickly find mugshots online. Do you have an arrest record? Have you Googled yourself lately?

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Public Databases and Google

Today, we live in an age where technology is rapidly advancing. Say goodbye to the times where mail was the primary source of communication. Many sheriff websites will openly display arrestee information so you do not even have to make contact with them. This is how many third-party sites like or collect the information currently displayed. With the use of modern day software and scraping tools, hundred of records can be collected in no time at all.

How to find mugshots online is fairly simple if you are tech savvy, but more often than not we see our clients struggling to locate them each day. There are a few websites that show the “most” arrests in specific areas. All you need is the first and last name. In Florida any time an individual is arrested they are likely to appear on about 10 different websites (aside from the county office).

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Google. This search engine is a gold mine for finding anything online as you should know by now. To locate an arrest simply type in that person’s name, followed by the word ‘arrest’. Most of the time (depending on how unique the name is) you should see instant results under the ‘IMAGES’  tab. If you do not, try adding in a middle name or the city/state where the arrest occurred. For example, if your name is John Smith it may be hard to find a mugshot easily. Try searching for “John Daniel Smith arrest Mecklenburg North Carolina” if this does not prompt any results you may be in the clear. To double check, give EraseMugshots a call for a FREE ANALYSIS where we will uncover EVERY website online. In addition, we guarantee our work 100% so if we fail or something reappears you receive a full refund.

Find mugshots online

Mugshots Online? Here’s What to do Next

Finally, you have located a few different websites that have published your information. Your next question is probably, how do I contact them? There is rarely a phone number or address on these sites so this part may take some extra effort. Over the past 7 years, we have been in and out of the courtroom with these site owners in efforts to provide the cheapest and most efficient service for our clients. If your case has been expunged or dismissed and you are seeing records online, this may be immediate grounds for removal.

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