How to Remove Yourself from the Internet

February 18, 2020

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If you are reading this, it’s likely that your private info is online and available to the public. Learn how to remove yourself from the internet with a few easy steps.

So, how does deleting yourself from the internet prevent businesses from obtaining your public records?

Unfortunately, you may never remove yourself entirely on the web. But there are ways to minimize your digital footprint and limit your online information.

Below are a few methods to do exactly that.



1. Remove Ranking Social Media Profiles

Consider which social networks you have profiles on. Which shopping sites are you a member of? The most common are Amazon, eBay and other eCommerce sites.

To eliminate those accounts, visit your account settings and seek a way to deactivate, close or remove your accounts. Based on the accounts, you might discover this option under Privacy, Security or something similar.

If you have difficulty with a specific account, consider searching for “The way to delete, then” followed by the title of the account you want to delete. It will likely be easy to locate directions on the best way to delete each specific account.

If for any reason you can’t delete an account, mask your information by changing your records. At the end of the day, when it comes to finding negative information on the internet, it’s important to erase it quickly.

And ff you do not control the data, reach out to an online privacy firm for help.

2. Remove Yourself From Data Collection Websites

There are businesses out there that gather your information. Search yourself on those websites and deal with each website separately to remove your info.

The dilemma is that the process for finding information differs by website. Occasionally, you may have to send a fax or fill out actual paperwork. Wait, what year is that, again?

Be warned: If you delete yourself from people-search sites, you most certainly eliminate yourself from Google search results. This will likely make it tough for people to locate you.

Fortunately, we provide DIY guides to delete yourself from every individual information broker. That is if you want to do it yourself.


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3. Remove Your Personal Data from Third-Party Websites

If you want to eliminate an old article or embarrassing blog you wrote way back when, you will need to speak to the webmaster of each site. You may either look in the About Us or Contacts section to learn the ideal person to contact. You may also visit and hunt for the domain you want to contact.

Unfortunately, website operators are under no obligation to delete your posts. So, when calling these websites, be considerate and clearly say why you want to remove the post in question. Hopefully, they will follow through and erase it. Hire a Reputation defender 


4. Remove Personal & Private Information

If you find sensitive data like a Social Security or bank account number online, and the webmaster won’t take it down, it may help to petition Google.

This removal process can take a while, and there is no guarantee it will work. But, it is also one of the best remedies when you’re in a vulnerable situation.

5. Work to Remove or Suppress Unwanted Search Results

Let’s say there is a page featuring personal info that you’d love to delete. This could be something like your previous employer’s personnel webpage, months after you have changed jobs. You can reach out to make them upgrade the webpage.

But stop being embarrassed about how you look online. We can always fix this for you!

Here is where search result removal comes in. Submit the URL to Google in hopes it will delete the search result. There is no guarantee Google will get rid of the information, but it is well worth the attempt.

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6. Delete Your Email & Create a New One

Based on the email accounts you have, the number of measures this will require will undoubtedly change.

Sign in to each account and find the option to close or delete the account. Some accounts will remain open for some period of time, meaning you may reactivate them if needed.

An email address is essential to complete the preceding steps. So, be certain this one is the final.

Last Thoughts on How to Remove Yourself from the Internet

Don’t forget to be patient when moving through this procedure, and do not expect to finish it in one day. You can also need to accept that there are a number of things you will not have the ability to permanently remove from the internet.

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