How To Remove Items From Your Background Check: What You Need To Know

Haunted by the past? Learn how to remove items from a background check and restore your good name today.   It makes sense that landlords, employers, and lenders want to see background reports before deciding who to lease, hire, and lend money…


October 6, 2021

Arrest Records, Mugshots

How Long Do Mugshots Stay Online?

If you were arrested recently only to find your mugshot on the internet, you may be justifiably wondering how long do mugshots stay online.   The sad truth is that a mugshot can be online for years. And, what’s worse: they are…


Does Your Criminal Record Clear After 7 Years? Here’s The Answer

Does your criminal record clear after 7 years? And does a misdemeanor show up on a background check after 7 years? Read on and find out.   Imagine yourself to be an honest, law-abiding person that has committed an insignificant offense at…


What Is Mylife Reputation Score?

Have you ever heard of the MyLife reputation score range? If you haven’t, it’s our aim to inform you of what it is and how your online and offline reputation can change in a snap if ever impacted by it.   The…


How To Expunge a Criminal Record

A criminal record can create serious difficulties along the way, whether it is for having been arrested, convicted, or both. The question might come up in a job or rental application, and employers and landlords might be reluctant to associate with someone…


How Do You Find Out Someone’s Bail?

If someone you know is arrested, you might get one of those harrowing phone calls where they ask you to bail them out. It’s great that they have you to call, but if you’re going to try to help, there is work…


How to Find Out if Someone Is Bonded Out of Jail

Learn how to find out if someone is bonded out of jail and how to remove arrest records from the web fast.    Did you know that every single arrest in the United States is a matter of public record? There are…


How Do I Get Something Expunged Off My Record?

Asking “how do I get something expunged off my record?” Knowing the process is key to cleaning up your reputation and your online image. Contact us today to learn more.   Here in the United States, unfortunately, we have developed an attitude…


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