Why Are Some Mugshots Not Online?

Every day, people are arrested. Many of these arrests are for minor violations. And plenty of them are false arrests. For some categories, only 45 percent of arrests lead to a conviction.

Despite this, arrest records can stick around for a long time. A person falsely arrested or never convicted might find their mugshot online years after the incident.

Online mugshots can hurt your career, personal life and well-being. At the same time, there are convicted felons out there, and their records aren’t available anywhere.

So, why does this discrepancy exist? And why are mugshots ever published online?

Why Are Some Mugshots Not Online?

If you do a quick Google search, you find plenty of websites that list mugshots of people arrested in your area. These directories have multiple purposes.

In some cases, they help with public awareness and help authorities track missing, dangerous individuals. In others, they simply create problems for people arrested at some point.

Regardless, you’ll find there are thousands of people who have faced arrest and don’t appear in these directories. So, why are some mugshots not online?

The answer to this question runs deeper than you might imagine. It’s a complicated concept and when you know more about it, you’ll understand the best way to remove your mugshot from any of these sites.

Are Mugshots Public Record?

In short, yes. Mugshots are part of the public arrest record. Typically speaking, the mugshot is taken during booking, when a person is arrested. This photo is included in the general arrest record, and those records are always available to the public.

In the majority of cases, these records are kept within a county office. For some state and federal arrests, the records will be kept by state or federal authorities.

But Why?

Why are mugshots kept as public records? The reason dates back to the origins of the country. The founders were concerned with accountability for the state, police and courts. So, they included the right to trial into the Constitution and an extension of that was to make arrests public record.

The justification is that it’s harder for the government to unjustly lock someone away if there is a public record of the arrest. Loved ones, journalists and other interested parties can track the record to find everyone who is being held and why.

Mugshots are an extension of this. Since the mugshot is part of the booking process, the picture can be used to confirm who is in jail. It is an important method of accountability for the state.

In the digital age, this method can become a double-edged sword. While it is still important for arrest records to be public, having a mugshot online can have a negative impact on the person arrested, even if they are never convicted. This is why there is a movement to remove mugshots and arrest records from easy public access.

How Long Does It Take Mugshots to Appear Online?

This depends on a number of factors, but it mostly boils down to the efficiency of law enforcement. Not all departments move with the same efficiency, and that is the primary factor in how long it takes records to show up.

If everything is processed efficiently, the mugshot will take an average of 1-3 days to show up on websites. If the county is slow in records processing, it can take longer. Some counties average a full month before the records start showing up online.

Timing can be made worse by Google and other search engines. It can take months for AI to find a particular piece of information and boost its visibility.

For this reason, some mugshots may never be found online, even though the information is public. Other mugshots can show up in a matter of hours. It depends on how the search engines rank the information.

Can You Have Your Mugshot Removed From the Internet?

The answer to this question depends on the state. Each state has its own rules and regulations, and they are mostly split on this particular point.

There are states that prohibit the online publishing of mugshots. If a mugshot is on file in one of those states, third-party websites cannot publish the photos, and violations can lead to fines and prosecution. In states where no such laws exist, third-party sites can publish mugshots, and many charge a fee to remove them.

To remove a mugshot from a website, check your state laws. If any laws are broken, consult with an attorney to remove those pictures.

In a state where these laws are not in effect, the best bet is to contact the party hosting the mugshot. Discuss removal with the site owner. Depending on why they have the information in the first place, that discussion can go in a number of directions. But most sites listing mugshots will ask for money before they take it down.

Get Help Removing Your Mugshot From the Internet

If you or someone you know has a mugshot on the internet, we can help. Contact us today.

We show you how to expunge your photo from all websites so that it won’t plague you. If you want to delete online mugshots, let us help.

How To Remove Items From Background Check: What You Need To Know

Haunted by the past? Learn how to remove items from background check and restore your good name today.

It makes sense that landlords, employers, and lenders want to see background reports before deciding who to lease to, hire and lend money.

Your background report provides an idea of who you are, and helps them understand the likelihood that you’ll stick to your contract.

But while background checks make sense, having an issue with your background report doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It could simply mean that you’re someone who went through a tough time due to circumstances that were out of your control.

Or, it may even mean the information on your background report could even be a mistake.

Even for someone with a clean record, a background check can be nerve-wracking. Even if you pay your bills on time and don’t have a criminal record, mistakes can happen.

Some mistakes (such as a late payment) are unlikely to have any effect on getting a new apartment, job, or loan. But others (such as an arrest) can wreak havoc on your future.

If you have a mistake on your credit report or criminal history, it’s key to understand how to remove items from background check. This allows you to move forward with your life, and seize the opportunities you deserve.

Understanding the Problem: Figuring Out Which Items To Remove

The first part of knowing how to remove items from background check is understanding what you need to remove.

For instance, if an employer won’t offer you a position due to information on your background check, they’re required to tell you exactly why. Should this happen, you can move forward and learn how to combat the issue the next time you apply for work.

If a lender rejects your loan application, they must provide you a written statement explaining the issue behind the decision. Once a year, you can get free copies of your credit report. These can provide the information you need to improve your credit.

Credit Report Corrections

There are many items on your credit report that can hurt opportunities. It’s important to understand how to remove items from background check that can lower your credit score.

Inaccuracies to watch out for include:

  • Paid-off accounts listed as open
  • Identity theft issues, including the appearance of accounts you never opened
  • Negative financial events (such as bankruptcy) that should not show up due to statute of limitations
  • Debts incurred by past spouses

Credit reporting agencies have 30 days to investigate and correct your report after an inquiry. If you notice an inaccuracy and are now applying for a job or loan, inform the person reviewing your application. Then, provide documentation that you reached out to the credit bureau to correct the issue.

Criminal History Corrections

Many jobs require a criminal record check. But clerical issues can often result in mistakes on your criminal history report. It’s key to know how to remove items from background check on your criminal record.

Some common mistakes on criminal history reports include:

  • A lack of information. This may be a record of the arrest without a note that no charge was filed
  • A crime committed by someone with a similar name
  • Expunged/sealed items, even though these issues should not be visible

It’s important that you’re aware of any issues on your criminal history report, You should also know how to remove items from background check. This ensures employers, lenders and landlords have accurate information about your past.

What If Your Background Check Has Correct Negative Information?

It can be hard to move past mistakes when you have correct negative information on your record.

But, there are a few different things that you can do to lessen the impact of negative information, even if you have lingering issues you wish would disappear.

Steps to remove background check info

1. Learn what’s showing up

First, the best thing you can do is be aware of what’s on your background check/ Then, you can let the person viewing the background check hear it from you before finding it on your credit or criminal history report.

When you get in front of the issue and talk to the person directly, you give them a chance to understand the issue from your point of view. When the person finds out from your background check (rather than you), it looks like you may be trying to hide something.

2. Combat negative info with positive data

Secondly, prepare yourself with information that shows how you’ve changed since the incident occurred.

If you have negative information on your credit report and want to get a new apartment, show your potential new landlord records of on-time utility bill and rental payments. Explain what caused the negative information to appear on your report in the first place.

If you have collections accounts on your credit, paying them off (or setting up a payment plan to do so) can show a potential landlord, employer, or lender that you’re taking steps to improve your financial health.

3. Expunge your records

If you have a criminal record, you have a few options. You can work with the court to attempt to seal or expunge your record. Or, you can talk with your potential new landlord, boss, or lender about what happened, and how circumstances are different.

Depending on the crime, circumstances and matters of the case, you can take steps to show you deserve another chance.

How To Remove Items From Background Check: Getting Help

If you noticed inaccuracies on your credit or criminal report, you’re not alone. What’s more: we can help.

It can be tough to try to stay on top of negative information, especially when you’re working hard to get a new job or to move to a new place.

When you reach out to us, we’ll carefully go over your background report and talk with you about what needs to be removed. Our skilled team will go to work to create the reputation that you deserve, helping you to move forward.

Should You Try To Figure Out How To Remove Items From Background Check On Your Own?

While you can try to figure out how to change items on your background check on your own, it’s not a good idea. It’s tough to find every place that negative background information is listed unless you’re a reputation management professional.

Remove negative info and clean up your background checks fast! Contact our Removal Team today to learn more.

How Long Do Mugshots Stay Online?

If you were arrested recently only to find your mugshot on the internet, you may be justifiably wondering how long do mugshots stay online.

The sad truth is that a mugshot can be online for years. And, what’s worse: they are accessible to people you might want to work for, to date or to borrow money from.

We all do things we aren’t proud of. But it’s not fair that your arrest record should stay with you long past your last court date.

Worse, you might never have an opportunity to explain your arrest to someone who sees the mugshot online.

How long do mugshots stay online?

Without anyone taking action, your mugshot and arrest records may remain online indefinitely. And, anyone can find them simply by “Googling” your name.

It’s not crazy or unusual to find such information from events that happened a decade or more ago. The problem is that once Google indexes the information, and third-party websites pick it up, it remains in search results long after the agency that originally posted it removed it from their site.

How long after my arrest can you find my mugshot online?

Your arrest information can show up online in as few as six hours after your arrest. Search engines may then index that image in 1-5 days. And once it’s indexed, employers and lenders can find your photo easily after a quick search of your name.

Is it illegal to post mugshots online?

Since arrest information is part of the public record, it’s not illegal (in most states) to post such information online.

A few states prohibit the posting of mugshots and arrest information by third-party websites. These include California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Obviously, that still leaves 37 others.

How can I get my mugshot removed?

Once search engines index your arrest information, it can be difficult to remove all online traces yourself.

This is because there are dozens of third-party websites that specialize in arrest information and mugshots. They grab public information from local, state and federal websites and repost that information on their own URL.

What’s in it for them? Well, money, of course. These sites lure in curiosity seekers and those Googling names of arrestees using Google Ads and other, similar ads that earn them referral dollars.

You can try to remove information from each website by contacting the webmaster and requesting removal. However, there’s no guarantee the site will honor your request.

You can also petition the court to seal your records – or contact search engines like Google and Bing to ask their help.

When you hire us to remove your mugshot from the internet, you get a variety of advanced marketing tools to ensure all traces of your mugshot are gone from the internet and no longer available in search. Our methods work in seven days or less.

And, you don’t have to be concerned about pulling your “good” information from the internet. We leave the stuff you want people to see alone.

Will Google remove mugshots?

Occasionally, Google will help remove information that is already indexed and available to the public via the US Freedom of Information Act. But this type of action is very rare. There should be a compelling reason for search engine companies to take action.

This might be that the information concerns a minor, that the court sealed the records or that you expunged the information. Even in the best scenario, this process can take months.

Should I just pay the website to take it down?

Some mugshot websites take down information for a (rather hefty) fee.

This may succeed in removing your information from that one site. But there’s no guarantee that another third-party site won’t pick it up and post it on their site.

What are the steps to remove my mugshot?

We make it easy to work with us. All you have to do is fill out the convenient form on our website. Then, we contact you within a day to discuss your situation. After that, we give you a free analysis and fee estimate.

If you decide that our service is right for you, we start working on removing your information from the internet right away. The mugshot removal process can take up to five days. Within seven days, all information should be removed from search engines.

How much does it cost to remove a mugshot?

Our fees depend on the amount of information we remove. Obviously, multiple arrests take more time and are more expensive. We let you know upfront how much your mugshot removal project will cost, so you can make an informed decision. We also offer a full money-back guarantee if we don’t deliver complete satisfaction with our service.

You don’t have to wonder indefinitely how long mugshots stay online.

To learn more about removing your mugshot from Google and other online searches, contact us today about a free removal analysis.

11 Common Questions and Answers About Mugshots Texas

In theory, mugshots help law enforcement identify past or repeating offenders. Officials may also use mugshots to help victims identify an assailant. But, when individuals have a photographic record or mugshot Texas found online – even before they’re convicted of a crime – it can cause damage to their reputation, employment, and personal life.

Here, we answer important questions on how to keep your Texas mugshot off of public or private websites. We also show you how to prevent serious and permanent damage to your reputation and remove your mugshot fast.

Q&A Mugshots Texas – What you need to know

Are mugshots public record in Texas?

Following your arrest, the criminal justice system records your personal information, description and fingerprints. Officials also take your mugshot (a part of the booking process). As required by the Texas Public Information Act, a person’s arrest record (including your mugshot) is public record. And, public records are accessible to all US citizens.

But, what happens when the state dismisses the charges – or finds you innocent of the crime? Well, a simple internet search will still reveal your mugshot. Unfortunately, you are subject to hardships simply because their Texas mugshot is still online.

Renting an apartment, obtaining a loan, finding employment, or even getting a date can all be impossible with a mugshot online.

Will my mugshot go away after the charges are dismissed?

If you have criminal charges dismissed, the police department will still have a photographic record of you. And, sometimes police departments may have published your mugshot on one of their law enforcement websites. Legally, they should remove your photo when you’re no longer under investigation or have been cleared of charges.

The problem is this: third-party websites or the search engines like Google may still feature your mugshot on the web. They are under no legal obligation to follow your case or remove your mugshot from their website. And, it is a daunting task to contact every webmaster of all these sites to remove your Texas mugshot.

Can I remove a mugshot from Google, Bing, or Yahoo?

Yes. You can remove your mugshot from search engines. But first, you need to find all search engine records of your picture and arrest record. Then, you can visit each website’s Contact Us page and provide the information that proves the mugshot is yours. The documentation may include a lawful expungement or proof the court dropped the charges.

Often, the easiest way to remove all instances of your mugshots Texas is to hire a professional mugshot removal service. These companies specialize in mugshot and arrest records removal. It doesn’t matter if the charges were dropped, expunged or dismissed. These experts can help remove Google results and go after websites refusing to take down your mugshot.

How do I find and remove old mugshots for free?

You can find and remove old mugshots for free. But remember that some mugshots Texas are easier to find than others.

Here is a list of the places or people to contact to start the removal process:

  • The police department or county sheriff’s office that arrested you
  • Any local news sources that reported on the individual’s crime and posted their mugshot
  • if it was a white-collar crime, you might also find a mugshot posted on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website
  • Make an FOIA request through the Freedom of Information Act to contest records held by law enforcement agencies

Depending on the agency and employees involved, it may be difficult to remove a mugshot from public record. Remember, you need detailed information on the person. This information may include the person’s full name, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number and more.

You may also need detailed information on the nature of the particular crime, including date and location.

Do mugshot guidelines vary by city or county in Texas?

Yes. Everything depends on the city or county in question, as well as the unique process for accessing mugshots. All Texas criminal records are available through the Texas Department of Public Safety website for a small fee. But, these records may not include a mugshot of the individual. Some smaller counties in Texas keep booking photos accessible to the public only by written request.

Some counties publish Texas mugshots online only after the person is convicted. Most of the larger cities and counties in Texas do publish the names and booking photos of all suspects, even before the conviction takes place.

Can online mugshots Texas keep me from getting a job?

In Texas, employers may conduct background checks on job applicants. These typically include both a criminal background check and a credit check. This is because companies can face future legal trouble when they hire workers that have been convicted of crimes like property damage, assault, and of course theft. The bad news is that an employer may find your mugshot even if no conviction took place. And, they may use it as an excuse to not hire you.

While federal and state laws may restrict the release of criminal records, especially those with no conviction – every company has the right to set its own hiring policies. If you have an online mugshot and a criminal record, this could affect your ability to become gainfully employed.

Also remember, many employees do their own Google search on potential employees. So, any social media posts, negative information, and photos associated with your name and state may easily be found.

What is a petition for non-disclosure?

One of the actions that can be taken to clear your name and digital footprint is to file a petition for non-disclosure. This is basically a court order that prevents public entities such as police departments, sheriff’s office, and courts from releasing certain criminal records – including your mugshot. This can be helpful if you have a criminal record, but there are restrictions to how and when it can be used:

  • This is an option if you have completed all court requirements and have been placed on deferred adjudication
  • Minor misdemeanor offenders may be eligible to file immediately following their deferral period.
  • More serious misdemeanors may require you to wait 2 years after completion of your deferral period.
  • If convicted of certain felony offenses, you must wait 5 years from the completion of the deferral period

A deferral period is that time after the defendant has completed probation and the sentence is suspended. But, all stipulations handed down by a judge must be fulfilled for the deferral to take effect. Afterward, the conviction, sentence, and guilty plea can be thrown out.

If I expunge offense my record, will it delete my mugshot?

If your offense is expunged, that means the courts have ordered your personal data concerning the case to be erased from record. Not even law enforcement agencies should be able to find your information for a case that has been expunged. The only times your record and mugshot are expunged from public record is when you are found not guilty of the offense or your case was dismissed without any stipulations for probation or court-ordered supervision.

All public documents of the offense held by government agencies should be destroyed once a judge grants you an expungement. But, will all instances of your mugshot be deleted from online websites. Not necessarily!

There are many mugshot distribution companies that make money by posting mugshots. Then they charge these innocent people a fee to have the mugshot removed from their private website.

Do mugshot removal services really work?

Yes, there are online mugshot removal services that offer to contact all the websites that have your Texas mugshot posted to have them removed altogether. Posting criminal records, mugshots, and other negative information that can ruin a person’s reputation have become a big business. Across the nation, victims are bilked out of thousands of dollars to remove old mugshots from the internet.

Then you must consider the reputable companies that serve a need by gathering and making available arrest records, mugshots, and court records. For instance, during a court case you many need the details of an offender. In these cases, public records can help victims locate, identify, and prosecute their assailants.

Contact a mugshot removal service like EraseMugshots.com. They are experts on removing Google results that expose mugshots that should be not be posted online or should have been deleted. We can find arrest records and mugshots and keep them from ever appearing online in the future.

Contact the EraseMugshots Removal Team to learn more about our complete mugshot removal services.


Simple Guide to Bail Bond Search Removal

Need a Bail Bond Search Removal solution? Call our Removal Experts to start the mugshot removal process today. 


Most people agree that a picture is worth a thousand words. But if this picture is an online mugshot photo documenting one of your lowest points, it could cost you much more and impact your long-term future.

For example, an online mugshot could be the reason a potential employer decides to go with another candidate. Even if your state prohibits employers from asking about arrests, a simple Google search can cast you in the wrong light.

Instead of allowing a poor choice or situation that may have been out of your control to haunt you for the rest of your life, you can own the narrative with bail bond search removal. In the most simple sense, bail bond search removal is the process of removing your arrest mugshot from websites that look to profit on your demise.

To provide further clarity, the team at Erase Mugshots has created the Guide to Bail Bond Search Removal. We cover the basics to many bail bond mugshot removal FAQs from A to Z. Read on to learn more and if you’re looking for quick, private, and 100% guaranteed removal, give us a call today!

What is a Bail Bond Search?

Bail Bond Search was designed to be a resource for bail bondsmen across the United States. The original intent was for it to act as a central national inmate directory for bail bondsmen to search who was in jail.

Even though the site may have been helpful for bail bondsmen, it’s accessible to virtually anyone. Because of this, it can be humiliating for those whose mugshot is broadcast on bail bonds search. Even more alarming is the personal information usually displayed beneath your embarrassing booking photo. This information may include your:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Occupation,
  • General location, and
  • Even your creditworthiness

What Are the Dangers of Bail Bond Mugshot Searches?

The main danger of your mugshot being broadcast across the web is it implies you are associated with a criminal act. Even if you were never convicted, the arrest mugshot will suggest your involvement with nefarious or criminal activity. And this negative image can impact your life in more ways than one.

We previously alluded to one condition where a potential employer could easily search and find your mugshot from several years ago. At the same time, having your mugshot in a bail bond search could ruin professional relationships and cast you in an unfair light.

How to Perform Bail Bond Search Removal for Free?

If you’re looking to go the most economical route to have your jail mugshot removed from bail bond search, there are a couple of options. It’s important to understand that neither of these methods are 100% certain, but they may be worth a try.

Reach Out to the Webmaster for Bail Bond Search Removal

One of the first steps you can take is to reach out to the webmaster of the site directly and request that your mugshot be removed. To do so, go to the contact page or question section of the website to research the expressed reasons they will voluntarily remove your mugshot. If your efforts are fruitful, the website’s webmaster will remove your mugshot from the page instead of it being suppressed via search engines.

Reach Out to Google to Have Your Arrest Mugshot Removed

Another option is for you to reach out directly to Google. And because Google is the largest and most popular search engine, you may prefer to have Google suppress the mugshot results. It’s important to understand that Google will remove search engine results for specific legal reasons.

This means it may behoove you to research these reasons to see if your quality. Google may also remove personal information, such as an arrest mugshot, upon request if the information poses a risk or harm to you. By most accounts, however, Google isn’t likely to remove arrest mugshots if it’s readily available to the public.

Do All States Allow Arrest Mugshots to Be Posted Online?

No. Since 2013, 18 different states have pushed bills to prevent and restrict mugshot websites from charging you to remove your mugshot. A growing number of states have laws that prohibit the distribution of your mugshot on bail bond websites. These states will usually offer clear instructions on what you should do to remove your mugshot from the site for free.

These instructions typically include submitting written documentation through mail to request they remove your mugshot from their site. Because of this, you should always check the laws of the state in which you were arrested.

Can Expunging My Record Result in My Arrest Mugshot Removal?

Expunging or sealing your record is one option that can be a little more challenging to accomplish, but can yield the desired result. And the crime you committed must fall within the purview of the expungement law. In most instances, this means the crime has to be a minor offense, such as:

  • Juvenile offenses
  • Low-level misdemeanors
  • Minor drug crimes
  • Non-violent crimes
  • Infractions
  • DUIs
  • And more

While the rules can vary from state to state, most expungements will require a particular amount of time has transpired since the conviction or incident. An expungement also usually requires that you haven’t been convicted of other criminal offenses.

How Does the Expungement Process Work?

The expungement typically involves you filing a petition with the court to have your arrest record sealed or expunged. If your expungement is successful, you can send the order to the website where your arrest mugshot is published. Many — but not all — mugshot arrest websites will remove your information if you have gone through the process of expungement. However, this may not always be the case. At the same time, certain states will require the website to remove the mugshot when you present this evidence to them.

What’s the Best Way to Remove My Mugshot from the Web?

When it comes to the best bail bond search removal solution, there is no one-size-fits-all fix. What works well for one person may render insufficient results for you. However, customers often find the most success by partnering with the experienced and trusted professionals at Erase Mugshots.

For more than 10 years, the Erase Mugshots team has specialized in executing strategic bail bond search removal. To date, we have successfully removed more than 100,000 mugshots and helped over 10,000 clients. We offer quick, private, and 100% guaranteed solutions. As experts in bail bond search removal, we utilize an array of methods and best practices, empowering you to regain control of your public image.

What Is the Erase Mugshot Process?

At Erase Mugshots, we take a tailored approach to successfully removing mugshots from bail bond searches. Although no two cases are alike, they all start with a free bail bond search removal analysis. Our seasoned team of removal specialists will meticulously scour the web to uncover all:

  • Mugshots,
  • Arrest records,
  • Booking information, and
  • Bail bond information from all sites.

After we’ve conducted a thorough analysis, someone from our bail bond search removal team will reach out to you to discuss the findings and create a tailored plan of attack.

Can You Delete Bail Bond Search Photos & Mugshots?

Yes! Erase Mugshots specialize in quickly and efficiently removing mugshots from different bail bond search databases. As a part of the bail bond removal service, we will remove your criminal records from each website; and then we notify Google, Bing, and Yahoo to remove your information as well as block it from appearing.

While this may suffice and result in your mugshot being removed, we also offer several packages that can be catered to your unique needs. Some of the most common services include:

  • Suppression of negative information
  • De-indexing
  • Mugshot removal
  • And more

Why Shouldn’t I Just Pay the Hosting Site Directly to Remove the Mugshot Photo?

Many customers come to us as a last resort because they have, unfortunately, paid the site directly to remove their mugshot. After making this mistake, they notice the same mugshot and arrest pops up on another site. And the process continues.

It’s similar to modern-day legal web extortion. At Erase Mugshots, you pay us one time for the arrest record, and we will guarantee it will be removed from all websites — never to return. If it does, it’s on us! Best of all, all of our projects are backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Can a Potential Employer or Business Partner Find Deleted Mugshots?

When we remove your mugshot, you can rest assured all records are blocked from appearing. As an added measure, we request that all traces of the mugshot, image, and record be permanently deleted from search engines, including:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • And more.

And in the rare event, a trace of the mugshot and/or arrest record reappears, the team at Erase Mugshot will reconcile the problem at no additional charge to you. However, it’s imperative this is the same arrest.

Reclaim Your Reputation. Contact Erase Mugshots Now!

While it’s possible for you to complete bail bond search removal, it takes time and can end up costing you exponentially more. No matter what, the process can be overwhelming and include volumes of legal paperwork. Properly conducting bail bond search removal is a tedious process loaded with pitfalls.

However, you are not alone. At Erase Mugshots, you have access to an entire team of around-the-clock 24/7 support. We will provide you with timely updates as we work through your mugshot removal solution.

Best of all, we offer flexible monthly payments as well as several other options designed to work with the tightest of budget. Our goal is to make our services accessible to those who need us the most. And getting started is easy and hassle-free.

Contact us today for your free bail bond search removal consultation and analysis by calling 866-626-9930

How Do I Remove Myself From Indiana Inmate Search Mugshots?

Is that embarrassing photo coming up any time someone enters “Indiana inmate search mugshots” into Google? Don’t worry, we can help!


One of the biggest questions people ask us is why a person’s name and picture are showing up in an Indiana inmate mugshots search. This is because many people have records up on search engine results, even when they were never sentenced for a crime. But why? And how did this happen?

Understanding the how is an important step. It’s also the first step you should take when removing your name, photo, and criminal record from the internet.

First, let’s look at the how

Let’s say you are a 33-year-old job seeker. Despite putting out dozens or even hundreds of applications, you just aren’t getting the callbacks and offers you think you deserve.

If this ever happens to you, then the most important two things to do is:

  1. Have someone look over your resume
  2. Perform an Indiana inmate search for mugshots and your name.

After Googling your name, check out search engine results and Google image results. If you find your name and your image on a link connected to a mugshot site, you have found your problem.

Your mugshot may be on any mugshot or newspaper site if you’ve ever been arrested. Maybe your arrest happened five, ten, or fifteen years ago. Maybe it was a simple misdemeanor, but the charges were dismissed.

Or maybe you had a serious assault charge on your record. And once the process started, the courts downgraded it to disorderly conduct. Or maybe despite expunging or sealing your case, it’s still popping up online.

Whatever your situation, you probably know but having that type of record online and available for anyone in Indiana to find via an Indiana inmate search mugshots is going to cause you problems.

Why Is Your Mugshot Showing Up in Google?

Your name, photo, and record of charges are likely available on mugshot websites. This is because those sites take advantage of a loophole in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Either the webmasters applied to local and state agencies or had someone apply on their behalf to obtain your arrest information.

Then, they take that information and put it online. It’s there until you or an attorney contact them.

Agencies have your information because, whenever you are arrested, you go through the booking process. When booked, you are fingerprinted and your photo is taken. This is done to identify you in the criminal justice system. And once complete, your charges are recorded.

Even after your release, all the information obtained during the process is recorded and is made available to mugshot sites. This is done when they submit a Freedom of Information Act request for criminal records.

Once they receive that information, they create web pages with your name, mugshot, and arrest record. These records then show up whenever anyone uses Google for an Indiana inmate search mugshots request.

How Do I Remove Myself From Indiana Inmate Search Mugshots Results?

Now that you know how your information got onto an Indiana mugshots website, it’s important to know the why. Mugshot websites complete Freedom of Information Act requests and create web pages for each person they receive. This is because they want to make money off your information.

They make money off of you in two key ways:

Ad revenue

This works like most other websites. When someone visits a page with your information, they are exposed to advertisements. The brand behind those advertisements pays the mugshot site owners for space on those pages.

Profile removal fees

In reality, this is a type of extortion or ransom payment. Here, the person with their information online on an Indiana inmate search mugshots result pays the webmaster a “removal fee” to take down their information. These fees are entirely at the discretion of the mugshot webmaster. Fees may amount to a couple of hundred dollars or add up to thousands of dollars.  Either way, this may prove too costly for many people. And it may be particularly hard for those who need to remove their arrest record to find employment or housing.

Is it Legal for Indiana Mugshot Websites to Charge Removal Fees?

You might be wondering why or how it’s legal for mugshot sites to charge removal fee. After all, they’re essentially blackmail fees.

Well, these mugshot sites exploit a loophole in the Freedom of Information Act to take advantage of people with no recourse.

To illustrate, look at one of the least powerful populations in the United States: those with arrest records. This population is highly disenfranchised. Nineteen states prohibit felons from voting while incarcerated and for a period after incarceration.

What’s more: lawmakers are slow to react to the gross misuse of criminal records by mugshot websites.

That said, states have made some progress, including the state of Indiana. According to Indiana Code. § 5-14-3-3, all agencies and political subdivisions may prohibit the release of any public information in electronic form when that information is requested strictly for commercial use. The one exception is the “publication of news.”

Hire a Team to Remove Your Information From Indiana Inmate Search Mugshots

The first thing to do to remove your name, mugshot and arrest record from the web is to contact the webmaster. Check the website for a contact page or a Frequently Asked Question page. Locate a link that offers you more information about removing your mugshot from the site.

There are plenty of times where a webmaster will voluntarily remove a person’s information from the page.

For example, a webmaster will typically remove or suppress a person’s mugshot web page when:

  • The state disallows websites from charging removal or ransom fees
  • The charges were dismissed outright
  • The case was sealed or expunged

If the webmaster refuses to remove your information, it is in your best interest to hire someone who can help.

Remember, mentions of your name, picture, and arrest record online can hurt job, housing and social prospects. Wherever possible, you should take steps to remove all negative information, including arrest records from the internet.

So when the webmaster won’t work with you, then get assistance from a team like EraseMugshots.com. When you call our number at (866) 626-9930, you get a link to someone with the agency and background to help remove all unwanted information from search results. This includes Indiana inmate search mugshots.

How Can EraseMugshots Remove My Information From Indiana Inmate Search Mugshots?

While a removal service like EraseMugshots charges a fee (in order to pay our employees), we do offer an array of services. Services include removing negative information about not only from one site, but any and all sites it appears. This includes personal information that pops up when someone completes an Indiana inmate search mugshots.

EraseMugshots gets results you can’t because our team has unmatched removal resources, experience and expertise. Finding each site including your information takes time, and submitting the right paperwork and making effective removal requests takes even more time.

Is there any other way?

In some cases, you might also have to take legal action. This may include threatening legal and criminal ramifications when websites refuse to play by the rules and laws applicable in one’s area.

In some cases and states where it isn’t possible to force a mugshot website to take down the mugshot and information of a person, alternative methods may be needed. These alternative methods are done with the goal not of removing your information completely from Indiana inmate search mugshots results but rather suppressing those results so thoroughly that when someone does a search for your name, they won’t find that type of negative information.

We make this happen by creating positive and neutral content affiliated with your name and image as well as working with Google and other search engines to suppress the listing of negative information.

You want someone with experience in advanced suppression and legal tactics. A team that has the tools and the clout to force unsavory webmasters to take down your personal information and where they don’t or refuse to, to get results in alternative ways.

Contact EraseMugshots

So the question is, are you ready to repair your reputation? Contact EraseMugshots today to learn more about our team and our proven removal process!


Can Georgia Inmate Mugshots Be Removed?

Removing Georgia inmate mugshots from the internet is much easier than it used to be.


The problem is there are so many mugshot websites willing to skirt right up to the edge of the law to publish arrest mugshots.


Fortunately, Georgia is one of the few states willing to protect individual privacy when it comes to the publication of booking photos.


Below, we examine Georgia inmate mugshots law and the circumstances in which mugshot sites must take down mugshots. We also look at the various methods for removing a booking photo from the internet.


Why is My Booking Photo on the Internet?

Anytime an arrest is made, those records go public. Police and prosecutors are public employees, and trials are (in most cases) public events.


From arrest to conviction, the process is “public” insofar as it protects the rights of individuals charged with a crime.


The problem with this is that an entire industry has sprung up around publishing mugshots on the web. There is a multitude of websites willing to print mugshots online. Many have the audacity to charge people to take them down.


This is one more example of consumer protections lagging behind the speed at which the internet has grown.


There is also an obvious problem with this scenario. In Georgia, hundreds face arrested, booking and processing every year. But many of those end up found “Not Guilty” at trial – or prosecutors end up dropping the case altogether.


In other words, hundreds of residents are getting their Georgia inmate mugshots published on the internet, despite not being convicted of a crime!


This can be incredibly damaging for a person’s job prospects, renting an apartment or even finding a romantic partner. In fact, a simple Google search reveals an individual’s arrest records and mugshots almost immediately!

What the Law Says About Georgia Inmate Mugshots

Georgia is one of a handful of states that takes the protection of citizen rights very seriously. Over the past decade, Georgia passed two laws to protect your rights following an arrest (but not conviction).

1. Georgia Consumer Protection Law

Georgia lawmakers amended Georgia Code Ann. § 10-1-393.5 in 2013. This consumer protection law requires mugshot websites to take down an individual’s photo free of charge when the record has been “restricted.”


“Restricted” means an individual was arrested but never convicted of the crime. If the charges are dropped or an individual is found “Not Guilty,”, their records become “restricted.” It’s another way of saying your arrest is not public record because you weren’t convicted of a crime.

2. Georgia Inmate Mugshots Protection Law

Georgia lawmakers amended Georgia Code Ann. § 35-1-19 in 2014. This law makes it illegal for any member of law enforcement or the court to publish mugshots online. It also makes it illegal for mugshot websites to access booking photographs for the purpose of publishing and charging a fee for removal.


NOTE: The only exception is in cases where an individual’s booking photo is in the Georgia Sex Offender Registry.

New for 2021: Georgia Expungement Law

The Georgia legislature passed a new “second chance” bill in August 2020. As of January 1, 2021, individuals can have the criminal records of up to two misdemeanor charges expunged after their sentence and probation are completed.


This new law is great news for Georgians. It means those arrest records are now no longer public record and neither are their mugshots! Under this new law, mugshot sites receiving a takedown notice must take your mugshot down as soon as possible.

Wait… Then Why Is My Mugshot Online?

Great question! The truth is mugshot site owners aren’t the most ethical people in the world.


Since it is illegal under Georgia state law for law enforcement to provide booking photos to mugshot websites, how does any mugshot end up online? We can only make educated guesses. Bribery? Hacking? Magic? Who knows?


This does not change the fact that your mugshot is on dozens of websites. Also, mugshot publishing websites have figured out how to test the law without technically breaking it.


Imagine: you’re arrested for a crime and go through the mugshot process. During your trial, you receive an acquittal. Remember: “restricted” records mean you were found not guilty. It can sometimes take three or more years from your arrest to conclude this process.


A mugshot site operates legally until you are found not guilty and your record is “restricted.”


The good news is that mugshot websites know the Georgia laws. And because of that, they tend to respond quickly after receiving a notice from EraseMugshots.com!


If they don’t comply with our takedown request, they know the Georgia Attorney General’s office can bring criminal charges against them. Individuals may also sue them under Georgia’s consumer protection laws.

8 Reasons Mugshot Sites Must Take Down Your Georgia Mugshot

The 2013 mugshot protection law in Georgia was a truly great public service. If EraseMugshots.com notifies the mugshot website after your record has been restricted or expunged, they MUST comply within 30 days.


If we contact a mugshot website on your behalf, and they don’t comply within 30 days, you are within your rights to turn them in. The Attorney General’s office will press charges and may even order their entire site off the internet. You can also hire an attorney to sue the pants off of these companies!


Under Georgia state law, mugshot websites must remove your mugshot if:


  1. Your records are restricted under Georgia Code Section 35-3-37.
  2. The case closes before a grand jury indictment or referral to prosecutors.
  3. Your conviction happens after the statute of limitations expires.
  4. A prosecuting attorney dismisses the case.
  5. A grand jury hears the prosecution’s case against you, but refuses to indict.
  6. A court dismisses the charges against you.
  7. A court sentences you for a nonviolent drug charge under a nonconditional discharge.
  8. A judge or jury finds you “Not Guilty” and acquits you of all charges.

The Obvious Loophole That Shady Mugshot Websites Exploit

We’ve shown that it’s illegal for Georgia law enforcement to give your booking photo to mugshot websites. Yet, your mugshot shows up all over the internet! It doesn’t matter how or why this happened. The fact remains that your quality of life is now suffering because that mugshot is online.


Most mugshot websites are technically operating within the limits of the law.


The good news: Once you expunge your record or it becomes restricted, removing your booking photo from the web is possible. Georgia is one of 12 US states prohibiting mugshot websites from charging money for removal.


The bad news: 38 other states still allow mugshot websites to charge people money. This means the mugshot site business practice still affects Georgia residents.

The Hard Way to Take Your Mugshot Off the Internet

Removing your Georgia inmate mugshot is possible once your records are “restricted” or expunged under Georgia law. But to take your mugshot off the internet, you must write to each and every mugshot website separately.


Unfortunately, there are dozens of mugshot websites on the web. And none of them make it “easy” to contact the company or individual that owns the site. In fact, many of these sites aren’t even on US soil!


Overcoming this problem may require hundreds of hours of locating internet domain registry information to learn who owns each site. Then, you must cross-reference that info to confirm contact information.


This process can take hours for each and every individual mugshot website. It requires technical skills, sleuthing ability, and most importantly, a lot of your time.

The Easy Way to Take Your Mugshot Off the Internet

At EraseMugshots.com, we don’t think it’s fair or ethical to publish the mugshots of the innocent. After serving your time and expunging your records, you deserve a second chance. Period.


Therefore, we know who the people and companies are that operate mugshot websites. We know who they are and where they are. We have their addresses. Anytime a new website pops up, we track down the owners and add them to our list.


Contact EraseMugshots.com now for a free Georgia inmate mugshots removal analysis today.

How Do You Remove Mugshots for Free?

Can you remove mugshots for free? We show you when it’s possible and when it’s time to call in a pro

First, How Does a Mugshot Get Online?

To remove a mugshot removed for free, first you have to understand how a mugshot got onto a website. In general, mugshots or booking photos follow these steps before going online:


1. The arrest and booking process

Once arrested, individuals typically transfer from custody to a jail cell. But in order to track the arrested individual in records, law enforcement completes what is called processing. This includes the booking photograph, or what is commonly referred to as a mugshot.


2. FOIA request for new or existing mugshots 

FOIA stands for Freedom of Information Act. It’s is designed to hold government agencies accountable. Unfortunately, enterprising individuals often undermine FOIA and use FOIA requests to access mugshots.


Anyone can submit FOIAs for mugshots, for example, they can be a journalist representing a local paper, or they can be an individual with no connections at all.


3. The photograph is uploaded to a website 

With the mugshot in hand, the individual can upload it to their desired publication. This could be anything from a local newspaper news feed to a mugshot website. These sites are where you need to focus your energy when removing mugshots from the web.


What is a Mugshot Website?

Mugshot websites exist solely to host mugshots. Many claim to provide information to the public — and in part they maybe do. But they also prey on those individuals whose photographs they post.


This is because once a mugshot is posted on a mugshot website, many will refuse to take it down unless the person’s who mugshot it is can properly prove exoneration of the crime or, more often, pay a dictated “ransom” fee. This ransom fee can be a couple of hundred dollars or even a couple of thousand depending upon the website and the arrested crime.


In other words, they work to make it close to impossible to remove mugshots online for free.


But, even worse, it isn’t just your picture that a mugshot website can publish. Underneath a booking photograph, a mugshot website may also include your:


  • Name
  • Age
  • Current job
  • General location
  • Ability to apply for credit

How to Remove Mugshots Online for Free

Over the last decade, many mugshot websites have faced lawsuits from individuals and agencies for misusing photographs and information online. These lawsuits have forced changes to many state laws. As a result, many states now ban mugshot websites from publishing mugshots and requiring payment for removal.


But if your booking photograph is already online, there are still a number of steps to remove mugshots online for free:


First, Learn How to Remove Mugshots Online for Free

1. Check state laws 

First things first. Check the laws in your state. Many state laws either prohibit mugshot websites altogether or clearly outline how to remove mugshots online for free. This may include such anything from submitting written documentation via mail to requesting the website remove mugshots online as soon as possible.


2. Were you cleared of the charges?

If so, some states make it easy to remove mugshots for free. Simply send the website(s) your cleared arrest record. Nearly all states require the removal of arrest information once you’re cleared of charges.


3. Was the case sealed or expunged?

In some situations, mugshot removal is possible even when you’re found guilty. Unfortunately, this often requires a lawyer and extensive legal wrangling. In such cases, you should expunge or seal your records first. If successful, use that paperwork to make your case and remove mugshots online for free.


4. Are you the victim of identity theft?

Some people have unflattering information online despite their complete innocence. This generally happens due to mistaken identity or identity theft. Often, the stranger’s booking photo displays alongside the innocent person’s name, age, location and other identifying info.


In these cases, you may ask the website to remove mugshots online for free. If that falls short, you may consider legal action.


Going Into Escalation: How to Delete Mugshots When Things Get Worse

Fortunately, when other removal methods don’t work, you still have options.


But how do you remove mugshots online for free once you’re convicted of the crime? Or when the information with your booking photo is correct?


If you meet the above criteria, try the following:


Appeal to the mugshot webmaster for other grounds 

Just because they aren’t legally required to take down a booking photograph, doesn’t mean you can’t still persuade the mugshot website to. Use their question or contact page to submit a request and ask what can be done to get it removed. Make your case for removing your mugshot.


Contact Google and other search engines

In some cases, Google and other search engines have agreed to either outright remove certain search engine results or suppress them. However, while you can ask them directly to do this for free, this method generally works best when applied by a reputation and online removal company. Such a firm utilizes extensive experience and knowhow to remove your mugshot fast.


Bury the bad results with good ones

Search engine suppression is most successful for those found guilty of charges. Here, the goal is not the complete removal of a mugshot and the connected personal information from online, but rather the full burial of it so that only someone who knows what website to look on, will ever find it.


You can do this for free by taking a bunch of pictures of yourself and using them to post on various websites and create blog-like content with your image and information on websites like Tumblr and WordPress. Caption each photo with your name and use the exact spelling and spacing used with your mugshot.


While your mugshot photo and information won’t disappear right away, it will gradually drop from searches of your name and information.


When Your Removal Hits a Brick Wall, Call in the Pros

While it is possible for you to follow the above strategies and remove mugshots on your own, it can be rough. It can be overwhelming And it can require a lot of work.


There’s a lot of messaging to appeal to webmasters as well as legal paperwork in the event that you are trying to get your mugshot removed following state laws. Or if you opt for the burial method either by choice or by necessity, then you may not have the time or social media know-how for doing it effectively.


For all these reasons and more, consider hiring a professional mugshot removal firm like EraseMugshots.com.


Need a mugshot removed? Contact us to start the removal process today.

Do I Need a Mugshot Removal Lawyer?

Need a mugshot removal lawyer to remove those embarrassing images? We show you when it’s time to hire a pro.


Someone sends you an email with “Click the link!” in the subject line. You click on the link, expecting a cat video or something about a hobby you enjoy.


But instead, you get one of your worst memories, back to life and in full color.


This link brings you to a website with your name scrawled across the top and bottom. Like it or not, it’s your mugshot.


But, that’s only the start.


Beneath your name and the mugshot is a list of crimes you were arrested for. There’s even some personal information about you, including your age, weight and location.


Understandably, you’re distraught. Your first impulse may even be to throw your computer or phone across the room. After all, having your arrest record and name online for anyone to see is no small thing.


Especially if the court dismissed the charges or found you not guilty of the crime.


Unfortunately, removing your mugshot and arrest record is a lot harder than posting them live.


Learn how a mugshot removal lawyer can help you remove those undesired images for good.


Can a Lawyer Take Down the Whole Mugshot Website?

The mugshot website industry is online only. It really took off in 1996, when a judicial move made it legal for anyone to make FOIA requests for city, county, and state arrest records.


Initially, mugshot sites operated in their own sort of wild, wild west, collecting all the records they could and posting them online. They would then monetize these websites with ads that allowed webmasters to make money whenever anyone visited their site.


But ads were just one way mugshot sites pulled in the dough. They soon started something even more notorious. Mugshot website owners began charging ransom fees, forcing people to pay to remove their mugshot photos and information from the site.


Sometimes, these fees were a few hundred dollars. Other times, they numbered in the thousands. But in reality, webmasters could charge whatever they wanted. Or, more clearly, they could ask for as much as someone was willing to pay to scrub their records from the web.


But was all this legal?

Initially, there was nothing really illegal about the mugshot scam. But that doesn’t mean people didn’t try. Many hired a mugshot removal lawyer to come to their defense.


A few years later, state legislatures began to catch up. New laws were passed to regulate the industry and stop some of its worst practices. In 2018, a mugshot removal lawyer team influenced the arrest of two of the owners of the most infamous mugshot website, mugshots.com. Charges included extortion, money laundering, and identity theft.


In most states these days, charging a fee for removing a mugshot is illegal. Still, most still allow the display of public arrest records. What’s more: most require individuals to take the necessary actions to remove their information online.


Hiring a mugshot removal lawyer is one such removal method.


Can an Attorney Remove My Information from a Mugshot Website?

If your mugshot and arrest record are posted on a mugshot website, the best way to remove them quickly is to get your charges dismissed. If the court dismissed those charges or found you not guilty, then a mugshot removal lawyer can help. Every mugshot website must remove arrest information when either situation is true.


But what if the court found you not guilty? In that case, an experienced mugshot removal lawyer may be able to expunge or seal your record.


Understanding Expungement and Case Sealing

When a person is arrested and charged with a criminal offense, law enforcement agency either creates a criminal record or adds to an existing record. This criminal record is publicly visible, no matter if the court dismisses your case or finds you not guilty.


So, even if one mugshot website removes your mugshot and arrest information, another website may still find and post it (thanks to an FOIA request). In other words, you might have to repeat the removal process on a regular basis.


Fortunately, there is a more permanent alternative: hiring a mugshot removal lawyer to expunge or seal your records.



Expunging your records means erasing convictions from your criminal record. This makes it impossible for a web administrator or mugshot site web administrator to find that info. This is true even when someone submits an FOIA. Generally, a person must have a conviction to request an expungement.


Case sealing 

Sealing a case means hiding your arrest records from the general public (certain law enforcement groups may be able to see them on a limited basis). In most states, it is illegal for law enforcement to hand over information in a sealed case to anyone with a mugshot website or similar publication. A person convicted of a crime may get their case sealed.


If you have multiple arrests or charges, even arrests or charges in separate counties, a mugshot removal lawyer may be able to help. An experienced attorney will approach each county record separately and submit the appropriate paperwork.


In other words, each expungement must be handled separately.


Who Qualifies for Expungement or Case Sealing

Before hiring a mugshot removal lawyer to seal or expunge your case, learn if the process is worthwhile. After all, not all arrest records are eligible.


Most importantly, only people with convictions may expunge their records. Your eligibility for expungement depends on:


  • The type of crime you were arrested or charged with. Generally, any arrest and conviction for violent and/or sexual offenses cannot be sealed.
  • The length of time following the case. Mugshot removal lawyers can apply for expungement in 120 days. This is only available when the case was either stricken off with leave to reinstate or non-suit. In other cases, a two-to-five-year wait is required before you qualify. For case sealing, most situations require a minimum of two to four years after your last conviction before you’re eligible.

Can a Mugshot Removal Lawyer Remove My Mugshots for Free?

In some cases, yes. If your mugshot turns up online, call a mugshot removal lawyer first. An attorney will submit a request for removal relatively quickly. If your case is dismissed, expunged, or sealed, the mugshot site has no choice. How fast that happens depends on the state.


For example, webmasters have ten days after receipt of the request to remove Florida mugshots. They have thirty days to remove mugshots for arrests made in South Carolina.


If you didn’t expunge your records, you may still request information removal. And if the webmaster demands payment in exchange for removal, you may involve law enforcement.


What’s more: If they don’t demand payment but still refuse to remove your information, a mugshot removal lawyer can accelerate the process on your behalf. In this case, you may remove your mugshot and information – and get paid damages – at once.


Find your information online? Reach out for help today. A mugshot removal lawyer puts control of your information and reputation in your hands.


Don’t wait! Contact a Mugshot Removal Specialist today.