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January 11, 2022

Internet Privacy

Missed Calls from Sierra Leone: What’s the Scam and What to Do

Getting calls from Sierra Leone? If you ever find a missed call from Sierra Leone on your phone, you may want to think twice before calling back. That’s because you’re likely a target of the Sierra Leone phone scam, a fairly new…


What To Do if a Scammer Has Your Phone Number

Has your cell phone number made it into the wrong hands? For many, a scammer with our phone number may not seem like a very big deal. After all, what exactly can they use a stolen phone number for other than making…


How to Remove from

Is your phone number showing up on If so, your privacy may be at serious risk. When personal details like names, phone numbers, addresses and more appear on sites like OK Caller, they’re also likely featured in search engines. And when…


Top Tips on How to Spot and Avoid OfferUp Scams

Want to avoid Offerup scams? Below, we show you how to avoid getting scammed and maximize your experience across the site.  Scammers are nothing new. But as online marketplaces grow in size and popularity, so do the number of ways fraudsters use…


How To Find Out If My Information Is On The Dark Web

Is your personal information showing up on the dark web? Better yet, how would you even know? And if your personal data is showing up on dark web sites, what does that mean for you and your loved ones? Is there anything…


What Can Someone Do With Your Phone Number?

Hundreds of people-search and data aggregate sites sell personal details like your mobile phone number every day. And with your cell phone number easy to find in Google, any number of hackers, scammers and marketers can use that info to dig into…


Criminal Records: What They Are And How They Affect Your Online Presence

Life is not always everything we’d planned it to be. We sometimes find ourselves in the middle of troubling intersections, not knowing which choice is best for our future. We may act impulsively and commit inconsiderate acts, without regard to others’ sense…


Are Mugshots Online an Invasion Of Privacy?

Can mugshots online be considered an invasion of privacy? Find out what is an invasion of privacy and whether mugshots can be considered a trespass of our personal information by reading this article.   Laughing at celebrity mugshots posted online has become…

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