How To Remove STL Mugshots From The Internet

May 28, 2021

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As much as we’d like it to be, life isn’t always predictable. In fact, it can sometimes take some turns that don’t necessarily represent who we really are at our core. 


For a myriad of reasons that we may never be able to fully justify to ourselves or to others, we sometimes make decisions that don’t really do us justice. We’re talking about things that not even our friends or family would recognize us for doing. 


Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a long series of wrong steps to completely turn our lives around for the worse or for society to negatively shift its perception of us. On the contrary, sometimes all it takes is a wrong decision, and everything changes. You’ve turned from a mere citizen to someone who’s either an actual inmate or treated as one.  You can always hire a Reputation Defender 


Actually, it’s enough to commit one little crime that gets charged, undergoing an arrest, or getting mugshots, for your entire community to see you differently. This happens even if it’s not a particularly small community, but a medium-sized one, such as Saint-Louis, Missouri. STL mugshots are, unfortunately, shared with the entire town.


Dealing With The Stigma Of Having Committed a Crime

The experience of being shunned by other members of the community for breaking the law is only known by those that went through these hardships themselves. The reintegration process can be extremely difficult since law-breaking individuals lose credibility almost instantly, and it’s difficult to erase the information people have on them.


In short, the message a criminal receives from society, regardless of the type of crime they’ve committed, isn’t only that they don’t belong there anymore, but also that their shame and guilt are shackles they’ll carry forever.


Needless to say, this is a very heavy burden to bear for anyone, apart from the one associated with the committed crime itself. This is especially true if what you’ve done was a mistake, or happened in a moment’s weakness, and it doesn’t truly represent who you are. 


And then there are the STL mugshots that seem to linger online where everyone can see them.


What Happens Offline Stays Online

Apart from dealing with the psychological implications of having committed a specific deed, the arrests, a police officer, and maybe even a court that analyzes the case, there’s also the identity distortion that occurs online.


What we mean by this, and what you may already know, is that there’s online data that will relentlessly carry your least proud moments onward for years to come. Whether you want it or not. 


This said, as soon as you’ve been officially arrested, in a matter of hours your STL mugshots and arrest information will show up online. From here on, it takes search engines up to five days to index your mugshot. Once this process is completed, there you are; another mugshot in a sea of other mugshots, which is not really where you’d want to be. 


With a quick name search on any browser, anyone can pick up your arrest information and make a snap judgment regarding who you are, both as a person and a professional.


So there you are, on this website, looking your worst. Once this happens and you find your face among other less flattering arrest photos online, it will be difficult to ever go back to who you were before in terms of public perception and job opportunities.


Can I Have My Photo Removed From STL Mugshots?

person with thumbs up checking deleted arrest records

In short, yes, you absolutely can. The issue here is that the process is more complex than you might have initially thought. This is because our arrest records are also taken over by third-party websites whose central focus is represented by mugshots and arrest information. 


This is basically public information they forcefully take over from a domain associated with local, state, or federal websites and repost it on their own page. The one benefit they get out of this is money.


Even though some states strictly prohibit third-party websites from reposting mugshots, Missouri being one of them, it’s still no guarantee that STL mugshots won’t end up being the front page of the internet – yours included. 


To remove your mugshot from the internet, you need to knock on many doors. Forget about going local! This goes well beyond St Louis County or Montgomery County. On the contrary, content like this spreads like wildfire, and the internet knows no geographical bounds. People in any state or county will be able to see your photo and have access to information regarding the deed you committed. 


What your first need to identify before removing any STL mugshots is, of course, all the websites holding your arrest data. You’ll then have to ask the webmasters to take it down. Of course, the webmaster of these types of websites controls their own response to your request, so they may accept or reject it.


We Can Help You Remove Your STL Mugshot

Our unique expertise will serve in successfully removing your mugshot from the internet, including from, leaving no trace behind. Our purpose? To help you steer clear from a past related to police officers, the St. Louis County sheriff, the St. Louis County jail, or anything else that’s similarly unpleasant.


It will take us up to seven days to remove everything that needs to be taken down from the internet, and we’ll do it so thoroughly that no engine will be able to pick up on your record, or any STL mugshots. Of course, our removal process is selective, so we’ll keep all positive information associated with you on the internet. 


If you decide our services are what you’re looking for, simply fill out the form on our website. Our agency will contact you to discuss your specific situation.


As soon as you give us the green light, we’ll immediately begin to scour the internet for any traces of your criminal activity. We then start the process of removing your mugshot from all web pages.


Here at, we can remove STL mugshots and all other arrest-related information from the internet within seven days. If you are not satisfied with our work, don’t worry! We offer a full money-back guarantee.


Contact us today, and allow yourself to live free from the past and free to create a new life for yourself.

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Table of Contents

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