How Long Do Mugshots Stay Online?

April 7, 2021

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If you were arrested recently only to find your mugshot on the internet, you may be justifiably wondering how long do mugshots stay online.

The sad truth is that a mugshot can be online for years. And, what’s worse: they are accessible to people you might want to work for, to date or to borrow money from.

We all do things we aren’t proud of. But it’s not fair that your arrest record should stay with you long past your last court date.

Worse, you might never have an opportunity to explain your arrest to someone who sees the mugshot online.

How long do mugshots stay online?

Without anyone taking action, your mugshot and arrest records may remain online indefinitely. And, anyone can find them simply by “Googling” your name.

It’s not crazy or unusual to find such information from events that happened a decade or more ago. The problem is that once Google indexes the information, and third-party websites pick it up, it remains in search results long after the agency that originally posted it removed it from their site.

How long after my arrest can you find my mugshot online?

Your arrest information can show up online in as few as six hours after your arrest. Search engines may then index that image in 1-5 days. And once it’s indexed, employers and lenders can find your photo easily after a quick search of your name.

Is it illegal to post mugshots online?

Since arrest information is part of the public record, it’s not illegal (in most states) to post such information online.

A few states prohibit the posting of mugshots and arrest information by third-party websites. These include California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Obviously, that still leaves 37 others.

How can I get my mugshot removed?

Once search engines index your arrest information, it can be difficult to remove all online traces yourself.

This is because there are dozens of third-party websites that specialize in arrest information and mugshots. They grab public information from local, state and federal websites and repost that information on their own URL.

What’s in it for them? Well, money, of course. These sites lure in curiosity seekers and those Googling names of arrestees using Google Ads and other, similar ads that earn them referral dollars.

You can try to remove information from each website by contacting the webmaster and requesting removal. However, there’s no guarantee the site will honor your request.

You can also petition the court to seal your records – or contact search engines like Google and Bing to ask their help.

When you hire us to remove your mugshot from the internet, you get a variety of advanced marketing tools to ensure all traces of your mugshot are gone from the internet and no longer available in search. Our methods work in seven days or less.

And, you don’t have to be concerned about pulling your “good” information from the internet. We leave the stuff you want people to see alone.

Will Google remove mugshots?

Occasionally, Google will help remove information that is already indexed and available to the public via the US Freedom of Information Act. But this type of action is very rare. There should be a compelling reason for search engine companies to take action.

This might be that the information concerns a minor, that the court sealed the records or that you expunged the information. Even in the best scenario, this process can take months.

Should I just pay the website to take it down?

Some mugshot websites take down information for a (rather hefty) fee.

This may succeed in removing your information from that one site. But there’s no guarantee that another third-party site won’t pick it up and post it on their site.

What are the steps to remove my mugshot?

We make it easy to work with us. All you have to do is fill out the convenient form on our website. Then, we contact you within a day to discuss your situation. After that, we give you a free analysis and fee estimate.

If you decide that our service is right for you, we start working on removing your information from the internet right away. The mugshot removal process can take up to five days. Within seven days, all information should be removed from search engines.

How much does it cost to remove a mugshot?

Our fees depend on the amount of information we remove. Obviously, multiple arrests take more time and are more expensive. We let you know upfront how much your mugshot removal project will cost, so you can make an informed decision. We also offer a full money-back guarantee if we don’t deliver complete satisfaction with our service.

You don’t have to wonder indefinitely how long mugshots stay online.

To learn more about removing your mugshot from Google and other online searches, contact us today about a free removal analysis.

Table of Contents

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