Arkansas Mugshot Removal: Say Goodbye To Your Arkansas Mugshots Forever

May 16, 2023

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Learn how to get your arrest photos taken down with our Arkansas mugshot removal guide below.


Have you ever been arrested in Arkansas? If so, then you know that your mugshot is now a public record and can be seen by anyone with a simple internet search. This can have serious consequences for those trying to move on from their past arrests or convictions, as employers can easily find this information online. Fortunately, there is hope – with the help of professional services, it’s possible to remove your Arkansas mugshots permanently! By

What Is A Mugshot?

A mugshot is a photograph taken by law enforcement of an individual who has been arrested. It serves as a record of their physical appearance at the time of their arrest and can be used to identify them in criminal cases. Mugshots are usually stored electronically or on paper, and they may include other information such as name, date of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc. Depending on the jurisdiction, mugshots may remain public even after the case against the individual has been dismissed or otherwise resolved.


In Arkansas specifically, mugshots have become easily accessible through online databases that collate booking photos from jails across the state. These sites typically charge users a fee to view and download mugshots – creating a financial incentive for these companies to keep these records publicly available long after legal proceedings have ended. This means that individuals may face ongoing reputation damage due to outdated mugshots that cannot be removed from search engine results without professional assistance.


Fortunately, though, there are solutions available for those looking to remove their Arkansas mugshots from public websites permanently. Professional services exist which specialize in identifying and removing content like this so it no longer damages one’s reputation or appears when searching online. With help from experts in this field, you can say goodbye to your Arkansas mugshots forever.

Understanding The Consequences Of An Arrest In Arkansas

When someone is arrested in Arkansas, the consequences can be serious. A mugshot taken upon arrest will become part of a person’s permanent record. This means that anyone doing an online search for their name may find this embarrassing photo and it could show up on background checks. In addition to the embarrassment caused by having a mugshot posted online, there are other legal consequences associated with an arrest.


The type of charge a person receives after being arrested determines the severity of the punishment they face. If convicted, punishments include fines, community service, probation, or even jail time depending on the offense committed. Even if someone is found not guilty, the fact that they were arrested remains public knowledge and can have negative effects on their reputation.


For those who want to try and remove or expunge their mugshots from website listings, there are options available. There are services out there that specialize in helping people take back control over their personal information and get rid of any unwanted pictures or posts made publicly about them online. With these specialized removal services, individuals can say goodbye to their Arkansas mugshots forever and put this difficult experience behind them.

How Long Do Mugshots Remain Publicly Accessible?

In Arkansas, mugshots remain publicly accessible for as long as necessary. This means that if a person has been arrested and charged with a crime, their mugshot will be available to the public until they have completed all of their court requirements or the charges against them have been dropped. It is important to note that even after completing all court requirements, mugshots may still be publicly accessible in some cases depending on the jurisdiction.


The length of time a mugshot remains publicly accessible can vary greatly based on factors such as the severity of the charge and how quickly it was resolved. Generally speaking, misdemeanor charges will usually only stay visible for around one year while felony charges could potentially remain visible indefinitely. In addition, any record sealed by a judge would no longer be publicly viewable once it has been sealed.


Mugshots are an unfortunate part of many people’s lives but understanding how long they remain accessible helps those affected better plan for their future. Fortunately, there are options for removing your Arkansas mugshot from public view permanently so you can put this very negative experience behind you forever.

The Benefits Of Arkansas Mugshot Removal

Removing your Arkansas mugshots is an excellent way to protect and restore your reputation. It can be a powerful tool in ensuring that you are not defined by a past mistake or indiscretion. By taking the steps to have these records taken down, you can reclaim control of how others perceive you.


When mugshots are removed from public databases, they no longer appear on search engine results when someone looks up your name. This means potential employers, landlords, friends, and family will not see them either. Removing them helps ensure that negative information does not stay permanently attached to your identity online.


Furthermore, removing mugshots can help protect you against future legal action or other forms of harassment as well. Once a photo has been removed from public view it cannot be used for any negative purpose or gain access to sensitive personal data about yourself. With this protection in place, you’ll feel more secure knowing that your privacy is protected and safe from harm.


By having your mugshot removed from public websites and databases, you’re taking proactive measures toward restoring your good name and protecting yourself against future damage to your reputation. The peace of mind gained by being able to confidently manage how people perceive you is invaluable; don’t hesitate to say goodbye to those Arkansas mugshots forever!

Eligibility Requirements For Arkansas Mugshot Removal

To have your mugshot removed in the state of Arkansas, certain eligibility requirements must be met. The Arkansas mugshot removal requirements vary depending on what type of mugshot needs to be removed and where it was taken. Generally, all individuals need to meet specific criteria for their mugshots to be eligible for removal.


First, if you were arrested and charged but never convicted, or if your charges were eventually dismissed or expunged from your record, then your mugshot may qualify for removal. Additionally, if you completed a deferred disposition program due to an arrest, this may also make you eligible for mugshot removal.


Finally, any person who has been acquitted by a court or found not guilty after the trial is typically able to petition the courts during post-conviction proceedings to request that their mugshots be deleted from public records databases. This process does require some legwork on behalf of the individual and can take months before a ruling is made. However, with persistence and dedication, it is possible to get these photographs permanently erased from viewable sources online.

The Process Of Removing Your Arkansas Mugshot

Now that you know the eligibility requirements, let’s take a look at the process for Arkansas mugshot removal. It is important to understand that all removal processes vary depending on your unique situation. However, there are some general steps and guidelines you should follow when attempting to remove an Arkansas mugshot. The first step in this process is to contact the arresting agency or court clerk where the mugshot was taken. This will give you access to any paperwork related to your case and allow you to gain more information about what needs to be done to have it removed from public records.


The second step is to file a petition with either the circuit court or district court requesting for your mugshot’s removal from public view. Depending on whether or not charges were filed against you, different forms may need to be completed and submitted along with supporting documents such as proof of completion of all sentence terms and/or probationary period requirements. Once these documents have been received by the court, they will review them before deciding whether or not your request can be granted.


The third step involves waiting for a response from the court regarding their decision about removing your Arkansas mugshot. If approved, then you must also submit payment for any fees associated with having your record expunged or sealed (if applicable). After paying all necessary costs, copies of updated official paperwork showing the successful removal of the mugshot should arrive within several weeks after filing the original petition. Ultimately, following these three steps could be just what you need to successfully remove an Arkansas mugshot forever!

Legally Remove Your Arkansas Mugshot With An Expungement

If you want to permanently remove your Arkansas mugshot from the internet and other public databases, then an expungement may be the answer. Expungements are court orders that seal or erase certain criminal records from public view. In some cases, it can even prevent employers from seeing them during background checks. The process of obtaining an expungement is complex and time-consuming, but with the right legal help and a successful petition, it’s possible to have your mugshots removed for good.


The first step in getting your mugshots removed through expungement is understanding whether or not you qualify for relief under Arkansas law. Generally speaking, only those individuals who committed minor offenses such as misdemeanors or low-level felonies may be eligible for record sealing or destruction. Additionally, if more than seven years have passed since you completed probation or incarceration related to your crime, then you may also be eligible for record sealing or destruction. Once you understand which type of relief you may qualify for based on your particular case, then you must file a petition requesting said relief with the appropriate court in Arkansas.


To ensure that all applicable laws and procedures are followed correctly when submitting your request for an expungement, it’s important to work alongside an experienced attorney familiar with Arkansas’ specific record sealing/destruction processes. An attorney will guide you every step of the way through filing all necessary paperwork properly and advocating on your behalf in court hearings – increasing the likelihood that your petition will be approved by a judge. With their assistance, say goodbye to your Arkansas mugshots forever!

Alternatives To Expungement

Now that you know the process of expunging your Arkansas mugshot, it’s important to understand what other options are available if an expungement isn’t possible. Therefore, let’s explore two alternatives: sealing and petitioning for removal from public access.


Sealing involves asking a judge to seal criminal records so they aren’t publicly accessible. This option is not always available in every state but can be beneficial in some cases where an individual doesn’t meet the requirements for an expungement. Sealing also prevents employers, schools, or landlords from seeing any past convictions on record checks.


Another alternative is petitioning for removal from public access which requires filing a motion with the court requesting to remove information associated with an arrest from websites such as and If granted by the court, this will cause these sites to take down their posts about you within a certain time frame specified by law. Petitioning is often used when someone has already gone through an expungement process but still has their information posted online–which then becomes another hurdle that must be overcome before being able to move forward with life after conviction.


Though there may be challenges along the way, getting rid of your Arkansas mugshot forever is achievable through either of these legal routes or even both at once depending on the situation at hand. No matter which path you choose, make sure you consult with a qualified attorney who specializes in expungements so that you feel confident and secure knowing that all necessary steps were taken toward having your name cleared!

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Final Word

In today’s digital age, the consequences of a past arrest in Arkansas can linger long after the legal proceedings have ended. Mugshots, which are taken upon arrest, can remain publicly accessible indefinitely, causing embarrassment and potentially hindering one’s ability to move on from past mistakes. However, there is hope for those looking to remove their Arkansas mugshots permanently. 


Professional services like specialize in identifying and removing these records from public databases, helping individuals protect and restore their reputations.


Alternatives to expungement, such as sealing and petitioning for removal from public access, may also be available depending on the individual’s circumstances. Regardless of the chosen route, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced attorney to ensure all necessary steps are taken to achieve the desired outcome. With the help of these services, anyone can say goodbye to their Arkansas mugshots forever and take back control of their online identity.


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