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How to Remove Mugshots Online

August 21, 2018

How to Remove Mugshots Online

Trying to learn how to remove mugshots online? Services for mugshots removal are growing in demand. Why?

Imagine for a second that you were arrested without probable cause or because of misidentification, and then your mugshot was taken. Now everyone can see your mugshot online. Your photo will go to mugshot websites where people online will be able to view it whether you are innocent or not. Moreover, mugshots are easily searchable in Google or other search engines. This can ruin your reputation, personal achievements, and stature in society. It will also damage your personal relationships, and potentially your whole life.

There are many people who were proven innocent or had their charges dropped but their mugshots are still posted on the web, which continues to cause them problems as well as their loved ones. There is no assurance as to whether or not mugshot websites check the validity of arrests or even the outcome of cases. It’s also uncertain how these photos can be taken down, who should do it, and who should be responsible for the wrong information. Many innocent individuals have wasted their time, energy and money just to solve this issue but to no avail.

To help the people who are asking about how to remove mugshots online, we are listing down the available options that you can do and those that we recommend. To set your expectations early, there isn’t a single solution that can solve all online mugshot problems. This article will present different tips and tricks for every situation and hopefully one of which will work out for you.

Mugshot Removal Websites

Removing mugshots online can be very challenging for many people. That is why in recent years, a lot of mugshot removal websites has popped out over the web. That’s brilliant, right? This is the answer that many people are waiting for. Well, yes and no. Mugshot removal website is a good idea to make this type of service readily accessible to people. However, this segment of internet business is still wide open and it’s not clear if there’s already an established regulation in doing mugshots removal. You wouldn’t know which sites have legal authority to remove these photos online and which ones are potentially subject to prosecution.

Bogus and illegal websites have since been operating online, offering mugshot removal services that have no real effect other than to take your hard-earned money. Those people who are desperately trying to take their pictures off the web become double victims because of the opportunistic individuals behind these websites. Here at, we work with an effective legal team to eliminate any trace of arrest records online.

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Keep Your Eyes Open

We understand that people, whose mugshots are posted online for the wrong reasons, will try to do anything to take these mugshots down because their lives are being affected. However, we advise you not to make any hasty decisions. Keep your eyes open, and watch out for mugshot removal sites that will only take advantage of your situation and your urgent need.

The reason for this is because there is a trending tactic which mugshot removal websites are using to make an easy living out of your desperation. Over the last few years, they began partnering with businesses or websites that collect and share mugshots on the web. At first, they’ll market their awesome ability to remove mugshots online. Once they got you in a contract, they’ll just reach out to mugshot websites and voilà, instant money for them.

To make the long story short, they are just middlemen and not the real deal. You might ask, ”what’s wrong with that?”. First, it’s unethical to pretend something that you’re not, especially when money is involved. And second, this type of practice is solely just for income-generation. Mugshot removal sites that do this don’t have any concern for their clients. They’re just in for your money.

With their connections to various mugshot collectors, mugshot removal sites will be able to maximize the potential income that they can generate by gouging the financial capabilities of the clients. They’ll try to determine your budget range at first, then they’ll tell you that they will find out how much is required to remove your mugshot photo online. After giving it some time to make it look that they’ve done everything, these sites will then give a quotation at your maximum budget or even at a higher price.

Typical Mugshot Costs

Let’s say that you have a budget of around $800. Most mugshot removal websites will get back to you with a $1,000 quote and give you an assurance that they will be able to take down the mugshot. These websites will try to squeeze out the most dollars they can get from you. They’ll even mention that they have a money-back guarantee if they are not able to remove your photo online. And because they are affiliated with the mugshot sites, they have lots of confidence that they won’t be giving any of your money back.

They’ll brag about this guarantee so you’ll be convinced to spend out of your budget. If you are in the position where the huge burden on you will finally be removed, you’ll surely pay extra $200 for that.

You might be thinking right now that it isn’t really that bad. If these websites can deliver the mugshot removal service that they promised, then it’s fine. They can work with the mugshot sites however they like. We totally get that, and if the process is that simple and easy, we’ll be getting the same service, too. The problem is it’s more complicated than what we think the process is.

If your mugshot was successfully taken down from one or two websites, that doesn’t imply that it no longer exists online. It can still be found on other websites. You should, therefore, invest your time and money on a solution or strategy that will completely remove your mugshot from all corners of the internet.

The Landscape of Mugshot Removal

As you have read, you really need to be careful when trying to remove mugshots online. When you find a website claiming that it can take down mugshots even from an entire search engine like Google, you have to think more than twice before making any inquiries.

Just like what we mentioned, there are many mugshot removal websites that promise to remove mugshots from one website for $100 to $500 fee or more depending on the budget you stated. This means that you have to get a mugshot removal service for every individual website where your photo has been posted, in order to effectively take down your mugshot from anywhere on the web. Just think about how much these costs will add up to. And, even if you’ve successfully removed all existing mugshots online by paying thousands of dollars, you are still not guaranteed that no other image will appear in another mugshot website later on.

The sad reality is that it’s very easy for mugshot sites, whether existing or new, to add your photo to their collections. On the other hand, it will take a great effort for you just to identify them all and deal with them individually. Think about how much more you should do if you want to sue these websites for posting inaccurate information that causes detrimental damage to your reputation.

Usually, when these websites are already taking too much heat from complainants and other people on the web, they will just shut down their site and migrate the data to a new domain. Problem solved. It will be very difficult to prove that the new mugshot removal website is the same one that just recently closed. Pursuing them legally will cost you a lot of money, not to mention your precious time and effort.

Mugshot Removal Practices

These practices put mugshot removal websites in the bad radar of big payment providers such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Companies are staying away from the bogus sites by not processing payments, invoice requests, and other transactions. This step puts all other websites and companies on the right track in dealing with mugshot removal sites, although it’s not completely reassuring. When talking about business as usual, it’s difficult for these payment processors to put a finger on which sites are fine to deal with and which are not. Right now, they are only working with large mugshot removal websites and are carefully identifying small and medium players that are legally operating.

There are also some states that have legislated preventive measures against these sites from charging mugshot removal fees and prohibitions for sheriffs from sharing mugshot photos to sites that are making a business out of removal services. However, these legislations are just state-based, just like we mentioned. Federal law is yet to be created for the total ban of mugshot removal fees on a national level. We certainly hope that there would soon be a standard that will be followed in all states because protection against mugshot removal sites is definitely needed by many people. If you want to know which states currently have the legislation for protection against mugshot removal fees, including states with pending legislation.

To the states that are not yet part of this list, know that the money you generate from sharing mugshots to different websites are partly paid by offenders like mugshot removal websites.

Lacking Mugshot Legislation in Your State?

For all people living in states that are yet to create state laws against mugshot removal concerns, you will have to make a conscious effort to stay out of trouble to protect your reputation online and in real life. Once your mugshot is taken, you can’t expect for it not to appear online whether you are innocent or not, and you can’t rely on the law to get you protected.

Mugshot Legislation

How to Remove Mugshots Online?

The question that needs to get answered now is, ”Should we get the services of mugshots removal websites?”

Well, it depends on which state you live in. If you are residing in a state that prohibits booking photos and services for mugshot removal with a fee, then go ahead. You’ll just have to send a request to the website to take down your mugshot and they will have to comply for free. Once your charges are dismissed or dropped, you have the right to make this request. It also applies to those people whose cases are sealed.

Just remember that once you had success in removing your mugshot in all existing mugshot websites now, it doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed of it not appearing on other sites in the future. That could happen and your mugshot can also get indexed somewhere on the internet. While you can, of course, be happy that you are able to get your life back to normal, you must not be complacent. You must do your obligation to ensure that no other mugshot websites will post your arrest photo.

On the Other Hand

Don’t expect mugshot removal services to be free for websites that are registered in states with no law on mugshot removal fee prohibitions. You can still send a request to mugshot sites to remove your photo once your charges are cleared. You can send documentary evidence to prove your right to have your mugshot removed online. Obtaining a sealing or expungement may lessen your fee.

If it does happen that you receive a quote for your mugshot to be removed, there are some things that you need to consider. How much is the actual cost? If it’s outside your budget, then end the negotiation right away. No more discussions. But don’t worry, there are other measures that you can do.

If the fee falls on with your budget and it is the only mugshot of you online, then consider paying for the fee even if it’s expensive. The more important thing is that you finally have cleared your reputation and image online. However, if the site is only one of the many mugshot websites that have your image, then don’t bother paying the fee because it won’t make any difference. You’ll only waste your money for nothing because it won’t solve the whole problem. What you need is a better solution.

Direct Request to Search Engines

There are many people who see the option of reaching out to Google and other search engines as a better way. They want to try and get these search engines to undo the index on their mugshots. This is a very good strategy, except that they are probably not going to honor such a request. Google and other search engines don’t usually see the removal of mugshots to be their responsibility.

When it comes to removal requests, Google follows specific guidelines to arrive at a decision. Google USA usually agrees to de-index pages on the web that contains the following:

  1.    Copyrighted Contents
  2.    Sensitive Personal Information
  3.    Child Porn
  4.    Revenge Porn

For countries other than the US, Google and other search engines honor the removal requests according to the guidelines set by the particular country. For example, the law called “Right to be Forgotten” in the European Union forces search engines to remove the indexing on out-of-date information of people on the internet as requested by those individuals. You can read more about removal requests in EU here.

If you are wondering if Google supports the victims of outdated mugshots online, as a matter of fact, it does. Google made an algorithm update back in 2013 to lower the ranking of mugshots in search results due to the controversy over paid mugshot removal services. It is a very helpful move so that mugshots that are no longer relevant will not appear immediately even when searched for.

Request to Search Engines

Suppression is the Key

Mugshot removal websites and search engine requests can be probable solutions to your online mugshot problems depending on your location, but we think that suppression is the most recommendable answer. It is the most sustainable solution and also a proactive practice that any individual can do when it comes to negative contents online. Suppression is easily the most reliable solution as well.

So, how does suppression works? It works by giving your focus on establishing a strong online brand and promoting a positive image on the web, including social media. This strategy will help “suppress” the negative results in search engines containing your mugshot photo. The idea behind it is that the lack of online positive images of you gives more problems compared to the mugshot sites that are showing your photo. If you control your own brand and build positive images on the web, they will rank much higher in Google results and create a strong and good reputation on your name. Lessening the impact of your negative publication.

In order to create these positive images, you have to set up a personal website on a domain that contains your name. You also have to link the website to your own social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Build a strong foundation is imperative for suppression.

Optimize your website and social media profiles by creating an “About Me” page and personal profile that includes important public information about yourself. This will make them attain high rankings in search engines with your name and help give all images of you a big boost online.

Focus on Mugshot Images

Afterward, you can focus specifically on images. All new photos and images that you will upload on your website and social media accounts that are optimized by your name, will surely appear in search results fast, especially if there are not that many online photos of you, to begin with. They also have a good chance of making the first-page results in Google.

You should insert more effort in creating positive photos of you that will rank high in search results for people to see, instead of focusing on mugshot removal in search engines and mugshot websites. Sites like appear all the time, suppression can and will resolve this issue.

The Image Optimization Process

Below are the three specific steps that you should take in order to optimize positive images of you for high-ranking search engine results:

Collect Positive Personal Images

To help take down your mugshots online, you need to have a weapon to battle the websites showing them. Make sure to check all your storages like your computer, smartphone, cloud storages, and web accounts. Put together a solid collection of your photos that you want to promote online. If you only have a few of them, then start creating new ones.

Many people find it uncomfortable to have their pictures taken, more so in posting them online. If you are one of them, now is the time to get past this awkwardness. Remember that you already have a negative image posted online. Your sacrifice will surely result in good things, so better pull it together.

In this first step, the goal is to upload as many images of you as possible. Take note that every picture has the potential to suppress, remove or outrank your mugshot from search engine results. The more positive images of you, the more chances you have in taking down your mugshot online.

Also, bear in mind that using different images will add more strength to this strategy. So refrain from gathering the same images even if they have different visual effects and sizes. They won’t give any help to your cause. Search engines, especially Google, can identify the same images even with different file names. It will be way better if you collect entirely different photos.

Although this task will require more time and effort from you. We advise you not to skip it because it’s a necessary task. It’s very essential to what you are trying to accomplish.

Find out possible Image Websites and Networks

After gathering different photos of yourself, now find where you can publish them. Focus on storing images and have strong domain and presence on the internet. The more popular the websites are the better.

Finding these type of websites will help rank your photos higher in image results. Also assisting to suppress your mugshot images from ranking. This will make your efforts in mugshot removal much stronger and impactful. Below are some of the website that you should focus on:

More on Image Websites

Ensure that your profile in each of these websites is optimized with your name. Enabling the pages containing your photos to be indexed by search engines in higher ranking. As compared to the ones that have your mugshot. You should also make sure your name appears in the same format as the one tagged in your mugshot. This way, when someone searches for your mugshot, your web profiles and images will show first instead of the mugshots. Removing mugshots off the first page on Google is the goal of suppression.

Your personal website will also play a big role in your efforts in removing your mugshots online. When examining each optimized photos be sure to include them on your personal website. If you are yet to create one, you better build it right away. Buy your domain and get hosting from websites like Bluehost, GoDaddy, and HostGator. Set up your website with

Furthermore, your new personal site will not be as authoritative or powerful as websites like Facebook or Twitter. It will greatly help in suppressing your old mugshot photos and bury them deeper in search results. In your own website, you can modify the ‘alt text’ of the images. Do this with the keywords that you need to suppress. You can also make your website well-optimized by including more relevant personal information. This will enable the search engines to understand the images better.

Image Websites

Publishing Optimized Images

You’ve gathered the required images, you’ve found the correct websites, and you’ve created your personal website; now it’s time to publish the photos. However, there’s more to it than just uploading your photos. You need to do some things to make these images optimized. Here are the additional steps that you have to do:

  •         In all the images that you are to upload, the filenames should include your name. Try to do some variations of it. For example, don’t just the images as johndoe.jpg or john-doe.jpg. Include file names like john-doe-minnesota.jpg or john doe-marketingmanager.jpg. These variations with your work or location can help Google and other search engines understand the image better. 
  •         Personal websites (via WordPress) are capable of adding ‘alt text’ to images uploaded to the website. Take advantage of this feature by including your name as well. Alt text is another useful signal that search engines can pick up when indexing your images. So, make sure to do it.
  •         Some websites also permit adding image descriptions, like Facebook, Instagram,  and Pinterest. Don’t forget to make use of them as well. Fill the descriptions out by describing the image and putting variations of your name on it. 
  •         Whenever allowed by a website, put a caption on your photo. Just like image descriptions, they also help provide more details to search engines about the images. Format the captions in such a way that you can smoothly insert your name. If you find this part a little hard, try adding other useful personal information instead.
  •         Almost all social media networks today have a tagging feature. You can use this option in strengthening your mugshot removal project. By tagging yourself in a picture, whether uploaded by you or someone else, you are binding your name to it. 

Create, Optimize and Observe

Aside from the mugshot removal strategy, you can also use the mugshot removal process that is 100% guaranteed. This process will also help you promote a clean online profile to every Google search that includes your name. We call this “Create-Optimize-Observe” process and it includes the following:

  1.    Creating a personal website and linking social media accounts to serve as a strong foundation for your online presence.
  2.    Make sure to utilize SEO practice on Images and Alt text to best rank.
  3.    Observing the effect of the first two steps in search results constantly.

Although this process is a standard. Publishing mugshots at high volume are what these publishers specialize in. When dealing with a negative image of you just like a mugshot, you must be proactive. Post any many images online as possible. And dedicate more a lot of time in establishing great profiles on popular websites and social media platforms.


Removing mugshots online can be an excruciating experience at the beginning. Therefore, using the strategy that we taught can help put ease on your effort. The best way on how to remove mugshots doesn’t have to be expensive. Just like what most mugshot removal websites told you. By doing the steps that we provided. You can suppress the negative images of you online, even if you live in a state with helpful legislation.

Learning how to remove mugshots online is what we do best. It’s just a matter of how much time and effort you are willing to give in order to succeed. Do everything as this article has instructed and you will succeed in removing your mugshots online.

Lastly, our company has other tools and services that we offer to help you strengthen your reputation online. If you don’t want to rely on mugshot removal sites anymore and are seeking alternatives. Then sign up to get our reputation management software to make immediate progress on your efforts. Click here.

You can also avail some of our reputation management services if you need professional help with your situation. Check out the different services that we offer because one of them might be able to help you. 

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