Blog, they get to work to remove mugshots online and having all the arrest information removed from the different websites. Removal service.

Remove Mugshots Online In Order For A Less Restrictive Future

April 3, 2018

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Remove Mugshots Online | Most people know that arrest records and mugshots are public files that can be accessed by anybody. However, they feel that, in order to do this, they have to go to their county court or the police station where the arrest took place. In reality, however, mugshots and arrest records are almost instantly published on as many as 350 different websites! Remove mugshots online for a less restrictive future.


A lot of different organizations now conduct background checks on people. Around 67% of colleges do it to determine whether or not an applicant should be admitted, some 95% of prospective employers do it to decide whether or not give someone a job or a promotion, landlords do it to get to know their prospective tenants’ history, new dates do it to find out whether they are dealing with someone trustworthy, and your neighbors do it if you have moved into a new area because they want to know who you are. A full and complete background check is expensive, which is why the vast majority of the people in the aforementioned list will use one of those 350 websites instead.


Indeed, if you appear on any of those websites, it will impact your ability to gain housing, an education, employment, and more. There are significant direct and collateral implications, and you must find out what you can do in order to protect yourself. That is where Erase Mugshots comes in.


What Erase Mugshots Can Do To Remove Mugshots Online


After being arrested, a record will be made about that arrest. Your mugshot will also be attached to that. It doesn’t matter whether you were eventually found innocent or not, those records, including the reasons for your arrest, will always remain available and open, except in some very rare circumstances. However, that does not automatically mean that it is okay for the information to be shared across hundreds of websites where anybody will be able to find them.


On a full, official background check, things in the past will always come up. They also will if someone requests a background check through the official channels. To do this, they often have to provide personal details, which means you have given permission to someone so they can look you up. By contrast, the websites don’t require any of this information. You could quite literally enter anybody’s details at random and find out a lot of who they were.


As you can see on, they get to work to remove mugshots and having all the arrest information removed from the different websites. They make sure that the information is taken away from these websites. They also contact the main search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and ensure that the links to the mugshots and arrest records have been removed. Essentially, it means that they ensure nobody can look into your past anymore unless they do so through official channels and with the right credentials.


How Can You Protect Yourself When You Remove Mugshots Online?


The easiest and best way to protect yourself from having your arrest records and mugshots found is, of course, to not get arrested in the first place. However, as stated, getting arrested does not mean you have actually committed a crime, it simply means that you were in circumstances that warranted an arrest. If that has happened, you must be proactive to make sure that whatever mistake you made in the past, even if it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, doesn’t continue to haunt you forever.


It is not possible to remove mugshots online from public records. It is possible, however, to make sure they are much harder to find and certainly won’t come up whenever someone types your name into Google. That is what Erase Mugshots can do, and they do so very well. They have removed over 16,000 records so far and have over 1,900 happy customers. Indeed, they guarantee satisfaction with their services.


Erase Mugshots can have these types of details removed within as little as 72 hours. They can also offer a background check removal service, which takes around 45 days to complete. This is a fully tailored service whereby they make sure all details about you are hidden from the public eye. To find out whether you need this more extensive service, head on to and complete their free, no obligation analysis. Don’t let the mistakes of your past haunt you for the rest of your life, costing you education, employment, and housing opportunities. Take control of your own background when you remove mugshots online.