How Do I Remove My Name From a Police Blotter?

July 26, 2022

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Getting your name off a police blotter can be challenging. Our guide will coach you through the steps needed to restore your good name

If you or someone you know had a criminal offense that led you to be arrested or run into the police, you are likely familiar with how police blotters work. The police might have even included you in one if that were the case.

While police blotters can be helpful to the larger community, the reality is that such records do not capture the entire story. Such a case may end up misleading the public, causing grave misunderstandings and damages to your online reputation.

Even if charges against your name are cleared, there are chances that the police could still include your record in their blotter. Hence, it would be best if you did something about it.

Before looking into how you can remove your name from a police blotter, let’s first define what a police blotter is.

Police Blotters: What They Are And What They Aren’t

Federal and state-level laws require the police to monitor daily activities in the police stations. These records have historically been called police blotters.

The full term “police blotter” is a slang term used by many when it comes to certain procedures and practices involving the police. Generally, it refers to a certain book that contains records of arrested individuals and other important facts and events in a police station. This record is updated daily—from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and so on.

Whenever arrests occur, the local police update this report. The record includes the following details:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Suspect or arrested person’s address
  • Place, time, and date of the incident
  • Responding officer’s name
  • Victim or complainant name

What Kind Of Incidents Are Reported In This Record?

Incidents included in a police blotter can either be minor or major. They may involve these incidents:

  • Vehicle
  • Weather
  • Safety
  • Traffic
  • Any other incident subject

They can include trash disposal issues or go as far as recording assault charges.

Given this, a police blotter is quite a comprehensive record.

Is Everyone In A Blotter Considered Guilty?

A police blotter records arrests and things that happen within a police station. That being said, not everyone listed in the blotter is considered guilty.

For example, the Police Blotter section of the CO police site included a note that each person arrested or charged should be presumed innocent until and unless the person is proven to be guilty.

Do Police Blotters Matter?

These records may be simple records of incidents and arrests, but they bring great significance to law enforcement offices and the whole society.

How Do Police Blotters Help Law Enforcement Agencies?

Because these records are continuously updated, they are vital for law enforcement offices like the city police, state police, deputy sheriffs, and special jurisdiction police. Such a record makes cross-agency communication and contact easier.

Besides this, a police blotter is also useful in compiling and updating statistics, pinpointing community issues, and identifying training requirements for police.

The value of a police blotter can even go beyond that and assist with investigating, preparing, and defending court cases.

How Can Police Blotters Help The General Public?

The general public can also benefit from a police blotter.

Such a blotter plays a role when it comes to crime and safety. Because such records regularly include incident reports such as phone scams or night prowlers, others need to know about this. The community involved, specifically, must see this information.

When a resident can read up on such blotter listings, this resident can be more cautious of questionable phone calls and ensure that doors are locked at night. For example, a police blotter can help protect residents and other persons. This show that they are indeed important in keeping society safe.

Are Police Blotters Private Or Public Records?

Because a public office provides such reports, these records are available to the public. Several local newspaper agencies and sites check these blotters so that they may report these arrests and other noteworthy activities.

Can You Find Police Blotters Online?

In some cases, you can find these blotters online.

Colorado Springs, for example, includes a Police Blotter section on their official police site. Different persons can visit this section after agreeing to their terms. The CO police responded to the public’s need to be updated. They decided to make this info available and accessible to the public.

Other states like NY and MA have made their police blotters available to the public.

What Happens When Criminal Charges Are Filed Against You?

If you or someone you know gets an arrest warrant or gets involved with the police, you should not be surprised to find your record in the police blotter. Publicizing your report may be seemingly harmless, but if charges against you are clear yet your information is still there, you may experience damages to your reputation.

A Police Blotter Can Affect Your Reputation

When you are included in this record, such information can negatively impact your online reputation in several ways.

For one, it does so regarding initial fallout in the blotter. The law permits media agencies to obtain information regarding arrests and related warrants directly. This reality means that your case can get publicized before any verdict. In many instances, this occurs right after the arrest or even before such persons get released.

Negative search results

What makes things worse is that anyone can easily access these records online. Anyone can find out about your information by searching through the engine.

Even if it’s been months and years, and even if your records and dues are clear, the information of your blotter or mugshot could still resurface at some point and affect your life. As long as the public has access to your blotter information, the charges can still get associated with your name and affect your employment and other opportunities.

You Have To Be Proactive

You cannot expect the police to update their record and erase your name and details. This record could stay there forever until and unless you do something about it.

That being said, one of the best things you can do is to remove your name from the police blotter.

How To Remove Your Name From A Police Blotter on The Internet

The source website must first remove the data for this information to be removed from the search results. One thing you can do is to reach out to them and present your concern directly.

For them to process your removal request, any of the following conditions should be met.

  1. Your record is old to the point where having it removed will bring no harm.
  2. You processed the expunction of your arrest record and can provide supporting documents.
  3. You are cleared of your charges and found to be not guilty. You can show this information as you present your concern.

If you do not meet any of these conditions, the source website may not process the request for you.

Trust A Professional To Do It For You

Though you can get yourself off a police blotter by yourself, it may be wise to leave the process in the hands of a professional.

You can opt for an attorney or intermediary’s services, but you can also opt for a team of professionals specializing in building an online reputation and content removal. You can entrust the entire burden to this agency.

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