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May 4, 2021

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If you’ve been in trouble with the law, you probably don’t want the world to know. We understand. Mistakes from the past shouldn’t necessarily determine your future. Here, we’ll take a look at what you need to know if your information is on

What Is is a public database of criminal records. Currently, the website redirects to Site visitors can enter a person’s name as a search term.

After entering a search term, mugshots, criminal records, and other information appear. Site visitors have access to arrest details, addresses, aliases, tattoo details, and more.

The website’s physical address is in Florida. is not affiliated with government or law enforcement agencies. Plain and simple — the site exists to make money. If you request Rapsheets removal, you’re not doing anything illegal.

If your criminal history is on, it’s easy for others to get your criminal history information. You’ll want to consider Rapsheets removal if you want to keep your arrest records private.

Why Should You Remove Your Online Criminal History?

If you’re thinking about Rapsheets removal, you’re making a smart move. There are many reasons why you don’t want your criminal history floating around.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most important reasons to conceal your criminal past.

Getting An Apartment

When you’re looking for an apartment, it can be tough to find a place that’s a good fit. Many landlords require a background check prior to offering a lease.

Even if you find a landlord who doesn’t require a background check, they’ll look you up online before offering you an apartment.

When you have a criminal history, you may find that your living options are seriously limited. In order to open up your options for housing, you may want to think about Rapsheets removal.

Getting A Job

Most hiring officials research applicants before offering a job (or an interview). The last thing you want is for your mugshot to pop up when you’re searched.

Even when a job doesn’t require a full background check, your potential employer will take the time to search for you online. If your criminal history is available, it will pop up.

Even if your potential employer tries to keep an open mind, it’s hard to overcome seeing your criminal history. If you choose not to do rapsheets removal, you’ll want to be upfront with your employer about your past.

If you have not committed a felony, your application likely won’t require that you reveal your criminal history. Getting your history off the internet can be an important first step toward getting a job.

Getting a Mortgage

When you decide that you’d like to buy a house, a criminal history can make it hard to get a mortgage. Other loans, such as car loans, can be difficult as well.

Just like a landlord or potential employer, a lender will likely look you up online before agreeing to lend you money. When your criminal history is available online, it can be tough to get a loan.

How To Get Your Criminal Record Removed From The Internet: Your Options

If you’ve decided to get your record removed from the internet, you’re making a smart decision. There are several options you can pursue to have your criminal history removed from the internet, including:

  • Asking websites from criminal history removal
  • Getting your records sealed or expunged
  • Working with a professional reputation management company

Reach Out To Directly For Rapsheets Removal

If you find your criminal information on a website, you can contact the webmaster directly. Asking for rapsheets removal works sometimes. It’s up to the webmaster whether to honor your request.

It’s recommended that you ask for your information removal via certified mail.’s address is:

PO Box 162644

Altamonte Springs, FL 32716

Other rapsheet websites are often more difficult to contact due to overseas addresses. If you choose to contact the organization yourself, you may want to work with a lawyer to write an effective letter.

While having your information removed from one website is helpful, it may still pop up elsewhere. You need to stay diligent about checking the web for your private information.

Get Your Record Expunged

You can also get your record sealed or expunged. This means that your criminal history won’t pop up in a background check.

In order to get your record expunged, you’ll need to wait a certain period of time after your arrest. Check the specific laws in your state.

To get your record sealed, you’ll petition the court. You can do this on your own, but it’s usually easier with a lawyer. While this can take time and money, it’s an effective way to clean up your past.

Once the expunction process is complete, you’ll need to send proof of the expunction to It may still take some time for the site to remove your information. Just like a standard request, it’s more effective if this letter comes from a lawyer.

Work With A Reputation Management Company

When you try to get your information removed from the internet on your own, it can be hard to know where to start. You’ll need to constantly monitor the internet for new information.

It can be stressful and time-consuming to search for yourself daily. When you work with a professional reputation management company, you can rest assured that someone else is doing this for you.

Professional reputation management companies also have experience removing info from Rapsheets and mugshot websites. This can make it easier for them to remove your information.

You may have concerns about the cost of a professional reputation management company. Most companies offer reasonable prices for their services. Paying for a reputation management company costs far less than living without ideal employment due to public criminal records.

Need Rapsheets Removal? We’re Here For You.

Trying to rent an apartment? Struggling to find a job?

A criminal record can cause problems. At EraseMugshots, we know that you want your criminal history removed from — fast. We can help.

You don’t have to try to figure this out on your own. When you reach out to us, we’ll listen to your concerns. Together, we’ll develop a reputation management plan.

Rapsheets Removal isn’t easy, and it’s best left to professionals. The longer your info remains online, the more people are likely to see it. You deserve to move forward with your life.

Call us today to learn more.

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