How Do You Remove Mugshots for Free?

Can you remove mugshots for free? We show you when it’s possible and when it’s time to call in a pro.  First, How Does a Mugshot Get Online? To remove a mugshot removed for free, first you have to understand how a…


February 18, 2021

Arrest Records, Mugshots

Do I Need a Mugshot Removal Lawyer?

Need a mugshot removal lawyer to remove those embarrassing images? We show you when it’s time to hire a pro.   Someone sends you an email with “Click the link!” in the subject line. You click on the link, expecting a cat…


What is the Georgia Mugshots Law?

What is the current Georgia Mugshots Law? Our blog team breaks down this legislation and what you can to remove that mugshot fast.    How Your Mugshot Got Onto the Internet Back in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson signed a law aimed at…


June 24, 2020

Arrest Records, Mugshots

Complete Guide for Mugshot Removal

Have an embarrassing image on Check out our guide for mugshot removal and restore your online image today.   What Is Jailed.Info?   At first glance, looks like an ordinary website showing users a list of names with hyperlinks.…


How to Remove Yourself from the Internet

If you are reading this, it’s likely that your private info is online and available to the public. Learn how to remove yourself from the internet with a few easy steps. So, how does deleting yourself from the internet prevent businesses from…


How to Get Your Mugshot Off the Internet

Getting arrested doesn’t have to be the end of your life! Learn how to get your mugshot removed online, find your mugshots and criminal records on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. There are over 100+ mugshot publication websites in existence. After an arrest,…


How Much Does Expungement Cost?

How much does expungement cost? We look at what you’re likely to pay to seal or expunge that unflattering record.    If you are reading this article, either you or someone close to you has fallen into some bad luck. Often, it’s…


December 31, 2019

Arrest Records

How Do Arrest Warrants Work

What is an arrest warrant and how do they work? Basically, arrest warrants are issued when there’s been a crime that has been committed and there’s sufficient evidence to incriminate a defendant. The individual named in the warrant committed the offense.  …


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