Are Mugshots Public Record in the USA?

Are mugshots public record in the United States? In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into mugshots online, helping you understand how they got there and what you can do about it. A special legal process begins the moment a person…


Why Are Police Photos Called Mugshots?

Why are police photos called mugshots? Learn a bit of history in our guide to mugshots on the web.  If you or anyone you know has ever been arrested, odds are likely that you were required to take a mug shot, or…


Are Mugshots Ever Deleted from the Internet?

Are mugshots ever deleted from the web? Even if you were never charged for a crime, your mugshot could still be found online. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and removing your mugshot from the Internet.  Whether you’re applying for…


Can Google Remove Mugshots for Me?

Can Google remove mugshots for me from online searches? Will the company remove your mugshot if you request it? Learn everything you need to know about Google mugshot removal with our guide. It’s all about getting the right shot when it comes…


The Difference Between Expungement and Sealing

Expungement and sealing records are often confused as meaning the same thing. Most states receive numerous requests every year for both.   For example, in the state of Illinois 7,601 records were successfully expunged in 2016, and 6,660 records were sealed.  …


May 3, 2022

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Expunction Does Not Mean You are in the Clear

Expunctions often seem like the silver bullet you need to erase a criminal record from the public record. With almost a third of adults being arrested by the age of 23, a lot of people are finding it hard to find a…


Everything You Need to Know About the Breach, a social media sharing platform, recently suffered a data breach that affects millions of users. This is a significant event because ShareThis is used by some of the largest websites in the world, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In this article,…


5 of the Most Common Android Spyware File Names

Concerned about spy ware apps on your Android smartphone? With this guide, detecting spyware installed on your phone is easier than ever. Protect your device and your privacy today by watching out for these five common Android spyware file names.  In today’s…

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