All You Ever Wanted To Know About Mugshot Sites

Is it illegal to publish mugshots online? No. There is a long list of mugshot sites protected under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act of 1966) and the First Amendment.


Booking photos and arrest records are considered public information. The individuals that own these mugshot websites choose to publish them on Google for convenience. 


Your online reputation lasts forever — whether the results are positive or negative. Embarrassing comments and photos will resurface and may hinder future opportunities with your career, housing situation, and even your family. Criminal charges such as your arrest information and public mugshots are accessed and exploited online. 


Mugshot removal sites have engineered a business around displaying arrest records and strict payment to delete the photos. is currently the leading mugshot removal agency on the internet.


Furthermore, victims currently have several choices to remove mugshots from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Removing your mugshots online is very possible as long as you know the laws that govern publishing mugshots on the internet. 


Let’s dive in and find out what you can do to remove your arrest details from these mugshot sites.


Mugshot Sites: An Overview

Mugshot sites scrape arrest photographs from county police websites and post them online. In addition, these sites typically rank favorably and will, more often than not, be found on the first page of Google when users type in your name. 


As a result, these mugshot publications may cost you jobs, dates, or perhaps the ability to apply for credit.


Apart from paying to remove your information, you can publish new and fresh information on highly authoritative websites in an effort to suppress your negative content on Google. In the past, mugshot platforms have found themselves amidst various lawsuits.


Sadly, the law does not see anything wrong with them, which is the most concerning part. As long as the mugshot website does not harass you and demand payment, they are free to publish arrest records in various states across the nation. 


However, thanks to new laws and policies from Google, many mugshot sites have gone out of business or fallen off the first page after a recent algorithm update that severely penalized these types of websites.


The Most Infamous List Of Mugshot Sites

All mugshot sites claim that the individuals they post are innocent till proven guilty. This helps when they are sued because that will always be a fact. By not updating the disposition of the arrest, they are within the confines of the law.


They also state that the data on their sites shouldn’t be used during the hiring process, housing decisions, insurance claims, or for alternative business-related functions. 


Regardless, once people see your mugshot posted online, it will deter them from working with you as they automatically assume you are a “bad person” with a negative reputation.


Mugshot sites do not tell the whole story, and EraseMugshots wants to change that.



What makes Rapsheetz so bad? It is simple, this site does not remove anyone’s arrest information without expungement documentation. This means you must hire an attorney to seal your charges on the county level before they delete your information.


Go figure. This is a mugshot website owned by two gentlemen out of their basement, and they are “requiring” legal documentation. For what!?


This has negatively impacted thousands of individuals as many charges are dropped but not expunged.


The worst part about RapSheets is that they typically rank well on sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. By not including any mugshot or arrest keywords in their domain name, they get to bypass algorithm changes.


Looking for more assistance on removal information? We will provide you with a team of removal experts that can answer any questions or concerns you may have.



BailBondCity is a site owned by the SAME people as RapSheets, so it is only fitting that they are number two on our list. 


Expungement documentation is required to remove or update any arrest details on this mugshot website.

Busted back in May of 2018, the owners of were arrested after extorting thousands of individuals. They are, likely, the most infamous mugshot website we have seen to this date, charging anywhere from $300-500 for a single mugshot to be removed.


Most times, they will call or email you directly demanding payment to have your information removed. If you refuse the pay, you will likely receive a nasty, degrading response from the owner himself.


If your information is located on, contact us today. We will design a removal solution perfectly catered to your needs and budget.



Based in Boca Raton, Florida, BocaBusted is fairly compliant when requesting a mugshot removal. 


The only downfall, and the reason we included them on our mugshot sites list, is that BocaBusted only accepts payments via BitCoin. The general public is unfamiliar with BitCoin or Cryptocurrency which can make it nearly impossible to remove information. 


In addition, BocaBusted will not remove violent charges (domestic violence, assault with bodily harm, etc.)



As many may assume, LookWhoGotBusted claims to have no affiliation with either BustedNewspaper or BustedMugshots. This mugshot website is another publisher of arrest records on the internet that claims to be the “most up-to-date in the industry.”


Just as RapSheets and BailBondCity, LookWhoGotBusted also has requirements you must fulfill to successfully remove your mugshot from their website. They are as followed:


“If charges were dropped or if the record was expunged or there is an error for which you have documented proof, email us by clicking on this email address: [email protected]. Note: Clicking there ensures we know which exact post you’re referring to. DO NOT CHANGE THE SUBJECT OF THE EMAIL.


Please forward supporting court documents by attaching copies to your email, and upon confirmation, we will gladly remove the post at no charge.


Posts for those deceased also will be similarly removed. We do not offer paid removals, either directly or through any third parties such as so-called “reputation” companies, which may claim to be able to remove posts. Check with us before spending your money.”


Mugshot Laws 

During recent years, lawmakers have been working to shut down these websites that have been protected by the First Amendment. Georgia state representative Roger Bruce introduced a new law that currently makes it a criminal offense for websites to charge Georgia citizens to have their mugshot removed. 


So what did these sites do? Stopped removing but kept publishing. This solution ended up hurting the public more than before. At least in the past, individuals had the chance to pay to remove, now they must suffer indefinitely.


Mugshot sites currently have thirty days to get rid of a photograph or maybe a violation of the law. Having to pay fines for not complying with freely removing those records that were expungement, dismissed, or sealed.


Here is a list of the 18 states that currently ban arrest websites from charging mugshot removal fees:


 states that ban arrest websites

The one major pitfall with this law is that mugshots are still public. This means that if an individual cannot pay the website to remove the information, it will remain online forever.


Do Mugshot Sites Show On Google?

Google has recently started to make many algorithm updates to suppress or possibly noindex mugshot sites. In fact, Google launched an algorithm in Oct 2013 that specifically targeted these websites. As a result, arrest photos were pushed down or removed from search results.


Whereas mugshots still exist online, they’ll not rank within the prime results for a person’s name. Especially in states such as Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and South Carolina. 


Although many websites have found their way around this update, it has significantly reduced the number of arrest details shown on page one for nearly all those arrested.



Are Mugshots Online Forever?

With lower visibility in Google search results (or SERPs) and restricted ways of payment, mugshot sites seem to be losing steam. While online mugshots are now not as much of a money-making scheme as before, these websites are still able to profit in different ways (i.e., advertising, etc.)


Specifically, these shady websites currently create cash through Bing, Yahoo, and Google ads for bail bonds companies across the nation. As long as websites host mugshots online, your arrest photo could show up. 


Though mugshots now do not rank high enough to dominate your search results, they continue to create controversy. Websites like,, and state that reserved inmates can’t pay to have their pictures removed.


Many mugshot sites that do not offer removal options only keep a particular arrest on their website for a maximum of 90-days before it is automatically removed. 


That’s excellent news for folks with previous arrests. However, deleted photos might not be totally erased from the web. Potential employers and creditors may still find your arrest record if they check cached web content.


Removing Mugshots From Google

If you want to remove your arrest details from a mugshot site but cannot figure out how, don’t lose hope. You have options! In addition, there may be many laws working in your favor to assist throughout the process.


Check out several ways you can work to remove arrest records online for free:


remove mugshots from google



Review Mugshot Sites’ Privacy Policies

Some websites have a “courtesy removal service” or page, specifically for their privacy policy. If you can prove your innocence and have the legal documents to back up your argument, your mugshot will be removed 90% of the time. 


Communication with the websites may be a good beginning. However, keep in mind that they won’t be too keen to facilitate your removal request without proper documentation. When contacting them either via email or by phone, be polite and not aggressive as they may blacklist your information from ever being removed.


Know The Mugshot Laws

Your state might have a law that requires mugshot sites to delete your arrest information upon request. Typically, they need to be taken down within thirty days of being contacted with the request, or they’re going to be in violation of the law. 


Georgia, as well as a few other selected states, presently have these laws. We expect many other, if not all, states to follow in their footsteps soon enough.


Raise Awareness Of Infamous Mugshot Sites

If your state doesn’t have any mugshot removal laws, evoke one. Contact your state law enforcement agencies and encourage them to create a law that will make it easier for you to manage your online name.


Hire An Online Reputation Management Agency

Hire a reputable online reputation management agency to work on your side to combat these unwarranted publications and rebuild your image. 


Here at EraseMugshots, we offer a FREE REMOVAL ANALYSIS for anyone that fills out a form. In addition, all removal solutions come with a lifetime guarantee or your money back. 


Our removal specialists will scour the internet to uncover all mugshot websites publishing your booking information, as well as monitor your results for up to 12-months afterward to ensure successful removal.


Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

Ultimately, the outlook is positive for people scuffling with online mugshots stemming from a previous arrest.


If you are featured on a mugshot website, research each option available to you and urge them to remove your picture. Take action, and defend your online name.


Learn more about how removes mugshots on the internet.


Related Questions

How Much Does a Complete Mugshot Removal Cost?

On average, for a complete removal solution (5-10 mugshot sites) the cost ranges from $500 – $3,500. All removal solutions are 100% guaranteed. Shall we fail to remove your mugshot (which we won’t), you will get a full refund.


How Long Does It Take To Remove Mugshots Online?

When performing a complete removal the process generally takes about 5 days for the website to comply with our takedown notice.


Following a successful removal, we will notify Google so they update the search results. The second half of the solution takes anywhere from a few hours to two weeks, depending on how busy the search engine’s team is.


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Remove Your Information From Busted Mugshots

Want to remove information from Busted We can help!

With almost 1 million indexed pages on Google, more and more people are starting to hear about, a website that publishes public criminal records online for anyone to access.

This premier crime information network, which was set out to provide transparency on local law enforcement, has rapidly grown, providing all sorts of crime information to anyone with a smartphone or computer.

Here are some of the public records they publish:

  • Arrest Records
  • Detailed Incident Reports
  • Sex Offender Information
  • Other Local Court Records

felons during criminal identification

How Did Busted Mugshots Start?

Before Busted Mugshots was around, it was fairly difficult for the average citizen to obtain arrest records. Getting them involved going to the county office(s) or navigating through online forums, which let’s admit it, is not the easiest thing to do for the average individual who is not tech-savvy. 

In 2015, Busted Mugshots came into existence with one goal in mind; to increase crime awareness, and, as they declared “working to synergize multiple sources of law enforcement data in one convenient location for the education of the public.” 

Up until 2015, apart from a few other infamous mugshot websites, they were the first to offer a free database of arrest records. 

Some people may be concerned that the activity of this website is illegal, a scam, or morally unethical. From our perspective, it’s important to know who in the community has committed criminal acts. However, many times, innocent people pay a high cost for having their arrest posted online for everyone to see. Let’s say it’s a case-by-case type of scenario.

How To Remove Public Records From Busted Mugshots?

Busted Mugshots promises to only display relevant and up-to-date reports. If you see an arrest record on their website and have the proper legal documents (dismissal or expungement), 9 of 10 times they’ll remove your information

The most common question we get is, “How did they get this if it was expunged?”

Well, it’s simple, really. There’s generally a period of grace of about 6-12 months where your arrest record is still public as it’s pending approval from the Judge. During this time, your record is treated equally to the others. Once a verdict is given, the corrections will be updated on the website too. 

Know that Busted Mugshots does NOT allow any removal options for those convicted of serious violent felonies or sex crimes.

What Is The End Goal?

As we briefly covered before, the goal of Busted Mugshots is to simply provide a way to locate and view arrest records online. Their belief is that “If a situation is important enough for law enforcement to make an arrest, then that data will most likely end up in our database.

With nearly 1 million Google hits, this site has become a powerful tool for people looking for new hires, trying to keep their families safe, and for personal reputation research in general.

Busted Mugshots has actually aided in assisting Law enforcement in the past and as they declared, “Our dedication to providing criminal justice has led to breakthroughs in cold cases, and numerous tips on robberies, sex crimes, and even murders.

By maintaining an up-to-date database, it’s easy for anyone to type in a first and last name and receive results.

busted mugshots live website

In conclusion, exists to provide a sense of comfort. Some may think they are just in it to expose individuals and profit from it. However, the underlying truth is apparent when you look closer. Being aware of your surroundings and the people in your community is important. 

If you are struggling to remove a mugshot online from Busted Mugshots or any other website just call 866-601-6803 .

Here at, we offer a 100% money-back guaranteed mugshot removal solution. Completed in 72-hours, what do you have to lose? Get your Free Mugshot Removal Analysis today.