Long Term Effects of Mugshots

Uncovering the long term effects of mugshots online can be disturbing and hard to deal with. 


However, if you wish to work toward a positive reputation and a good future, clearing negative content on Google starts with removing your mugshots.


Long term effects of mugshots online include restricted employment opportunities, inability to receive credit or loans, or difficulties buying an apartment/home. 


Even your online dating efforts are hindered if your potential date decides to Google you. So, we will discuss what the long term effects of online mugshots really are. 


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How To Get Your Online Mugshot 

When an individual is arrested and charged for a criminal offense, they must undergo the booking process to be properly documented in the system.


During the booking process, they will collect material such as the suspect’s mugshot and fingerprint for identification purposes. What people don’t realize is that a mugshot is made public before a court conviction. 


Long Term Effects of Mugshots


According to the Freedom Of Information Act, being arrested does not guarantee you any right to privacy about the event. If law enforcement can argue for probable cause, then that individual is susceptible to being arrested. 


The public has the right to know what the police are doing and which suspects to be aware of. Once a mugshot is taken, that image is recorded on the police database and available for anyone to see. Someone’s mugshot can be found 


Because of the information available, mugshots have been commercialized and have caused quite a commotion about the morality of it. Mugshot websites inspect thousands of online arrest records and republish mugshots for the public. 


Mugshot websites profit from this by charging customers content removal fees or through advertising. 


Jailed.info is a quick website to reference if you have been arrested recently.


Long Term Effects

If you’re concerned about the impact of a mugshot, you’re not the only one. Charlotte Mecklenburg Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Smith of Arnold & Smith, PLLC states:


“Their [Clients] biggest concern isn’t necessarily the probation that they or going to receive or the judgment, or the fine, or the court costs. It’s more the lasting impact it is going to have on their professional development.” 


The downside of living in today’s world is that anyone who has access to a mouse and computer is able to look up somebody’s criminal record


Addressing your criminal record status has been a primary question on job applications and has shown to be a great barrier when it comes to finding work. 


Long Term Effects of Mugshots 2


People faced with a criminal record have a harder time obtaining new job opportunities and even receive a decent education. 


According to NCLS, 1 in 3 adults have been charged and arrested. In 2014, 1.7 million people were lost from the workforce due to felony convictions. 


Whether it is a future employer or a potential date, anyone has the ability to search an individual’s criminal history (or advanced background check) and is like a bad scar that you can’t get rid of. 


The horrible truth of it is that you don’t even have to be guilty for your personal information to be made public. Even if your record found your case not guilty, your record will still show the charge because you have not expunged the charge. 


The record will show the disposition of the criminal case but will stay there until you seal the case. Expungement is different than being found not guilty. 


If you take legal action and expunge the case,  that record will remove the requested case as if it never existed in the first place. 


We’ll talk more about how to expunge your case in a later portion. 


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How To Have Your Mugshot Removed

With the growing popularity of the internet, more people have the resources and knowledge to find anything that they’re looking for

If you have personal information that you don’t want the public to access, then don’t waste any second protecting what’s yours. 

Here are some solutions you can take to remove your private information.


Contact Website Administrator(s)

To get a mugshot removed from a website, you will need to contact a proper representative to guide you through their removal process. 


Find out how long it takes for mugshots to appear online. The problem with this is that you may not be dealing with only one website. 


Depending on how long your information has been available online, your mugshot could be in the hands of hundreds of mugshot websites.


Long Term Effects of Mugshots 3


Because mugshots are uploaded onto an accessible database, the number of website sources your personal information can be listed on is endless. 


Keep in mind that most websites are unfortunately protected and are not legally obligated to remove anything. Though the task may be simple at first, there are many layers to consider.


EraseMugshots.com: Mugshot Removal Process 

Handling such as matter can be time-consuming and stressful. Luckily there are mugshot removal companies that specialize in handling online personal information. 


They will provide their clients with a team of experts that can crawl the internet to identify where your information is and properly remove it.


With over 10+ years of experience, EraseMugshot.com formulated a complete removal or suppression solution for their clients that are to be carried out efficiently –  with most being completed within 72 hours. 


We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If we should encounter any problems resulting in a failed remove, you are entitled to your money back! 


Step 1: Analyze Web Presence

After contacting EraseMugshots our team will perform a comprehensive mugshot search


Our removal specialists will scour the internet to uncover your arrest records, mugshots, and booking information. 


Whether your information is listed on Mugshots.com, Arrests.org, or Rapsheetz.com, EraseMugshots handles content removal from 300+ other people-search databases.


Step 2: Mugshot Solution

All arrest record removal requests are 100% guaranteed and completed quickly. 


EraseMugshots offers various package options including but not limited to, de-indexing, suppression of negative information, and mugshot removal. 


Step 3: Clean Up

After the mugshot websites accept our removal request and complete your removal, we immediately notify Google and all other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc) to block the records from appearing. 


We then request that every trace of the record and image be removed from their search engine – forever.


Step 4: Client Satisfaction

We work with our clients until they are 100% satisfied, meaning if we fail to complete your removal request then you are entitled to your money back. 


EraseMugshots offers 24/7 support so you can receive timely updates as we work on your mugshot removal solution. 


EraseMugshots also offers affordable monthly payments and other options that fit within your budget.


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Expungement Process

As long as the details of the arrest were public information at the time of publication, these websites are under no obligation to remove information once it is published. 


If you decide to take legal action and have your case expunged, you might be able to get your mugshot removed for free. 


You will need to present the court order sealing to website administration and request your information to be removed. They will have no choice but to take down your information or face legal repercussions. 


If you are looking to take a step further and want to completely wipe your criminal case from your record – contact us and we can get you set up with the help of reliable legal assistance. 


Long Term Effects of Mugshots 4


How you decide to handle your online personal information will strongly impact how your life turns out. 


Whether you decide to take on the task by yourself or request some help – take action now, be proactive with your online reputation. Don’t let your past dictate how your future will turn out. 


About EraseMugshots.com

Erase Mugshots was launched to offer anyone and everyone a removal solution. There are no eligibility requirements, this means everyone is able to remove their negative content


We offer a total removal solution to arrest records and associated mugshot images online. All projects are 100% money-back guaranteed which is detailed in our Statement of Work. 


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Are All Mugshots Public Record?

Are all mugshots public records? Yes, and no depending on if the charges were dropped, dismissed, sealed, or expunged the transparency shown within criminal records may fluctuate. For example, an individual whose criminal charges have been expunged, those court documents are no longer accessible to the public, nor the government.


Unfortunately in the United States, mugshots and criminal records from the second an arrest occurs is considered public record unless instructed otherwise by the courts. Many Americans struggle with lingering mugshots online even if they were due to a false arrest being made. Therefore, here at EraseMugshots, we work to give individuals a second chance, regain their footing online


Times have changed, however, in the article we help we can help you get a better understanding of why are all mugshots public records and how you can work to remove yours.


In the past, you would like to physically visit a local county courthouse in order to obtain legal documents such as a mugshot, arrest record, or criminal background report. However, in 2019, it has become all too easy.


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Virtually anyone with $10 and an internet connection can locate your home address, phone numbers, email address, and lots of other personal pieces of information. 


However when it comes to mugshots, thanks to the infamous websites such as BustedMugshots or Mugshots.com it has become too easy to locate another person’s mugshot online.


All you have to do is Google their name. Public mugshots can be found within minutes if you have access to the internet, there are a plethora of free mugshot search tools at your disposal.


Let’s dive into the background behind how this occurred and where your personal information might be hiding on the dark web.


What is Considered Public Record?

All court documents, from government cases to estate deeds, are usually public records. These are registered with or preserved by a governmental office and accessible for examination by residents in the local community.


For example, if you’re intrigued in purchasing a new home, you can gather the previous owner’s name. You can do this by exploring the county’s land reports at your district registrar or division clerk’s building, most of the time these can be found online considering these documents are public records. 


Nevertheless, specific documents or data may be redacted from the public eye because it adheres to the privacy or confidentiality exemption clauses within a particular state or specific federal law. For example, if you are browsing a free mugshot search tool or free mugshot lookup database expunged records will not be shown (or should not be).



Freedom of Information Act | How All Mugshots Are Public Record

Dating back to 1966, the FOIA, otherwise known as the Freedom of Information Act came into fruition. FOIA provides you with the freedom to legally collect public records from within a federal agency. This would even include the U.S. Department of State.


Despite whether the public record was generated by the bureau or directly collected by them. In order to obtain this data, you must send them a signed application or request, directed towards the most fitting agency. 


Furthermore, you must describe the data you want to obtain with great detail. Truth be told, there is no special form. All you have to do is ask.


Under FOIA, you can inquire about any public records conceived or acquired by that specific agency. You may additionally be asked to pay a fee, although this is rare.

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are all mugshots public record



Exclusions From FOIA & Public Mugshots

Your freedom to collect reports under FOIA is not without boundaries. This is the reason most of these free mugshots search tools are still around today. There are no laws barring them from distributing this content.


Documents may be excluded from public records under special conditions. For instance, busted mugshots Arizona data will remove any records that have been dismissed or expunged.


Public mugshots are indeed public until the case is expunged or sealed. This is because it would end in an undesirable intrusion of another individual’s privacy or is associated with a subject of national security.


Using Free Mugshot Lookup Tools to Update Inmate Mugshots

Commonly, a public record is a report registered with any particular city, county, state, or federal government office. In layman’s terms, public records are simply documents and official reports that anyone can access.


Although public records are typically records. These records can include anything from maps to recordings, to films, to photographs, to tapes, to software, to letters, and books, and so on. 


Court records are a popular illustration of public records. For instance, if you discovered that your next-door neighbor Max was convicted for a violent domestic charge a few years ago, you can inquire for a copy of the public records to learn more about the event. In some cases, these findings can only be observed or collected online. 


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Florida and Maryland permit the general public to search for the following within their database:

  • Civil
  • Criminal
  • & Traffic Records


You can hunt for a person’s name, case number, or home address.


Moreso, you can even obtain copies of transcripts from that person’s hearing and trial (Florida only). Additionally, you can scour the internet for bankruptcy matters using the national database called PACER.


stack of criminal record binders
Mugshots Public Record


Why Are Mugshots Public Record Before the Verdict is Given

Mugshots can assist others when they are trying to find people who have been absconded. In opposition, mugshots can warn the local area for when an individual has been released and if they are dangerous. So there is a good reason to share some mugshots.


Our judicial system expects transparency by the federal constitution. Any attempt to hold mugshots privately would end in lawsuits by those affected. 


Nevertheless, back in in 2016, a federal court ordered that federal mugshots are no longer regularly and as accessible under the federal FOIA. However, this did not change much.


This is somewhat the perception of the harm that mugshots can create when online. The court clearly states websites that put mugshots online, in its analysis. Mugshots.com being one of the leading mugshot publication websites was included on that list.


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Some states have enacted legislation in order to limit the number of released mugshots prior to a conviction. One of these states today is New Jersey.


The entire idea of public records is to bypass the government from collecting money from people. Also to restrict abusing their power. 


It was understood that making records public would better protect individuals. As it certainly does when you have a secretive government.


However, it also may still create harm in the digital era we are experiencing today. The internet goes both ways, people want to be able to locate whatever information they want. But when the information makes them look bad there is an uproar, total catch-22.


As citizens of the United States, we have the freedom to identify problems and freedom of expression. 


Allowing others to post negatively about you online has irreparable damages. These mugshot publication websites are causing emotional distress. 


Remove Free Public Criminal Record Checks

Mugshot posts normally begin to surface online after roughly two weeks after the arrest.  Approaching these mugshot publications immediately provides you with leverage while working to remove criminal documents from public records


Throughout advanced background checks, it is possible that your criminal history will reveal itself. Websites such as WhitePages or Spokeo reveal everything from your name, criminal history, relatives, home addresses, etc.


Removing online mugshots and public records is what EraseMugshots concentrates on and has for the past decade. Our mugshot removal team will notify all search results immediately following the successful removal of your public records. 


After about one week, Google will refresh its search results to display any alterations online.


Read more about how to remove your mugshots and arrest records in Florida.



Remove Public Mugshots Today with EraseMugshots

There are many reasons why people should want to have your background report restored to its former glory and cleaned up. 


If you would like to learn more about how you can work to remove public records such as mugshots online, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as we can.


Learn how to effectively remove mugshots online (especially those on busted mugshots Arizona).


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