How Long Do Arrests Stay On Your Criminal Record?

What is a Criminal Record

A criminal record is a report that law enforcement documents about an individual’s criminal history. A criminal record is made up of two parts, the first being the record of arrests, and the second part is the record of convictions. 

When an individual is placed under the custody of the police or convicted of a crime, each incident is recorded and entered onto their permanent record. Unless you take legal action, there is no way to remove an arrest off of your criminal record. 


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Why Are Arrest Records Permanent?

State and federal authorities upload criminal records on their database for many reasons.

They are usually saved to identify possible crime suspects or utilized to determine sentences for crimes committed by the same individual. 

According to the Freedom of Information Act, the general public can request information from any government agency.

This law helps employers perform background checks and evaluate incoming applicants to see if they have ever committed a crime. 

Arrest records play a significant part in helping maintain transparency and protection throughout our society. 


Arrest Records Permanent

What’s the Problem?

Now that we have addressed how arrest records benefit society, let us discuss the cons. People with a criminal record will have a permanent barrier to job opportunities, higher education, housing, and much more.

Even though employers may eliminate applicants who may be prone to unwanted behavior, they will disregard anyone with a criminal background even for minor activity.  

Even though arrest information originates from government agencies, luckily enough, it is nonindexed (meaning it can not be shown on search engine results).

The general public must submit a government information request to have access to criminal records and other public records. 

This process may be simple, but it may take longer than expected. Agencies receive a lot of requests and perform a thorough analysis of what information they are allowed to receive. For that reason, many people more often visit background check websites for immediate details.


How Long Do Arrests Stay On Your Criminal Record


In exchange for money, these websites provide their consumers with readily available public information. These sites crawl the police database, searching for public records, and republish them on their platform for online users.

Unfortunately, background check websites are indexed and can easily see your information with a simple Google search.  

Is this legal? Because arrest records are public information, anyone is allowed to repost what is already publically accessible.

With the rise of background check websites, more people are discovering that their arrest information is circulating.


How To Remove Your Arrest Information

Because there is no easy way to remove your information and mugshot from the police database, the focal problem is how to reduce the spread of information.

The longer your information is listed on websites, the higher chance it has being seen by unwanted eyes.

Fortunately, your not at a total loss! Here are some brief preventative measures from your information being broadcasted across the internet. 


Contact The Website

Visit the website’s contact page and get directed to the proper representative to remove your arrest information.

Note that every website may have a different process and can take longer than others. Expect them to ask for a fee in exchange for your content to be removed. If you have time to handle your personal information, then this option might be best for you.

Before your spark turns to flames, it is important to remember that it is recommended to handle this issue as soon as possible.


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Online Reputation Company

Handing over your private information needs is not easy but neither is doing it on your own.

Online reputation management companies will offer content removal services for people struggling with undesired online content. Invest in a company that can provide you a team of trusted professionals experienced in this industry.

Regain control of your information without lifting a finger. 


Online Reputation Company

Legal Action: Expungement

Furthermore, if granted an order of expungement, your arrest information will be removed from your record as if it never existed.

Background check websites will need to remove your information or else face legal repercussions. Gaining an order of expungement is a long and challenging process, nor is it granted easily.

Contact us, and we’ll get you in touch with an experienced legal representative to handle your case. 



Erase Mugshots was launched to offer anyone and everyone a removal solution. There are no eligibility requirements; this means everyone can remove their past criminal history. 

So give yourself the best chances in the future (i.e. Job Seeking, Credit Loans, etc.) arrest records will always be accessible at the government records depot and local courthouses. 

However, that does not mean they have to be accessible through a basic Google search. 

Therefore, EraseMugshots offers a total removal solution to arrest records and associated mugshot images online. All projects are 100% money-back guaranteed, which is detailed in our Statement of Work.


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How Much Does Expungement Cost

At this point, if you are reading this article either you or someone close to you has fallen into a pit of bad luck. It can be stressful and tiresome enough dealing with your probationary requirements alongside other requests from the court or Judge. Dealing with an expungement after you are complete is the last thing most want to deal with.


The answer to your questions, how much does an expungement cost will vary depending on where you live throughout the United States, what your charges were, how recent this incident was, and most importantly which lawyer you select to help you throughout the expungement process.


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In short, hiring an attorney to work on your behalf is a wise decision, granted you trust this individual to not swindle you or your pockets. On average, the typical cost of an expungement is anywhere between $400 and $1,000 for a single charge to be removed from your record. 


In this article, we will take a deeper look into what is exactly included when you pay for an expungement as well as ways to lessen the blow to your wallet. Learn the best discounts when figuring out how much your expungement will cost you. Lastly, we close this article with tips on finding the best attorney for you, don’t settle for a crooked attorney that simply sees you as dollar signs. Learn the best questions to ask so you can feel safer knowing you are in the right hands.


What Does Your Expungement Cost Cover?

Calling an attorney can be enough to rattle anyone’s brain. You did not study law, how should you know what is included when paying for a mugshot. It is important to note the reasoning for filing for your expungement in the first place.


The expungement process and costs associated are intended to help further reintegrate an individual back into society with essentially nothing on their criminal record. Expungements are meant for those who have made past mistakes however, they are now law-abiding citizens. The goal here is to help these individuals get their life back on track without the burden on an arrest record holding them back.


If you are successful and obtain an expungement, generally speaking, that charge and any associated records are destroyed. While simply “sealing” your record removes your files from public record. However, at the end of the day, those charges are still within the system just not accessible by the public.


The expungement process is quite simple, you just need to know what to do. Initially, you would need to obtain a copy of the charges filed against you. From here you will complete a petition for an expungement that is sent to be reviewed by the Judge. The details for filing an expungement in the United States vary amongst different expungement jurisdictions so be sure to visit or call your local county clerk’s office if you should need assistance.


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These opportunities are far and few in between however there are cases where you may qualify for a discount on your expungement cost. One of the easier ways to save money is to perform your expungement yourself, meaning you will not employ a lawyer for assistance.

To do so, you can call the Legal Aid office in your county where the arrest occurred to see if you are eligible for pro-bono or discounted legal assistance. Depending on the county/state that your arrest was in, free assistance may not always be available.

At the end of the day, if you are confident enough to apply yours after serving your time or being found innocent you can certainly do so. However, please note if you perform these actions yourself the process may take longer.


How Much Does Expungement Cost


Selecting the Best Lawyer to Expunge Your Criminal Records

If you decide to employ a lawyer to assist with your expungement efforts there are a few things you should always keep in mind. First off, make sure you understand what you are paying for. Be sure you understand whether the attorney charges a flat fee no matter how much time is spent on your expungement. Whereas hiring an attorney on an hourly basis can easily rack up thousands and thousands of dollars.

Before contracting any lawyer to work with you make sure you receive the terms of their “retainer” in writing. Make sure you know exactly what is covered and what to expect. This goes for additional or unexpected fees along the way.

In conclusion, filing for expungement is a fairly straightforward process after you understand what the expungement costs and processes are. In our professional opinion, we always recommend you utilize a professional when handling sensitive information such as your arrest record. However, if you cannot afford to hire an attorney that is still okay. The process may take longer and can be a little more stressful, however skipping the expungement costs entirely is an option.

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance locating an attorney to fight for you, please complete the form below. One of our knowledgable EraseMugshots specialists will reach out to you within 12-hours.


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Find Mugshots Online

In order to find mugshots online for free, initially, you would need to gather details concerning the individual that you’re seeking to find mugshots for. You’ll also need details such as the inmate/offender’s full name as well as few additional key identifying pieces of information.


This would include their date of birth, social security number, or driver’s license number. Besides that, if possible you need to collect information related to the date, place, and nature of the particular crime which may have resulted in the arrest.


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With this information at your disposal, you can get in touch with the local police station to acquire the arrest record. Frequently, you will find mugshots online there are over 500 mugshot publication websites across the entire internet.


So the odds are great that if you have ever been arrested, you can find it online. These issues can quickly impact both your personal and professional lives.


You might also search court documents to determine if the arrest resulted in a guilty verdict, imprisonment, or other penalties. For this, you will need to see the Court Clerk within the appropriate jurisdiction.


remove arrest records


As an alternative, you may try your research efforts online. Nearly all arrest records are posted in some form on the internet. Whether that be by the county, a local newspaper, a mugshot website, or a disgruntled ex-friend who to looking to make your life miserable by sharing it on social media.


Online unlawful arrest record databases give a chance to search arrest documents on a national and international level. If you can manage to pay the mandatory charge, you can search online for criminal arrest records from such databases.


Another choice to find mugshots online is by engaging the assistance of commercial service providers and private detective services.


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How to Find Mugshots Online

There are a number of scenarios where you have to locate some advice about a convicted offender. This shouldn’t be an issue with the assistance of EraseMugshots. There are a plethora of tools you can utilize in order to find free online mugshots as efficiently as possible.


These solutions might help when performing research on offenders’ background details. These solutions also come in handy for those who are looking to find additional information about offenders who are being transferred between facilities


Remember you will need some basic information about the individual you wish to look up. For most mugshots publication websites all you would need is their name and the state where they were arrested. Additionally, after finding their mugshot you will be presented with their alleged charges, bond amount, and more.


Another benefit of doing an internet search is that you can discover more info concerning the jail itself. Including details on the regulations and rules to be observed at the center. You also receive contact information regarding the facility. This, coupled together with all the principles, paves the way as you look for a specific offender on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.


If you are simply seeking to locate the alleged charges, then you’re job is easier than most. The best part is, you don’t have to leave your couch to do it. It’s likely to acquire court conviction records along with the location of the facility they have been sent to.


Find Mugshots Online


The power to arrest – to deprive a citizen of liberty – must be used fairly, responsibly, and without bias.


Another extra benefit of utilizing online searches is that it decreases the time spent going from office to office trying to find mugshots online. For most, you can simply head over to Google and type in the offender’s name coupled with the word “arrest” or “mugshot”. For example, if your name is John Smith your search would look identical to the image below.


Other helpful data found on these sites are the offenders’ date of incarceration, pending fees as well as the expected discharge date. Such information will help you retain tabs as you wait to find the individual upon release. Let’s find mugshots online today and remove what you don’t like today. Complete the form below to receive a FREE MUGSHOT REMOVAL ANALYSIS.

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Free Mugshots: County, State & Federal Criminal Details

In the olden days, an individual would have to walk into their local court of clerks’ office with court documents in order to view a record. Nowadays you do not even have to leave your couch. Finding mugshots and arrest information on the internet as easy as updating your Facebook status or posting a new photo to Instagram.


After working in the mugshot removal and online reputation industry for over a decade. Our team has perfected the way in which we locate both state and county records before eliminating them from the front pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


For most, the process is fairly simple, granted you do not have a popular name such as John Smith. Utilizing an inmate locator such as or should not be a problem for you. However, gone are the days where you would have to visit a law enforcement agency in order to gain access to such records.


Remove Mug Shot From Google


The Process of Finding Mugshots Online for Free

For starters, you will need either a smartphone or a computer. Begin your research process by venturing first to Google and typing in the following:


“First & Last Name” +arrest (or mugshot)


As previously mentioned it may be more difficult to locate a record for yourself if you have a fairly popular name. If this is you, do not worry, simply add the city/state where the incident occurred inside the quotation marks with your name.


Right off the bat, you should only be shown websites that feature your name (and city/state). By adding quotation marks around your name you are essentially excluding all of the other websites that have nothing to do with you specifically.


Once you have located a few websites that have published your arrest information we advise that you create a spreadsheet to record all of these websites. By creating this spreadsheet you are avoiding numerous clicks on this negative content on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


As you may or may not be aware, repeated clicks within a SERP sends signals to Google, and over time it can potentially rank that negative website higher. Google assumes you are interested in the content.


After you are done creating your spreadsheet you can begin to contact each of the websites. We recommend using a tool such as DomainTools or ICANN WHOIS in order to locate the contact information of each website owner.


This process can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating as these websites are protected under the first amendment and are not legally obligated to remove your mugshots from their website. After all, arrest records are public information, unfortunately.


find mugshots online


Is Publishing Free Mugshots Online Legal?

Unfortunately yes. There is no law that prevents a website from publishing arrest information. This allows anyone online to view mugshots of you.


Most mugshot websites are broken down by county or city records. This makes it easier for people to research. Most employers will utilize these websites throughout their hiring process.


Why? Because it is free and a quick way to get results about an individual past. Without having to wait for a background check to clear. Although most of these websites have disclaimers that the records published are not to be used during the hiring process. We all know they do.


It is hard to dispute the fact you were arrested after your potential employer has seen your mugshots.


So, this can be comparable to a potential employer looking you up on Facebook. Scrolling through your posts and photos to determine if you will be a good fit with that company.

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Remove Mugshots And Reclaim Your Reputation

If you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the law, then you have to do whatever you can to clean your name, form restitution where necessary and clean up your reputation online. If you are unable to make restitution and clear your name, finding a job, home or obtaining credit can be next to next to impossible.


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100% Satisfaction


From time to time, even after you have made all of the necessary steps in order to improve your reputation, completed community service requirements, attended all court proceedings and have fulfilled the courts. Your mugshot will remain public on databases. This can feel like an ongoing nightmare where your arrest is affecting your life more and more every day.


You need to be certain that you remove mugshots from every search engine or database to make sure your past remains in the past. Furthermore, you want to ensure that your mugshot doesn’t keep you from securing a job, home or other opportunities. There are lots of mugshot databases (500+) that exist online. Removing your mugshot(s) from other websites such as and BustedNewspaper can be tricky.


For this reason alone, we recommend you work with professionals before you worsen the situation.



To eliminate mugshots, you must identify who the owner of the website is, and the way to get in contact with them. Most sites make this information nearly impossible to find, so getting through to the right person may be a time-consuming task in itself. It will leave you frustrated and stressed out. If you need to remove these images from, employing an online standing business such as to assist you is the best thing to do.


— 90% of Google users never go past the first page —


Online reputation agencies help remove mugshots quickly and effectively. With access to hundreds of databases and law enforcement documents. The experts in online reputation management understand who to contact, and how to get them to remove mugshot. This allows you to rebuild and reclaim your reputation online.


Remove Mugshots And Reclaim Your Reputation
Remove Mugshots And Reclaim Your Reputation


You’ve already paid your fees and completed your time. Therefore do not waste another moment trying to track down and eliminate mugshots one by one. Allow the professionals to do it all for you promptly, efficiently and thoroughly. Once you’ve eliminated all of the mugshots and cleared the search engines, your arrest will become something of the past. Not up for simple public ingestion causing hassles and problems in your life.


Get assistance and remove mugshots from so your past does not become a problem for your future. Don’t let a stupid mistake in your past impede on your odds for employment. Mugshots may also affect your home buying, happiness as well as any opportunities that may come your way.


Reclaim your reputation online by removing easily searched mugshots. Start again with no lingering negative information on the internet that may return to haunt you later.


To learn more about how can assist you in removing your mugshots online please complete the form below. One of our knowledgable reputation specialists will contact you shortly after.

Understanding Arrest Records

Most individuals do not realize that arrest records for every single individual in the area can be accessed completely free by anyone who has a fascination.


Whether you’re researching your own name to ensure your public documents are up to date and accurate or are looking into someone new in your life who may or might not be trustworthy, gaining access to such records is very beneficial in a wide array of scenarios.


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For instance, public court documents are usually checked by companies when considering you for a new job. If you are going through a divorce with a child custody conflict involved, you will need to confirm there’s nothing inside your public records that could be used against you in the courtroom.


It is also a good idea to test public records when you meet a new love interest or hire a new worker who can have access to personal belongings and documents, or who will be around your loved ones.


Even if they are later released and charges are dropped, the arrest record stays within the search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These records remain with an adult for their life. That is unless you hire a team such as EraseMugshots to work on your behalf. In as little as 1-2 weeks you can clean up your search results online.


Arrest records are just one type of information that may be obtained by anyone. A few other types of public documents include marriage and divorce records, birth records, and tax records.


What Do Public Records Include?

Arrest records include identifying information of the person such as their name and birth date.


As well as other very important information that could be gathered on an arrest report.


This includes the location of arrest, the reason for arrest, and that the arresting officers.


How Do You Find Mugshots Online?

In the past, obtaining public court records required you to go to city hall or whatever government location your county retains such records and request copies. You can also purchase them through email, but the quickest way to acquire arrest records is now the worldwide web.


Once anyone is online they have instant access to all of the public court records, typically for a very low cost. Sometimes even for free. This saves you a great deal of hassle and time trying to determine where you need to go to obtain them from the government and then getting there within receptive business hours.

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What’s the Catch?

You would think you would have to pay to play when it comes to arresting records online, but arrest records are indeed another story. These records are available to the public without charge if you get them directly from the government agencies. Still, there will always be some information that may be sealed and aren’t permitted for access. This includes are charges and cases that were sealed or expunged.


When you order public court records online, the best path is to locate a website that offers updated, accurate documents for a very low cost. This does take away the”free” offer, but it helps to ensure that the records you receive are accurate and not misleading or redacted in any way.


How Mugshots Affect Your Future

If you were arrested previously, it is worthwhile to ask for your arrest record from the local police agency. Some people that were detained in the past may find it troublesome to find employment. As arrest records, depending on where the person was detained, are possibly open to the public and can be accessed effortlessly.


Although some records may be restricted in certain states, some states do not do this. Even if the individual was acquitted or their charges have been dropped. Preceding arrests may still signify unless the situation is discharged from the document.


Mugshots Affect Your Future

Could It Affect Your Employment Suitability

Within the past few years, thousands of arrest reports are added to the government’s database. It is estimated that about 10,000 to 20,000 arrest records are added every day. It is not hard to work out that a number of those arrest submitted weren’t updated and reflects on the detained individual’s record even if he or she has been acquitted of their charges were dropped.


Nevertheless, with the arrival of technology, companies, and other businesses can perform a comprehensive background check on the individual and influence the latter job suitability within seconds.


In some states such as Vermont, arrest records are available to the public, and limitations are only placed when it is part of an ongoing investigation. This isn’t the case in regard to the state of Texas. In Texas general arrest sheets are permitted, for privacy reasons; arrest records, in addition to personal histories, are exempted from disclosure.


What Do Arrest Records Contain?

Arrest records are not the same as criminal records as the arrest records indicate an arrest was conducted for certain activities. However, that does not automatically mean that the person is guilty or is already convicted. Criminal documents, on the other hand, this demonstrates that the individual is already convicted and been announced as guilty of the offense.


The documents may contain the following activities:

  • Violence
  • Business-related
  • Theft or robbery
  • Traffic-related instances
  • Drugs or alcohol-related arrest


Understanding Arrest Records
Understanding Arrest Records

Ask for Information

The Freedom of Information Act allows the public to request arrest records or any public documents from the authorities. Information suggested in the record may include other information apart from the arrest. For example, pending cases, criminal action, and assurances. With that said, some states might restrict access to all those activities that lead to a conviction.

If you’re interested in finding out more about arrest records and ways to get one, please complete the form below. We are able to perform a free search and you can get a copy for yourself. Find out what the internet says about you, and take action today and remove arrest records online.


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